Advance Platinum LED Review – A Good Grow Light For Weed?

  • Model #: P300
  • Veg Area Coverage: 4.5ft x 3.8ft coverage at 18″
  • Flowering Area Coverage: 3ft x 2ft at 18″
  • Power: Replaces a 400 watt HID/HPS; Consumes 180 watts
  • Dimensions: 8.25 x 19 x 3 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years warranty + 3-month back guarantee
  • Spectrum: Full spectrum (including UV & Infrared); 12-band spectrum
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours
  • Best for: Veg & Flower Stages
  • Price: Check latest price on Amazon →

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Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED

Over the last few years, LED grow lights have become the most popular choice for in-home cannabis growers, and it’s easy to see why. LED grow lights significantly reduce your heat and power consumption, keeping your grow efficient and reducing your energy bills.

Due to their increasing popularity, there are now a TON of LED grow lights to choose from. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the options, you’re not alone!

Here at GreenBudGuru, we’ve tested and reviewed all of the best-rated LED grow lights on the market to help you find the best light for your setup.

Today we’re going to be reviewing one of the best on the market, the Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED.

Advanced Platinum is an American-based company that produces top end grow lights. Their line of grow lights claim to have the highest PAR output per watt of any grow light on the market.

The P300 is their most popular grow light. In this review, we’ll be looking at this light’s:

  • Features & Build quality
  • Color Spectrum/PAR Output
  • Coverage
  • Warranty info

Quick review

Heads up! This article is a little on the long side. if you’re short on time and just want a quick overview, here you go:

If you’re looking for a high quality LED grow light for cannabis, look no further. The Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED grow light ticks every box.

Here’s what we love most about this light:

  • 12-band, full-spectrum LEDs (including IR and UV) which is the best spectral output available.
  • High PAR Output compared to many other grow lights on the market.
  • Extremely low power usage, so your energy bills won’t spike.
  • Unbelievable 5-year warranty, so you can purchase with confidence.

We featured it in our Best Light for Growing Weed in 2018 guide! We ranked this light 2nd Place in our Best Overall Grow Light category… and it only missed out on the top spot because of its slightly higher price point

Who is this light best for?

The Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED grow light is an excellent choice for the grower who wants the absolute best light for both the veg and flower cycles and is willing to pay whatever it takes.

It comes with every band of light your plant needs and is excellent for the in-home grower. Running a larger grow operation is possible with this one since the light can be easily daisy chained to others.

What’s in the box?

It’s always important to see what comes in the box when you are buying LED grow lights, especially if you’re planning to daisy chain multiple lights together. Some companies provide a daisy chain cable, while others do not.

While the P300 has a daisy chain outlet on the top of each light, the company does not provide a cable for this purpose. Included in the box for this light is the following:

  • P300 grow light
  • 4’ power cable
  • Hanging kit, including four 10” steel cables with carabiner-style clips
  • User manual

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Features & Build

Individual controls for veg and flower cycles

The main colors that feed cannabis plants are red and blue. Vegetative plants need more blue while flowering buds need an even mixture.

Two of the best features of this light are the dual switches which allow you to customize the lights as your plant grows and changes. You can turn on just the VEG switch, which activates the healthiest mixture of LEDs for a vegetative plant, or just the BLOOM switch for your flowering buds.

Many growers choose to use both switches during the flower stage since more LEDs will increase the PAR value, which is crucial during flower.

This cool feature is pretty much exclusive to high-end LEDs, and one more reason that LEDs are the most popular choice for in-home growers!

High-quality LEDs

The name of the P300 is a little bit misleading because it actually replaces up to 400w in a comparable HPS or fluorescent. It is called a 300w light because it has 100 LEDs that are 3 watts each, but these are not your average LEDs.

Each bulb features 90° Secondary Focusing Lenses, which allow them to use less power while still emitting more edible lightwaves for your plant. So even though there are only 300w of light, they have the same power as a 400w equivalent.

This cool feature is just one of the ways that you get more bang for your buck when you invest in the Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED grow light.

Energy efficient

Along with packing a ton of light into a little wattage, the P300 saves you a ton of money on your electrical bill. When both switches are turned on, it only draws an average of 180 watts of power! During the veg cycle, it will only run about 98 watts on average!

The Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED grow light also features an extended 100,000-hour lifespan, so it will last longer than other lights. The amount of money you’ll save with this one makes up for the fact that it’s more expensive than its peers.


If you prefer to buy products that were made in America, you’ll definitely want this light. Not only is the company a family-owned and operated American business, it also only buys LEDs from reputable American suppliers!

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Spectrum/PAR Output


Along the color spectrum, there are specific colors that are best for marijuana plants. It’s important to find a grow light that features all the color bands your help your plant thrive.

The Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED grow light is specifically designed to have the exact bands of light your plant needs, including UV and Infrared, and each switch (VEG and BLOOM) features the bands that are healthiest for its respective stage of growth.

UV and Infrared lights also play an important role in plant growth, and are not always featured in lower-cost LEDs. Quality grow lights like this one, however, don’t skimp on this important plant food.

Infrared waves are specifically important for cannabis plants because they speed up growing and increase yields.

Specifically, they help reduce the stress a plant experiences when transitioning between day and night. This stress usually slows down grow speed, so the Infrareds keep the plant growing by eliminating the stress.

UV waves, on the other hand, are extremely important for budding plants because they increase trichome production. More trichs equal higher potency and a better high. These LEDs help facilitate massive, dense buds that are dripping with THC.

PAR Output

Where spectrum tells us the quality of the emitted light, PAR tells us the quantity of that light: how much light is actually being given off and how much of it is edible for your plant.

PAR Output of your light is the best way to determine if it will provide enough healthy food to your plant. New seedlings thrive under lower PAR values (200-400), and need a higher PAR as they grow. Flowering plants require higher PAR, between 600 and 900.

This light actually goes much higher than 900 at the center point, as the video at the start of this review shows. Those are some really high numbers!

You wouldn’t want to put a plant directly under a light at 1000+ PAR, because your plant would probably get light burn. However, PAR decreases as you move from the center of the light. To avoid burning or bleaching your plant, flank two or more plants to the sides so that no single plant is directly under the light.

Also, remember that mylar-lined grow tents can increase your light’s PAR by up to 25%, so you’ll want to assume the value is a little higher than expected unless you’re using a PAR meter. We recommend this one.

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There are a couple of downsides to the Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED, and one of them is the coverage area. The manufacturer lists the coverage area at 18” above the plant as 4.5’ x 3.8’ during veg and 3’ x 2’ during the flower stage.

The numbers for the flower stage seem to be accurate, but the veg numbers seem a little high. Based on customer reviews, the coverage area is closer to 3.5’ by 3.5’ during veg.

For the price, we wish the coverage area was a little bit larger, which is one of the main reasons this light only got the 2nd Place nod from us in our Best Light for Growing Weed in 2020 guide.

This light was created to be daisy chained, though, and used in multiples to increase coverage. Investing in a few of these can give you all the light you’d need for a medium-sized grow operation.

Need something a little stronger? A little smaller?

The P300 is one in a series of lights in the Advanced Platinum collection, so you can find the perfect fit for you if this one isn’t it.

Warranty information

Going above and beyond one last time, the Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED also comes with a very nice, complete 5-year warranty and an extended 90-day money-back guarantee!

Based on the customer feedback, you probably won’t regret your purchase. Even still, it’s nice to have a solid return policy, just in case.

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Our Verdict

The Advanced Platinum line of grow lights is really impressive and would make a great choice for many growers. Whether you’re working on a single plant or planning a larger grow, this light would make a great choice.

There are a couple of small downsides: the fans are loud and the coverage area is kinda small. It’s a little bit disappointing in a light at this price point, but the light makes up for much of this with other high-quality aspects.

The 12-band spectrum and high PAR Output make this an excellent choice for growers who want to feed their plant a robust, healthy diet. Since healthy food is the best way to boost your yields, this light is worth the cost.

Let us know what you think!

We want to see your Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED grow lights! Drop a picture in the comments if you’re using this light and let us know your thoughts! And, as always, make sure you share this article if you like what you read!

Happy growing!

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