AmazingCATS 18w Gooseneck LED Grow Light Review

  • Veg Area Coverage: Unknown
  • Flower Area Coverage: NA
  • Power: 18w
  • Dimensions: Each lightstrip is 8.5″ long; 23.6″ when fully elongated
  • Warranty: Unknown
  • Spectrum: Red/Blue
  • Weight: 1.14 pounds
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours or 30-40 grows!
  • Best for: Veg only!
  • Price: Check latest price on Amazon →

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AmazingCATS 18w Gooseneck LED

Every once in a while, we like to be a little bit unconventional. After all, not everyone uses high-end lighting and fancy grow rooms to grow their cannabis.

That’s why we’re excited to feature a light like the AmazingCATS 18w Gooseneck LED. Every aspect of this light bucks tradition and we love it!

As a matter of fact, we ranked this light 2nd place for our Tiny Spaces category for our Best Light for Growing Weed in 2018 review list!

Who is this light best for?

Now, we want to be very clear: this light isn’t for everyone.

This light is perfect if you:

  • Are new to growing and want to get your feet wet
  • Are only growing a single seed
  • Have a limited space
  • Have a very tight budget

A great grow light for seedlings

If you’re worried about your seedling during the first few weeks, you’re not alone! Many growers find the first month of a plant’s growth stressful when the seedling is small and fragile.

A great way to ease your fear is to keep your seedling in an office or kitchen space where it can be monitored closely during those critical first hours.  This single-bulb LED is an incredibly versatile way to accomplish this goal, since it can be hung or mounted in dozens of ways and can fit almost anywhere!

Accessories for hanging your light

Buy this simple deluxe clamp lamp and you can instantly affix the light to any hard, flat surface (like your office desk). Or, if you want to hang the light, invest in an affordable hanging lantern light and the possibilities are endless!

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Features & Build

Fits any standard light socket

The most obvious feature of this light is that it will fit in any standard light socket, so mounting accessories are cheap and easy to find. Even better, you can use existing spaces, like an unused bathroom or a closet with recessed lighting, for your grow area!

Low cost and efficient

Another great feature of this light is the value.  The electrical cost of using this light is basically zero, and its long lifespan means you won’t have to replace it for a long time.

Plus, its aluminum build makes it very low-heat, so you never have to worry about it raising the temp of your grow space!

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Spectrum/PAR Output

While most of the LEDs we feature are full spectrum, the TaoTronics 12w LED does not feature Infrared nor UV rays. It will not take your plant from seed to harvest, but it produces all the necessary light waves to help your seedling or clone start off strong.

For limited-spectrum lighting, it’s important to consider the red:blue ratio.  A baby plant needs 2-3 times the red spectrum lights as blue ones, which is perfect since this light’s ration is 3:1.

A full spectrum light is great because it covers any kind of light your plant might want. In this case, however, we also need to make sure that the lights are the correct wavelengths to facilitate plant growth.

Luckily, this one gives us exactly what we need: blue lights at 400-470 nanometers and red lights at 610-720. These stats are perfect for photosynthesis.

PAR output

One of the downsides to this light is that TaoTronics doesn’t provide the PAR Output.  PAR is one of the best ways to measure how much usable light your plant is getting, so it’s kind of disappointing that the company doesn’t supply the information.

Luckily, PAR can be determined by a simple mathematical equation, which one Amazon commenter conveniently did! They found that, at 24 inches above the plant, the center PAR for this light is 150 and at 16 inches, that number jumps to 310.

A baby plant needs a lower PAR, usually between 200 and 400. Based on the information here, we recommend starting your plant about 20 inches from this light. As it grows, the plant will get closer to the light and the PAR will increase.

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At 20″ high, this light will cover an area of about 30″ by 30″. It’s important to remember, though, that the PAR Output is much stronger in the center. If your plant becomes wide or bushy, you may need to buy a second light to provide enough food.

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Need something more powerful?

If this light catches your eye but just doesn’t quite have the power you’re looking for, don’t worry!  TaoTronics has an upgraded version of this very bulb with triple the wattage!


All in all, we love what the TaoTronics 12w LED does! It’s not going to be a light that you use for large grows or multiple plants, but it is excellent for the single-seed beginner.

It provides incredible versatility for new growers who aren’t sure where to put their grow space. It’s also perfect for growers who want to keep their seedling nearby during the first few weeks.

The low cost and low heat make it a great option for closet growers, and its small size makes it excellent for tiny grow spaces.

Let us know what you think!

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