Ammon 1000W Led Grow Light Review

Growing plants and related gardening activities is a labor-intensive hobby for all ages. But growing medicinal herbs and plants like medical marijuana is a hobby for the adult weed lover and entrepreneurs. It requires in-depth scientific knowledge along with monetary and time investment from the individual’s side. Medical marijuana can be grown using various methods which mainly depends on the conditions and the person’s commitment to the activity.

A plant, when grown indoors, can be subject to several factors that can inhibit its overall growth that includes improper water management, imbalances in humidity levels, lack or unsuitable fertilizer/soil, etc. At the end of it all, the most critical aspect of any plant growing indoors is a light source.

Light is the crucial factor on which the survival and overall quality of a plant depend. Marijuana enthusiasts need to keep this in mind that improper lighting will lead to lower yield and deteriorate the quality of medical marijuana.

Ammon is a manufacturer of high grade LED growing lights. They invested heavily in conducting research and developed high performance growing lights for marijuana lovers. The product in scrutiny is manufactured using advanced technology and consists of several features suitable for growing medical marijuana.


The Ammon 1000 W Led Grow Light is the advanced and enhanced form of LED growing light series from Ammon. They revamped the overall look and performance of their product with an added emphasis on performance delivery and versatility. Given below are some features that shed light on the uniqueness of the product.

Energy efficient, enhanced lumen value and long operational life

The PCB and onboard processor within the light ensure efficient management of incoming current. It is an essential feature that is useful to keep the growing light safe from sudden surges in power. The advanced circuitry makes sure that all the individual LED light bulbs are working to their full potential and deliver the optimum lumen value crucial to the needs of the medicinal plant growing indoors. The most appealing factor for this growing light is that it comes with a long operational life (up to 50,000 hours).

Full Spectrum Luminosity

The LED growing light is equipped with advanced onboard processors that not only regulates incoming voltage supply but also equally distributes each and every lighting component with the necessary input. It ensures that the lumen value of the LED light remains constant across several spectral values of the visible light that ranges from the infrared to near ultra-violet. This particular feature enables the LED growing light to mimics natural sunlight that is advantageous to plant growing indoors. As the plants have access to a broad spectrum of available wavelengths of light, it results in higher yield and improved resin production in the plants.

Intelligent ventilation and heat management system

The LED growing light is equipped with an upgraded system of aluminum heat sinks, powerful exhaust system and enlarged vents to keep the light at its optimum working temperature. The fans are equipped with low vibration, high-performance motors that ensure low vibrations and operational noise.


The growing light is designed for a wide range of applications and operational conditions. The compact, space-saving design coupled with enhanced hardware and a robust cooling/ventilation system ensures that it can not only be used by horticulturists, but also by entrepreneurs in the weed industry. The aluminum heat sinks and the powerful cooling fans ensure that the lighting system stays cool. The LED growing light is also capable of operating in its full potential in rooms with excessive ambient moisture.

Peace of mind

All of the LED growing lights manufactured by Ammon comes by default with extended three years warranty from the manufacturer’s side. They also guarantee that in cases of faulty products, they will ensure the customer gets either a full replacement or a complete refund of their money within 30 days from the date of purchase. The company is a customer-centric organization that is equipped to assist the customers with issues related to the product after sales.


  • Equipped with dual chips of 10 W each for each pair of LEDs for efficient voltage management
  • 1000 W light source (Each Led bulb = 10 W * 100 pieces = 1000 W) for enhanced lumen value
  • Casing material = Aluminum for enhanced heat management
  • Operational input voltage = AC 85 – 265 Volts for widening operational conditions
  • Light source angle of beam = 90/120 degrees
  • Estimated operational life = 50000 hrs as per standard lab results
  • Lumen Value = 33000 lm that ensures bright light output crucial for proper plant growth
  • Capable of delivering the full spectrum of visible light (from RED to near UV)


  • Construction could have been better
  • Ventilation & heat dissipation needs some work

How the product serves your needs?

Ammon is well-known brand among its competitors in the LED growing light industry. The company has a decorated record since it came into existence in the year 2008 for their commitment towards scientific development and innovation. Ammon is a hit among horticulturists and especially in the weed industry. They not only manufacture quality assured, reliable and performance oriented LED growing lights but also provide three years extended the warranty on their products for the customer’s peace of mind.

The most appealing factor in the LED growing light is its capability to operate in a wide array of voltages and provide the plant with a broad spectrum of available wavelengths in the visible light spectrum (near ultraviolet to infrared). The LED growing light is equipped with an intelligent cooling system that ensures keeping the device cool even in operating conditions with high ambient moisture content.

How is the product different from other grow lights?

If a comparison is made between this product and one of its competitors the Galaxyhydro LED grow light, then one can clearly see that the former is built to last. Ammon has put in a lot of effort in perfecting their current generation of LED grows lights when compared to the previous ones.

They made their products compatible with working in different ambient conditions, especially with situations that involve higher humidity in the ambient air. The individual lighting component of the illumination panel is equipped with state of the art Zener diodes backed with dual IC chips for better performance and lumen value. The LED growing light is also capable of operating in the full spectrum of the visible light, i.e., from infrared to near ultraviolet.


The Ammon 1000W Led Grow Light is an ideal illumination device for both amateur and professional horticulturists. It is also a useful tool for entrepreneurs engaged in the production of medicinal marijuana since the light is capable of operating in the full spectrum of the visible light. It is an ideal product that delivers excellent value for money in terms of lumen value and efficiency.

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