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Fabian Raemy

Hi, my name is Fabian Raemy and I am a long-time cannabis enthusiast. Sure, consuming a bit of cannabis here and there is great, but what I am really interested in is the growing aspect of it all. There’s just nothing more beautiful and satisfying than bringing a cannabis plant to fruition, all the way from seed to the final harvest.

I am a writer by trade, and also happen to have a bachelor’s degree in political science, but growing cannabis is my one, only, and true passion. I have written for some other major cannabis & growing blogs before, but now I am here to make this the best website about the subject worldwide.

I’m currently pushing 30 years of age and have been invested in one form of cannabis growing or another for at least half that time. I currently have a small home grow-op on the go, just a few plants, but the amount of plants isn’t nearly as important as their quality. It’s all about quality for me, not quantity.

It definitely helps that my home country of Canada has officially legalized recreational marijuana use, as well as the growing of cannabis plants!

I’ve always preferred growing Indica strains, but Sativas and hybrids are great too. It really doesn’t matter what the strain is to me, as long as I do it right.

I’ve also spent countless dollars on soil, lights, nutrients, reflective screens, and whatever else have you. Sure, having the right soil, lights, and a proper growing setup helps a whole lot, but it all starts with the seed. A good seed goes a long way. Treat that miniature weed seed right, and it will blossom into a massive cannabis plant that will make you smile from ear to ear!

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Fabian Raemy