Autien LED Grow Light E27 Plant Growing Lights

Growing cannabis has been very common in many parts of the world. But for the indoor growth, it is essential to have right grow light that can boost the growth of plants and vegetable. The Autien LED Grow Light E27 Plant Growing Lights consist of 40 LED lights of 20 watts each. It is a powerful grow light that helps in seamless growth of the indoor cannabis.

The powerful LEDs installed in the panel of E27 makes it very productive for everyday use. This product is ideal for greenhouses, hydroponic, flowering seeds, growing vegetables, etc. Also, this product does not come with a hanging kit because it has easy-to-screw socket that can be plugged in the favourable area and the product is good to be used.

E27 is energy efficient and the bulks installed in it are super bright. The power consumption of the bulbs is only about 6~9W which helps in making huge savings on the electricity bills as well. The 40 piece high efficient lights consist of 8 blue, 12 daylight, 4 purple, and 16 red lights. This creates a highly mesmerizing blend of colors and looks super attractive. Customer care offered from Autien is really impressive as they make it their priority to address all the customer queries instantly.


  • It is a small and handy grow light with 40 bulbs of 20 watts each.
  • The bulbs are available in different colors.
  • It comes with easy to screw socket.
  • It can work consistently for 6 hours.
  • The voltage used by this product is AC 90V~230V.
  • Extremely lightweight.


  • Energy efficient
  • Multi-colored bulbs
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for the growth cannabis
  • Handy product
  • lightweight


  • Not water efficient


Autien LED Grow Light E27 is one of the best products available in the market. It is a small and handy product that offers very limited features but does its job very well. It weighs probably 0.22 kg and the dimensions are 11 x 10.5 x 9.5 cm. This grow light is not suggested to the people that are looking for a high end panel with powerful light. It is ideal for smaller usage such as growing tomatoes, indoor plant marijuana herbs, hydroponic, greenhouse, etc. It is a budget friendly grow light that offers a limited set of features but has been quite appreciated by the buyers for its performance.

There are 40 bulbs installed in this light of 20W each. These high efficiency bulbs are available in various colors such as the panel has 16 red bulbs, 8 blue bulbs, 12 daylight bulbs and 4 purple bulbs. The effect created by all these colors is incredible. This product can be used in greenhouse plants, hydroponics system, in the growth of vegetables, blooms, corns, etc. where there is scarcity of natural light.

The LED lights installed in the panel are heat efficient also i.e. they do not cause immense heat. The wavelength of this panel ranges from 420nm to 660nm. This helps in enhancing the photosynthesis performance and ensures healthy growth of the plant.

Autien is best known in offering high end customer services. If the customers are not satisfied with the product or find it difficult to use, all they have to do is to contact the customer services and their queries will be addressed instantly. The maintenance of this product has to be ensured, There are certain maintenance tips such as- only clean the product after you have turned off the lights, do not allow kids near the grow light as it emits a lot of heat, store it after the usage and do not place anything heavy on it. The growers have to be very careful with this handy little device as it can cause accidents.


Among the small and handy grow lights, TaoTronics LED light bulbs are hard to miss. It is one of the competitive products in the market. However, the Autien E27 is surely a better product for its invincible performance. The bulbs installed in TaoTronics are 12W each whereas Autien is giving 40 bulbs of 20W each.

The coverage area of E27 is larger than the TaoTronics although, both the grow lights are used for same purpose only. The cost of both the products also resembles. The features of Autien are mostly the same expect for the more powerful lights and energy efficiency. Both these grow lights have to be placed very close to the plant canopy for it to work resourcefully. Since the budget of both these models is almost the same, we recommend you to buy Autien E27 for more promising performance.


If you are looking for some small and powerful grow light then Autien LED Grow Light E27 Plant Growing Lights is your product. With its 40- 20W LEDs, this product can ensure the quality growth of vegetables, fruits and cannabis. It is a great device for photosynthesis and enhances the performance of plants and vegetables. However, the coverage area of this product is smaller. It is ideal to be installed in smaller places and the results are simply astounding.

The different colored bulbs look super attractive and they are highly energy efficient. Every buyer wishes to buy a product that can save him the trouble of paying hefty electricity bills. Well, if you have a small area for cannabis and wants to buy grow light that is energy efficient then this is the product that you must consider. At a meagre budget, the E27 performs very effectively.

This model can be used for various purposes such as greenhouse, hydroponics, growing cannabis, vegetables, fruits, etc. It just needs to be mounted at the top of the plant canopy and rest of the task can be handled by the grow light. You need to ensure the usage of grow light for different kinds of fruits and vegetables to extract best result from this product. So now when you know all your options, you can go ahead and select wisely.

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