The 10 Best Low Odor Strains For Growing Weed Indoors!

Best Low Odor Strains For Growing Weed Indoors

The smell of cannabis is distinct to say the least…

To most growers, the pungent, delightful smell of healthy buds is an enjoyable experience.

However, if you’re trying to grow stealth and not attract any unwanted attention, the smell of weed is probably your worst enemy.

There are several ways to control the smell of cannabis in your grow room ( carbon filters and grow tents for example ) However, selecting a low odor strain is a good starting point.

In this article, I’ll cover 10 of the best low odor strains to grow if you’re looking to grow like a ninja.

Best Low Odor Strains – Quick Look

In a rush? Here’s the top 10 best low odor seeds ranked from 1 – 10.

Read on to find out a little more about each strain.

  1. Northern Lights
  2. Blue Mystic
  3. Jack Herer
  4. Hash Bomb
  5. Green Ninja
  6. Master Kush
  7. Northern Cheese
  8. BC Mango
  9. Wipeout Express
  10. Polar Express

A Couple Of Things To Note…

Before we get started, here’s a couple of things to ​keep in mind when selecting a low odor strain.

1. Pick smaller strains – Smaller cannabis plants smell less than larger ones ( go figure ) Therefore, if a completely discrete grow is essential, it’s  best to pick Auto-flower strains that grow short and compact.

They also offer quicker flowering times, which means less time worrying about odor control.

2. All strains will smell slightly –  Even though the strains on this list smell much less than other strains, you’re still gong to have to take extra steps if you want to eliminate all of the odor.

Best Low Odor Strains

1. Northern Lights

Low odor norther lights from seedsman
Low odor Northern Lights from

Flowering Time: 55 days
Effect: ​​Euphoric, Relaxing, Sleepy
Plant height: 189cm
Yields: Medium
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Yup, that’s right. One of the most famous strains of cannabis is actually one of the better plants to grow if you’re looking for a discrete grow.

Northern lights is also one of the easiest strains to grow for beginners ( which is why it’s so popular ) It has an earthy, sweet and slightly spicy smell when smoked, making it smell more similar to an incense stick than skunk.

It tastes slightly fruits and gives a lovely relaxed high.

2. Blue Mystic

Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks
Effect: Euphoric, Relaxing, Sedating
Plant height: 189cm

A good looking plant that turns lavender blue mid way through flowering.

It’s also great if you have a shorter grow space as it doesn’t grow too tall.

Blue mystic produces a clear headed high that is slightly euphoric and is great for helping relieve stress and depression.

The taste of this strain is like blueberries – yum!

3. Jack Herer

Flowering Time: 8 – 12 weeks
Effect: Euphoric, Happy, Uplifting
Plant height: N/A

Jack Herer is one of my favourite strains of all time!

This strain produces a really nice, happy and euphoric high. The perfect day-time strain.

The smell when growing is slightly fruity which helps to mask it’s smell.

4. Hash Bomb

Flowering Time: 42 – 56 days
Effect: Body, Calming, Powerful, Relaxing, Sedative
Plant height: 90 – 140 cm.

Hash Bomb is an indica dominant strain which is very potent and will provide a more tranquillising high.

Perfect for hash lovers, it will produce high amounts of resin and gives of a faintly sweet smell while growing.

5. Green Ninja

Flowering Time: 56 days
Effect: Body, Calming, Powerful, Relaxing, Sedative
Plant height: 90cm – 150cm

Just like the name suggests, Green Ninja is perfect if you’re looking for a Ninja growth, as It has a much weaker odour than other  strains.

You can also harvest this strain in only 60 days, which means less time worrying about the neighbours smelling your flowering buds.

This strain has a tropical taste and and a tranquil mediative effect.

6. Master Kush

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
Effect: Body, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing
Plant height: N/A
Yield: High

Like Northern lights, Master Kush is another easy to grow strain with a sweet taste and a very powerful, heavy effect.

This is definitely one for smoking on the couch, as you might not want be able to get up after a toke.

Many users are impressed at how little this strain smells.

7. Northern Cheese

Flowering Time: 65 – 75 days
Effect: Physical, Strong
Plant height: N/A
Yield: Medium – High

The musky cheesy aroma that this strain produces is where it got the tasty name. Northern Cheese is another strain that will give you a very heavy stoned feeling – be prepared for a dream like daze after your toke.

8. BC Mango

Flowering Time: 7 – 9 weeks
Effect: Relaxing
Plant height: 152cm – 182cm
Yield: Moderate

This mango tasting strain is great for depression, insomnia and lack of appetite. It’s resin covered buds will produce up to 25% THC, which makes it a very popular strain in the cannabis community.

The fact that it’s also low odour makes BC Mango a must try.

9. Wipeout Express

Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Effect: Physical, Heavy, Stoned
Plant height: 80cm – 100cm
Yield: Average

Wipeout Express is a really good strain if you’re limited in space, with the plant reaching a maximum of 1m tall.

The yield might only be average but it’s very easy to grow and is known for it’s low odour while growing.

The effects of this strain are very strong and will really pin you to the sofa.

10. Polar Express

Flowering Time: 60 — 80 days
Effect: Stoned – Body, Powerful, Heady
Plant height: 30 – 80 cm.
Yield: Average

Another short growing plant for urban growers, Polar Express will grow to a maximum of 80cm. This plant produces very dense buds and  has a neutral smell when flowering.

Further Tips For Controling The Smell

Picking a low odour strain is a great start, but all cannabis strains will still smell a little bit. Here are some quick tips to ensure that you’re grow is as stealth as possible.

1. Use a grow tent – Buying a decent air tight grow tent with at lead 600D fabric walls will keep the smell contained and make it much easier to manage. Most grow tents will come with built in ports for adding ventilation to…which brings us to our next tip.

2. Use ventilation and a carbon filter – If you want your grow to be truly stealhy, you absolutely must invest in a ventilation system. You’ll need an inline fan to suck the smelly air out of your tent, some ducting to suck the smelly air through, and finally a carbon filter to neutralise the smell.

3. Control your heat & humidity – Weed smells stronger when it’s in a warm environment. Keeping your grow room temperature as low as you can ( without harming your plants health ) will ensure that you minimize smell.

4. Grow fewer plants – Ok, I’ll admit this one’s pretty obvious, but fewer plants will mean you’re dealing with a less intense smell. If growing stealthily is extremely important to you, I recommend first growing one plant with one of the strains listed above to see how you manage the smell. You can always add more for you’re next grow.

5. Ona Gel –   I’ve never actually used this method, but many growers like it. You simply open a couple of tub of Ona gel and place them around your grow room ( outside the tnet) Works best if you’re only growing a few plants.

6. Careful when drying and curing –  The smell of weed usually intensifies when you’re drying or curing. Make sure you dry and cure your buds inside your grow tent with the carbon filter/scrubber still running.

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap – I hope you found this article useful 🙂

Please let me know in the comments if you purchased any of these strains and how you found controlling the smell.

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