Best Rated LED Grow Lights: Sun-Like Effects in a Compact Package

The sun provides life to all living beings while acting as a bonding agent to the system. We now have the technology to replicate some of the sun’s effects in order to produce in-house grown plants.

Best Rated LED Grow Lights: Sun-Like Effects in a Compact Package

Grow lights come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the buyer’s needs and the plant’s light requirements, different levels of light are required to develop seeds into full-grown plants properly. This list features three of the best rated LED grow lights for small and big projects.

Getting the right grow light means getting something with a quality build, and the one that is powerful enough to make the seeds catch roots, as well as something that won’t grow electricity bills too much. The best rated LED grow lights will produce good amounts of energy while keeping power consumption reasonably low, making them ideal for indoor plant growing projects.

Roleadro LED Grow Light

The Roleadro LED Grow Light has a right balance of power consumption and light production. Its 300W power generation is plenty for growing considerably big batches of whatever the user wants; provided that the light index will meet the plant’s minimal light requirements. In fact, the product features a Red Blue spectrum ratio of 8:1, and only two white LEDs in order to provide more efficient lighting for the plant’s growth.

Note that the actual wattage of the product is lower, 132 watts since the theoretical wattage is based on the number of diodes, not on actual testing. In fact, many regular light bulbs are also consuming comparable amounts. It’s rated to last 50,000 hours, with a two-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guaranteed policy to back up this claim.

The LED chips come covered with a 120-degree lens, making them more focused and efficient at delivering energy to the plants. This was a smart choice from the manufacturer as it increases energy delivery by using ingenuity while managing to keep production costs down with a bump up in quality and efficiency.

To put it plainly, this product works fine by itself or in pair with other similar grow lights. It’s best used indoors—in greenhouses or plant tents. Humidity might be an issue, as condensation occurs because of the LED’s high temperatures, resulting in water building up in the lenses. This can be avoided by adjusting the temperature to proper settings and providing plenty of ventilation in the growing environment.


  • High-power efficiency
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Comes with 120-degree lens which further increases energy delivery
  • LED spectrum designed to maximize plant development


  • Water tends to build up in the lenses because of condensation.
  • Must be used in optimal environment for constant good results

HollandStar LED Grow Light 1000W

HollandStar manufactures full-spectrum grow lights, with high power efficiency features and great energy delivery. This HollandStar LED Grow Light 1000W also comes in 300W, 1200W and 1500W for people who either need more or less energy for their particular projects. With that said, this specific version has a 4×4 feet coverage area, which is somewhere between a little and a lot.

The actual power consumption for the 1000W model throttles somewhere between 180-200 watts, which is plenty, as far as indoor grow lights go. Additionally, power efficiency is pretty great with this particular model, and it delivers a lot of light, ranking high up the PAR of Lumen scales. To further strengthen these claims, the manufacturer provides a three-year warranty for every purchase, making it a very viable long-term commitment for any sort of setup.

The LED system is cooled using aluminum heatsinks for heat dissipation, and blow fans for cooling. The way the system works is that the heat sinks are mounted on the chips, with some thermal compound applied for maximum delivery, drawing some of the heat.

The fans then cool the heat sinks, but this method does have its flaws. That is because it relies solely on air—the environment in which they function might see an increase in temperature. Hence, users must be aware of this and adjust accordingly to maximize results.


  • Offers a good spectrum of LED lighting
  • While not working at the advertised amount, 200 watts of power is plenty for most people
  • Delivers plenty of light


  • The cooling system might cause an increase in temperature for less ventilated, more cramped environments

King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light

The King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light is the third item on this best rated LED grow lights list due to its design, energy delivery, and overall build quality. It includes a full spectrum of lights, ideal for any type of plant-growing project. Its 12.2 x 2.4 x 8.3 inches size allows it to fit in most indoor environments with ease.

The full spectrum of LEDs has five warm white LEDs, 71 red LEDs, 14 blue LEDs that accelerate the plant’s ability to assimilate nourishment. It also has one UV, and one IR LED that allow the plant to grow without the danger of bacteria developing, and eight orange LED lights. Since it’s truly full spectrum, it can work with a big number of plants, making it an ideal choice for all projects.

When it comes to power consumption, it fares decently. With 185 “true” watts being used in energy delivery, there is enough to provide proper light in any given circumstance.

Furthermore, it features a redundant LED setup. Meaning, if one of the LEDs malfunctions, it won’t affect the rest of the circuit. That is owed to its good build quality and a high number of features. The manufacturer also protects this purchase with a three-year warranty, making it a very good choice for the customer.


  • Features a full-spectrum light setup
  • Has decent power consumption, both for electricity bills and energy delivery
  • Built for redundancy


  • The “true” watts are way lower than what’s advertised, a very common and misleading form of advertising

Best Rated LED Grow Lights: The Verdict

Out of the three featured products, the one that stands out most is the HollandStar LED Grow Light 1000W. This particular grow light provides the best mixture of value and performance as it provides the best level of lighting.

It’s designed by thoughtful people that kept the customers in mind throughout the whole process. It features a full LED spectrum, good build quality, and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty in case things go South.

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