7 Best strains to grow in Hawaii

Let’s take a quick look at the 7 Best strains to grow in Hawaii

Continue reading to find out more about each strains grow difficulty, effects, flavors, and much more!

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Hawaii Maui Waui

Aroma/FlavorsCitrusy, Tropical, Sweet
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsUplifting, Euphoric

If you’re looking for a strain that will make you feel happy, then Hawaii Maui Waui should be on your list.

It will give you an instant boost of feel-good energy that will make you forget your physical and mental fatigue.

Hawaii Maui Waui has been around for quite some time, which is why it’s one of the most high-quality strains on the market.

The seeds are relatively easy to grow and yield a higher output when grown in a warmer climate like Hawaii.

This strain is Sativa-dominant which makes it best for pain relief and stress.

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Aroma/FlavorsPungent, Earthy, Sweet
Grow DifficultyModerate
EffectsHappy, Uplifted, Relaxed

While the name AK-47 may sound aggressive, the strain is in stark contrast.

A Sativa-dominant strain gives a very mellow yet cerebral high which will last you for hours.

The AK-47 strain will act as a creative stimulant and also uplift your mood in the process.

AK-47 grows best in the Mediterranean, much like Hawaii or a well-ventilated indoor setting.

Moderately easy to grow and famous for its high THC content, AK-47 is a blend of different flavors worldwide.

When you smoke AK-47 strain, you’ll notice that you’ll be smiling and giggling.

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Afghani #1

Aroma/FlavorsSweet, Kush, Earthy
Grow DifficultyModerate
EffectsRelaxing, Body High, Sleepy

Being a pure Indica strain, Afghani #1 can give you a very intense body high that keeps you relaxing on your couch for hours.

After smoking this strain, you might even have to urge binge eat or fall asleep because of the intense relaxation.

If you’re looking for a strain that will take care of your anxiety and chronic pain, then Afghani #1 is a great choice.

Tracing its origins back to Afghanistan’s country, Afghani #1 grows best in warmer and high-altitude regions that are easily found in Hawaii.

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Sensi Star

Aroma/FlavorsPine, Citrus, Earthy
Grow DifficultyModerate
EffectsUplifting, Relaxed, Euphoric

Sensi Star is a popular strain with patients with chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

An Indica-dominant strain, Sensi Star gives an intense body high and feeling of euphoria after the first few hits.

It can even help if you appetite problems and fight headaches.

Sensi Star grows best in a temperate climate but can be grown indoors at the temperature of Hawaii, where it will flower in about nine weeks.

You can expect to feel energetic body high or just a mellow buzz that will knock you out.

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Hawaiian Snow

Aroma/FlavorsPine, Floral
Grow DifficultyModerate
EffectsHappy, Creative

If you’re a regular and old-school weed smoker, then you’ll find that Hawaiian Snow to be your favorite real soon.

With therapeutic advantages like being used as an anti-depressant and pain relief, Hawaiian Snow is great to smoke in the daytime.

Hawaiian Snow gives an intensely strong high that can cause you to feel lightheaded.

However, this cerebral high soothes out and becomes relaxing.

This strain grows excellent in the weather of Hawaii and the plant flowers in eleven weeks.

Apart from giving you an intense high, you can even feel creative and happy.

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Blue Dream

Aroma/FlavorsFruity, Sweet, Citrusy
Grow DifficultyModerate
EffectsCreative, Energetic, Relaxed

Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant strain that leaves you with the delicious taste of blueberry on your tongue.

This dreamy yet super yummy strain gives you a very cerebral high that can keep you focused and energetic for a long time.

As you reach your peak, you might find yourself getting more relaxed and numb for pain relief.

If you grow this strain in the Hawaiian outdoors, it will yield around 2-3 kilos per individual plant!

Being a stable and robust plant, you should consider growing this potent strain for a powerful yet relaxing high.

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Arjan Haze #1

Aroma/FlavorsHerbal, Spicy, Minty
Grow DifficultyModerate
EffectsPsychedelic, Creative, Energetic

If you want to experience the psychedelic effects, this tasty Sativa strain Arjan Haze #1 must try.

The unique strain has a mix of different fruity, flowery and spicy flavors.

When you smoke Arjan Haze, you might feel a powerful high initially, but it usually mellows out and lasts longer.

While Arjan Haze #1 is best known for its psychedelic effects, many users might even feel zoned out.

If you grow this strain in the Hawaiian outdoors, you are bound to get a good yield with approximately ten weeks of flowering time.

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