Bloomspect 600w LED Review & Comparison

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 My Verdict Bloomspect 600w LED Review:

The recently released Bloomspect 600w LED holds it’s own against some very good budget LED grow lights. It offers higher PAR output than most, while including popular features such as daisy chaining and veg / bloom switches. Although it doesn’t quite match the V600 for spectrum or warranty, it’s priced lower and is therefore perfect for growers looking to save a few bucks.

What I like about it:

  • Lower priced than similar budget LED grow lights
  • High PAR output compared to similar 600w LED grow lights
  • Daisy chaining and Veg/Bloom switches

What I don’t like about it:

  • It only comes with a 1 year warranty
  • TimesNo UV and IR wavelengths

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Bloomspect 600w Comparison

Before I cover the features of the Bloomspect 600w. Let’s see how it compares to two of my favourite budget 600w LED grow lights.

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Pretty well actually! The Viparspectra 600w has been one of my favourite LED grow lights for a while now. But as you can see, the Bloomspect definitely gives it a run for its money. The Bloomspect outperforms the Viparspectra in terms of PAR output, but lacks UV and IR for that extra bit of plant power. The Viparspectra is also backed by a 3 year warranty.That said, the Bloomspect 600w comes in at a slightly lower price point that the Vipar, so it’s the perfect option if you’re on a tighter budget.

Bloomspect 600w Review

Bloomspect are a relative newcomer to the LED grow light industry, launching their grow light range in early 2017. Like many other budget grow light manufacturers, they are based in Shenzehn, China and have got many growers talking about their high PAR output lights.Today I’ll be taking a detailed look at their 600w grow light – their most popular light to date.

What’s in the Box?

The BS600 comes in a standard (and discreet) amazon box which contains everything you’ll need to set up; the light, hanging kits, a 6-foot power cord, and the user manual.

Bloomspect 600w LED Features

Light is by far the most important part of your grow. Without the correct balance of high quality light, your plants simply won’t achieve the results you’re looking for.There are several things I always look for from a good quality LED Grow light. I’ll explain them below and also look at how the Bloomspect measures up…

Actual Power

It’s always important to look for the actual power of an LED grow light before purchasing. Many manufactures like to name their lights after the total wattage of the LED chips used. However, this is misleading. It’s important to look for the information that tells you what kind of HPS grow light it would replace – this is the lights actual wattage.The 600w Bloomspect comprises of 120 brand name LEDs at 5W each (600w ) but also has an actual power draw of 600w, meaning this light will replace a traditional 600w HPS

PAR Output

PAR, or Photosynthetic Active Radiation, are the light wavelengths that plants use for food and growth. Generally, the higher the PAR Output, the better. However, there are some specific ranges that growers should look for. This is where PPFD comes in. PPFD (measured in umols/m/2 ) measures the actual amount of PAR light that reaches your plant. Optimal PPFD levels for an LED grow light would be between 200-400 umols/m/2  for seedlings; 400-600umols/m/2  for the vegging stage; and 600-900 umols/m/2  for plants at the flowering stage.The Bloomspect 600w output charts show that your plants will receive an incredible 1240 umols of PPFD at 18 inches (  the height you would usually be hanging your light at during flowering )  That’s even more PAR than we’re looking for! You might think that’s a great thing, but it’s important to remember that your plants growth rate will probably max out at 900 umols/m/2 and extreme levels of PAR can cause other issues like carb deficiency and inefficient use of electricity.

That said, In my experience, most budget grow lights produce slightly less PAR than advertised, so this light still scores highly in PAR output.


Full spectrum LED grow lights will provide your plants with the right wavelengths of light that they require at every stage of growth. So what are we looking for? Wavelengths between 440-470nm (blue) are optimal for the vegetative stage. Red light wavelengths between 640-660nm are optimal for plants in their flowering stage.The Bloomspect 600w has red and blue lights that fall perfectly in these optimal ranges. Unfortunately, the light does not include UV and IR which have been shown to be beneficial for larger leaf growing and higher levels of THC

Power Consumption

Despite being capable of replacing a 600w HPS, the BS600 only consumes 268 watts of power! Using the average US electricity rate ($0.12kw/h), this light will cost you a little over $4/week to run the grow lights if using them 18 hours per day.

Warranty & Customer Service

Bloomspect offer a  1 year warranty with this grow light. Normally, I like to see at least 2 -3 years warranty with a grow light as LED chips can be pretty temperamental. However, a 30 day money back guarantee is also included, which is very useful if you like to test your lights before committing.  Bloomspect also appear to be very responsive to customer issues on Amazon, which is a great sign.

Bloomspect 600w Customer Videos

Check out this video of the Bloomspect 600w in action!

Final Thoughts

That’s it for my Bloomspect 600w LED review – I hope you found it useful :)The key thing to take away is that even though these guys are new to the grow light game, they have produced a great entry-level grow light that will give you excellent results!Did you decide to by this light? If so, please let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

Bloomspect 600w LED Review
  • Power
  • Spectrum
  • PAR Output
  • Functionality
  • Price

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