ColoFocus 600W LED Indoor Plants Grow Light Kit Review

Colofocus is the leader when it comes to the quality grow lights for indoor plants. If you are looking for top recommended 600W LED grow light kit, this product is your one stop solution. Its dimensions 2.76 x 8.27 x 12.2 inches make it a compact piece to hang in the room and are ideal for all phases of plant growth. Owing to its awesome manufacturing, it can also be used in house gardens, sowing, breeding, green houses, flower exhibition, pipeline cultivation and much more.

The ColoFocus 600W LED Indoor Plants Grow Light Kit has embraced excellence and this product is the proof. With all the essential features and capabilities, this indoor plant growing light kit works for years without any operational issues. Equipped with high efficiency powerful 10W epistar double chips, it consumes low energy as compared to its counterparts. 90% of the electrical energy is transferred into the plant you grow, given its 3 to 5 times efficiency of HID and HPS lights. The best part is its 600W LED light that is powerful enough to let the plants grow even in the smaller areas of the house where natural light cannot get in!


  • This product is capable of killing bacteria and reducing the plant disease.
  • Featured with full spectrum grow lights, this product has the color ratio similar to the sunlight.
  • It has infrared and UV which promotes stem elongation and seed germination.
  • For easy installation, it has free strong hanging kits.
  • All LEDs come with zener diode that keeps one LED working fine even when others stop.
  • It has high brightness and long lifespan


  • Adequate coverage area when hanged from 8”
  • Super bright LEDs that provide enough light to the plant to grow well
  • Fan doesn’t make much noise
  • Low energy consumption


  • Has no switches for veg or bloom


Colofocus is an awesome indoor plant grow light that comes with mind blowing features. Because, this LED light has 600W powerful lights, double chips of 10W, it is a must have for those who love growing plants indoors. Since few houses don’t have enough outdoor area for plants, this one is a versatile choice. To curtail the electricity bills, it consumes 110w-120w of the power and also the LED lights are much brighter when it comes to the efficiency factor.

Surprisingly, this one has the humidity control feature which ensures the plants grow well even in the rainy days. Due to the incredibly easy setup, the Colofocus grow light is a handy choice. The moment the light is turned on, the unit gets started with its own built in fan. Since the fan output is quite strong, it prevents condensation and promotes airflow to make sure that the sprouts build enough strength. Another outstanding thing with this grow light is that even the young plants grow at a nice rate and look healthy.

Also, the LED lights are too bright which almost work as the sunlight. It has UV function which sterilizes growth and kills harmful bacteria that hampers the growth and ability of the plant to produce healthy flowers. Since the product has two fans enabled, it is capable of controlling the overheating while running. To promote cell division, IR function is added that helps in improving the growth of both vegetation and flowering phases.

With over 8 years of research, Colofocus has come forward to design this stunning and professional spectrum. Thus, this product is a beautiful present from the experienced lights manufacturer. Whatever the plants need in the natural sunlight is provided by this optimal spectrum. All thanks to the Colofocus!

The weight of this model is 4.67 pounds and wattage is 600W. Also, it has 60 LEDs of 10W each which provides well desired brightness to the plants.


Before settling down on one product, it is essential to make a fair comparison. No wonder, Supomvo is also a leading brand in the grow lights which is manufactured of quality LED lights. Ranging from the seeding to harvest, indoor plants, vegetables and flower, Supomvo is a highly efficient grow light.

The recommended height to the plant is 0.5m-1.5m according to different growing stages in both the models. Colofocus provides a long lifespan and LED lights also have the capability of working individually. Whereas, in Supomvo, the lifespan is hampered because the LED lights keep on working even when the product is switched off.

Next, the working of Colofocus is 18 hours whereas the Supomvo works 13-15 hours usually. Though it has almost all the features as of Colofocus, what appeals me is the 8 years of professionalism and research of Colofocus that depicts perfectly in the product. So it is quite clear that the Colofocus grow light has a win-win situation. Hope you have got enough points on why to choose Colofocus product over Supomvo! Go ahead and make the indoor plant growing as easy as that.


To crown it all, I would like to say that the ColoFocus 600W LED Indoor Plants Grow Light Kit is surely one of the choicest and diligent products one can ever have to grow indoor plants. Because it has 60 PCS 10W double chips LED in different colors i.e. 38 red, 12 blue, 8 white, 1 UV and 1 IR, people find it an awesome purchase. It works flawlessly in 20-40 degrees Celsius working environment and 85-265 working voltage.

Although it comes with relishing perks, you have to be very careful while it is working. Never touch the LED lights as they are too hot to handle with bare hands. Adding further, it comes with a hanging kit and easy setup guide that makes it convenient for every buyer to install the product themselves. It has 6000 lumens and the coverage area is approximately 3.5 × 4 sq. Ft.

Other than that, the efficient energy consumption of the product makes it the best buy for those who want to save on the huge electricity bills. Want to grow plants safely? Grab the product before its gets stocked out.

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  1. I have the 600w.
    1 fan quit spinning…
    I turn it… moves, just not right… then stops.
    What are my options…
    I’m 2 1/2 months into this grow.



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