Mars Hydro 600w Review

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Our Verdict

The Mars Hydro 600w grow light is a decent light if you’re on a tight budget.

It consumes very little electricity, has a good balance of red and blue light, and offers a respectable warranty.

However, it doesn’t produce very many watts get a grow light that included UV and IR, as well as the ability to daisy chain lights together.

Should you buy this grow light? If you’re considering purchasing an LED grow light, make sure you take a look at our popular best led grow lights article.

What we like about it…

  • Very low price
  • Energy efficient
  • Good balance of red and blue light in the spectrum
  • Decent 3 year warranty

What we don’t like about it…

  • PAR value claimed by company seems inflated for the power draw
  • No UV and IR wavelengths

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Mars Hydro 600w Review

MarsHydro are a well established grow light manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China.

They have been selling grow lights for more than 4 years now, and have gained in popularity due to their budget friendly prices.

Today I’m going to be taking a look at one their most popular lights; the 600w, which is the no frills version of their more premium reflector line.

What’s in the Box?

The box comes with everything you need to get started; the light, a power cord and a set of steel hanging kits.

It also contains some basic advice on hanging height for various stages of growth.

Packaging is plain brown and discrete ( for anyone requiring stealth )

Mars Hydro 600w Features

Choosing the right grow light can be the difference between an average yield or an awesome yield.

After all, light is your plants food – it’s the most important part of your grow to get right.

There are several key features to look for in a good LED grow light.

Below I have compare the Mars Hydro 600w to each of them.

Let’s see how it performs…

Actual Power

Many grow light manufacturers will name their grow lights after the number of LED’s in their grow light, multiplied by the LED’s chips wattage (in this case 120 5w chips = 600w )

Even though these grow lights are marketed as 600w, the actual power output is only 300w.

In other words, they will replace a 300w HPS grow light.

This amount of power will be enough to grow 1- 4 plants from seedling – harvest.

PAR Output

Simply put, PAR  is a measurement of the actual light your plant uses from the spectrum to feed on and grow (photosethisis). We want a grow light with the right amount of PAR output.

Let’s take a look at what that looks like:

Between 200-400 (μmol/m2/s) this is the PAR range we want for seedling

Between 400-600 (μmol/m2/s) This is the PAR range we want for our vegging plants

Between 600-900 (μmol/m2/s) This is the PAR range we want for our flowering plants

The MarsHydro 600w claims to output 980 umols at 18″, which is where you would hang your light if you were flowering your plants.

Looking at our ranges, at first glance, this seems high, which is obviously a great thing.

More PAR means more food for our plants.

However, the actual power of this grow light is 300watts (ie it would replace a 300w HPS), which makes me think that this claim is inaccurate at best.

At 300w, I would expect the  PAR value of this light at 18″ to be between 350-450 umols.

Taking a look at the customer reviews, it seems some people agree with me..


A good spectrum from an LED grow light will have blue lights between 440-470nm and red lights between 640-660nm.

The Mars Hydro 600w hits both of these targets.

However, it is missing UV and IR wavelengths, which have been shown to increase THC and leaf size.

Power Consumption

This LED grow light is very efficient, using only 132 watts of power.

If we use the standard rate of electricity ( $0.12kw/h ) then I estimate that running this grow light for 18 hours per day would cost just over $2 per week –  not bad!

Warranty & Customer Service

On Amazon, MarsHydro offer a very generous 3 year warranty with this grow light.

However, many customers complain that when they tried to use their 3 year warranty, they were told that it was only 1 year.

Looking at the MarsHydro website, it seems that if the light breaks within one year, they will pay for the parts and shipping, but between year 2 and 3, you must pay for parts and shipping.

MarsHydro 600w Comparison

Ok, let’s look at how the MarsHydro compares with other similar 600w grow lights.

[amazon table=”7925″]

I’ve compared the MarsHydro 600w to two of my favourite 600w grow lights; the Viparspectra and the Phlizon Newest.

As you can see from the table above, both these lights have the edge on over the MarsHydro.

They offer higher actual wattage, more PAR output ( if we discount MH’s wild claim ) and offer daisy chain and veg & bloom switch functionality.

On top of this, they offer a better warranty and seem a little more responsive to customer issues.

Mars Hydro 600w Customer Videos

These two videos give a good idea how this light looks when on.

Mars Hydro 600w Review
  • Power
  • Spectrum
  • PAR Output
  • Functionality
  • Price

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