MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb Review

Growing weed requires you to have the right kind of lights. Without the proper type, placement, and strength of lighting, you won’t be harvesting too much weed at the end of the project, if any at all. One of the most important kinds of light for growing weed is red light, which weed plants need when they are flowering and developing their buds. Today we are here to take a closer look at the MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb, an all-red grow bulb meant for the flowering of weed and other plants. It’s a neat option to go with so let’s take an in-depth look at it right now.

This is a very simple but effective grow light to go with for your weed needs, plus for other flowering and fruiting purposes as well. This is a plain red LED light, specifically designed for fruiting and flowering, which is exactly what you need when your weed plant is in its flowering stage. Let’s take a closer look at the MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb and what features and benefits it brings to the table.

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Features and Benefits of MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb

Without a doubt, the most impressive part about the MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb is that it is more than ideal for flowering weed plants. It comes with a full spectrum of red light to achieve the proper and efficient flowering of your weed plants, plus other plants, of course. The red spectrum of light goes all the way from 610 nm to 730 nm and the MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb comes with LED pieces for that full spectrum.

It has 12 LED lights in total, 2 x 730nm, 2 x 660nm, and 8 x 630nm LED light pieces. These are the most important wavelengths of red that a weed plant needs. The MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb is much brighter than most other red grow lights out there, so much so that you actually need to wear goggles when working with them for fear of damage to your eyes. You can’t really use the MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb for the vegetative state of your plants, but it works better than most other options for the flowering stage.

The MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb is a 36-watt bulb, but don’t let the fairly low wattage fool you. When it comes to pure red light bulbs, the MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb actually puts out more lumens and red light than any other option of the same or similar size on the market today. In other words, it’s actually a fairly powerful red grow light. It is definitely enough for smaller and medium-size plants, but you may need a few of them for a really big grow room with lots of large plants.

We like the MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb because it is just a normal bulb, not some huge setup. You can literally screw this bulb into any standard light bulb fitting. This means that granted the proper equipment, you can set these bulbs up in the floor, on the ground, on the walls, or on the ceiling too. There are many different kinds of mounting options you can go with to point the MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb at your plants from all angles.

Another thing you might like about the MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb is that it actually stays fairly cool. It features a fairly thick and well-insulated casing that does not produce or let off too much heat, thus decreasing the need for cooling and ventilation systems. At the same time, this aluminum casing makes the MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb very durable. It has a lifespan of up to 50,000, which is quite impressive, plus it comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • Very bright and powerful
  • Lots of lumens put out
  • Very small and compact
  • Easy to mount in various positions
  • Fits into standard light bulb fittings
  • Great for smaller and medium plants
  • Good for medium size operations
  • Meant for flowering
  • Doesn’t get too hot


  • Not for vegetative state
  • Not great for really big setups
  • Not all that energy efficient


When it comes to a grow light meant specifically for flowering and seeding, the MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb is definitely one of the better options to keep in mind.

MUWOOD RED LED Grow Bulb Review
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