Durban Poison Strain Review (& Grow Info)

Durban Poison is a classic strain that originates in the South African city of Durban. This variety has been popular for many years, thanks to its cerebral, energetic effects and its sweet, pleasant aroma.

In this article, we cover the ins and outs of the strain including flavor, terpenes, cannabinoid content as well as answer your questions about growing.

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Durban Poison Strain (At a glance)

Effects: Uplifted, Energetic, Happy
Helps With: Depression, Fatigue, Pain
Indoor Yield: 350g/m2
Outdoor Yield: 21oz/ plant
Flowering Time: 450g/plant
Outdoor Harvest Time: Late September
THC Content: 20%
CBD Content: 0.02%
Indoor Plant Height: N/A
Outdoor Plant Height: Tall
Grow Difficulty: Easy
Genetics: African.
Flavors: Cheese, Citrus
Best place to buy seeds: ILGM

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What Is Durban Poison?

Durban Poison is a cannabis strain that is one of the few pure Sativas available today.

Thanks to all of the cannabis policy reform, hybrid strains and breeding has become the norm, making it a challenge to find a pure Sativa or Indica.

Durban Poison is a pure heirloom Sativa that delivers an upbeat and energetic buzz.

Where Does Durban Poison Come From?

Durban Poison comes from the South African city of Durban.

This port city has an ideal tropical climate to grow Sativa plants that tend to be long and stalky.

Since the landrace strain was popularized, breeders have since altered the mostly pure genetics of Durban Poison

What Does Durban Poison Mean?

Durban Poison is the name of a highly popular cannabis strain that has its origins in South Africa.

This strain is unique, because, unlike most modern cannabis varieties, it originally grew freely in the tropical climate of South Africa.

What Are The Effects Of Durban Poison?

Durban Poison offers uplifting effects with an energetic, clean high that won’t disappoint whether you consume during the daytime or at night.

Durban Poison doesn’t leave users feeling groggy, or tired – rather, its pure Sativa effects will have you uplifted, creative, and social.

What Terpenes Are In Durban Poison?

Durban Poison’s terpene profile includes Terpinolene, Myrcene, and Limonene.

This combination of terpenes delivers an aroma that is citrusy and sweet, with a hint of pine. Durban Poison’s terpene profile delivers a highly pleasant consumption experience.

Is Durban Poison A Landrace?

Durban Poison is a pure Sativa landrace that comes from the city of Durban in South Africa.

There are very few pure Sativa strains remaining nowadays, as the modern breeding style has produced a cannabis market with mostly hybrids.

Is Durban Poison Strong?

Durban Poison’s THC content ranges from 17% – 22%, depending on the grower and the dispensary you buy it from.

Although there are strains with higher THC content, the pleasant, uplifting effects of Durban Poison do not disappoint.

What Does Durban Poison Taste Like?

Thanks to its terpene profile, Durban Poison has a sweet and citrusy flavor and aroma with pleasant hints of pine.

It’s not pungent or overpowering, but it does have a flavor and smell that is distinguishable.

Is Durban Poison Mold Resistant?

Depending on the source of the Durban Poison seeds, it is a strain that can be resistant to mold as well as some pests.

Some Durban Poison landrace varieties have been cross-bred with Skunk plants to increase the stability of the plants.

Is Durban Poison A Hybrid?

No, Durban Poison is not a hybrid.

As stated above, this is one of the most unique strains on the market today, thanks to its pure Sativa landrace genetics.

How Much Does Durban Poison Yield?

Depending on the grow medium, Durban Poison can yield up to 16 ounces per plant outdoors.

This plant gets very tall when grown under the rays of the sun, sometimes reaching up to 90 inches tall.

The plant can be grown indoors as well but will need to be trimmed and pruned to ensure that it develops its trichomes properly.

Is Durban Poison Easy To Grow?

Because of its original outdoor landrace genetics, Durban Poison is one of the easier strains to grow.

In fact, most Sativa varieties nowadays tend to need to be brought indoors to complete the growing process.

However, Durban Poison can finish outdoors when grown in soil in warmer climates.

How To Grow Durban Poison

Since Durban Poison is a pure landrace that originated on its own, it tends to perform best when grown outdoors in warm climates.

It’s recommended that you start Durban Poison outdoors and possibly bring the flowering plants indoors to finish the growing cycle.

When To Plant Durban Poison

In warmer climates that don’t have frost until the winter months, most outdoor growers plant Durban Poison at the end of the summer – usually August.

Its plants perform the best in climates that are sunny or temperate.

How To Germinate Durban Poison Seeds

To germinate seeds indoors, many growers opt to use the paper towel method.

This method involves dampening a paper towel, placing about five seeds inside, and placing the paper towel inside the bag.

Some growers say they place the plastic bag in a sunny window and re-wet the paper towels about twice a day.

How Long To Veg Durban Poison

Since Durban Poison plants tend to stretch pretty high and can reach up to 90 inches outdoors, it requires a veg time of about 3 to 5 weeks to develop a healthy plant in the vegetative phase.

When To Harvest Durban poison

Durban Poison plants spend at least 3 weeks in their vegetative phase and typically take about a month to fully flower.

When grown outdoors in warm climates, Durban Poison plants typically can be harvested at the end of September or early in October.

How Long Does Durban Poison Take To Grow?

From seed germination to vegetative phase and flowering time, Durban Poison usually takes about two months to fully grow and develop.

Of course, this grow time is dependent on your medium, climate, seed quality, and so on.

How To Smoke Durban Poison

Most cannabis consumers seem to prefer rolling joints of Durban Poison and smoking outdoors.

However, glass pipes are popular as well. It is recommended that you purchase a hemp wick so you can avoid inhaling butane from a lighter.

Is Durban Poison Top Shelf?

Because of its unique, purely Sativa lineage, Durban Poison is viewed as a top-shelf strain by most cannabis connoisseurs.

As stated above, this is highly dependent on the source of where you get Durban Poison.

How Much Is An Ounce Of Durban Poison?

The cost of an ounce of Durban Poison varies from state to state, and international location.

For west coast states like California, Oregon, and Washington state, some dispensaries are selling an ounce of Durban Poison for $200.

However, in east coast states like New York and Massachusetts, an ounce of Durban Poison can cost up to $300.