Vintage Grow LED Grow Light Review

If you need a good all-around grow light for weed, the Vintage Grow LED Grow Light makes for a good choice. Remember guys, the light you provide your weed plants will make a huge difference. How fast your plants grow, how big they get, and what your final yield is like all greatly depend on the lighting.

Vintage Grow is a highly trusted brand name in the gardening, green house, and marijuana grow-op world. They produce some really spectacular products, such as this Vintage Grow LED Grow Light. When it comes to growing weed, the right light can make all of the difference, so let’s talk about this particular option to see if it is the right choice for you.

The Vintage Grow LED Grow Light has several different features and benefits that it brings to the table, so let’s talk about those right now.

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Features and Benefits of Vintage Grow LED Grow Light

This is a square-shaped grow light that can be used in a couple of different ways. It is a 12” by 12” LED grow light, making it ideal for smaller spaces. You can mount the Vintage Grow LED Grow Light to the ceiling and have it hanging down, or you can mount it to a wall to provide your plants with light from the side. The smaller size makes this option ideal for seedlings and smaller plants, but maybe not the best for really big plants that need a lot of light.

As you may know, LED light bulbs can be kept fairly close to marijuana plants without risk of burning them, making this a really good choice for smaller grow rooms that are not very tall or wide. The fact that you can have them so close to your plants without risk of burning them is definitely a huge bonus. This also minimizes the need for a cooling or ventilation system due to its minimal heat creation.

This is a 45-watt LED light board, which means that it is powerful enough to get your plants from the seedling stage right through the flowering stage. Yes, the Vintage Grow LED Grow Light is a combination LED light setup, which means that it has both blue and red bulbs installed. This is great because weed plants in the vegetative state require blue light to grow, while plants in the flowering stage need red light to develop their buds and potency. Generally speaking, 50 watts is preferable for the final stages of growth, but 45 watts will do just fine as well.

The Vintage Grow LED Grow Light also features a small reflector to help even more light get through the canopy and deep down into the plants. This particular option is shown to give off a fair amount of light while not using too much electricity. It is a fairly inexpensive option that won’t run up your energy bill all that much. Moreover, each of the bulbs puts out around 550 lumens, which is more than enough for a small space, especially when you consider that there are well over 200 bulbs on the Vintage Grow LED Grow Light.


  • Very easy to set up. Simply hang it up or place it on a wall, plug it in, and turn it on. An easy setup is always a bonus with grow lights
  • This option is very energy efficient, plus it does not cost all that much to begin with
  • The Vintage Grow LED Grow Light stays fairly cool, thus making sure it does not burn your plants. Also, it eliminates the need for a heavy duty ventilation and cooling system
  • The small size of this light combined with the fact that it does not get too hot means you can have the light close to your plants. In other words, this is an ideal choice for grow-ops where space is an issue
  • The Vintage Grow LED Grow Light has both red and blue bulbs, a fairly high wattage, and good lumen output. It can be used for vegetative and early stage flowering plants


  • Will not do well for larger plants
  • Not great for large spaces
  • Not the best output – final stage flowering might need something more powerful


At the end of the day, if you have a small plant, not too much space, and are worried about heat and electricity costs, the Vintage Grow LED Grow Light definitely makes for a great choice.  The Vintage Grow LED is a great choice, let’s see how if it makes it to our best led grow light for cannabis guide!

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