What Do I Need To Grow Weed?

What Do I Need To Grow Weed

Growing weed is a fun hobby, a good pastime, and a really useful thing too. Whether for recreation or medical use, growing weed, whether at home or in a more factory-like setting is becoming increasingly popular. That being said, growing weed is not necessarily easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and tons of know how to be successful. So, from start to finish, what do you need to grow weed?

The seeds

Seeds What Do I Need To Grow Weed

Of course, the first thing you will need to get started on your weed growing journey is the marijuana seed. This is a plant, it comes from a seed, and you need that seed to get started. To germinate the seed, you will need some damp paper towel, a sealable plastic bag, and a dark space. This is necessary to get the seed to sprout. Conversely, you can also use clones, but that is a pretty difficult thing to deal with, so we won’t get into that right now.

Buckets and/or planters

Buckets planters What Do I Need To Grow Weed

The second thing that you are going to need to grow your marijuana plants is a bucket or planter. Keep in mind that the bigger the bucket or pot is, the bigger the plant will grow due to a bigger root structure. You should start out with a small planter for the seedling. Then, for about 2 weeks, place the plant in a 1-gallon bucket.

While still in the vegetative state, once the plant has grown significantly, transfer it into a 3-gallon bucket. For the final flowering stage, a 5-gallon bucket will do just fine. If you have an indoor grow-op, you might want to call it quits at 3 gallons, as you might not have enough vertical space to accommodate an 8 foot tall plant.

The soil or planting medium

Soil planting medium What Do I Need To Grow Weed

Next, you need to get the soil you will use for the weed plant. Never get extended nutrient release soil as this simply will not do. A good potting soil with an ideal mixture of nutrients will do just fine. You can also add things like bat guano, compost, worm castings, and other nutrients or fertilizers to the soil.

Be sure to read up on things like nutrient burn, fertilizer burn, and other things related to the amount of nutrients required to grow a weed plant. If you do not want to use soil, you can go with a different medium such as rock wool, expanded clay, perlite, and other such mediums. If you are up for a bit of a challenge, you could even go with a hydroponic setup.


Nutrients What Do I Need To Grow Weed

Dirt loses its nutrients as the plants eat them up, so you need to add nutrients to the mix, especially when it comes time for the flowering stage of the weed plant. The most important nutrients needed include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The mix needs to be just right, so you will want to do some research here. If you are not using soil, you will need to add more nutrients in with your watering schedule.


Lights What Do I Need To Grow Weed

Your plants need light to grow. Whether you use HID, fluorescent, or LED lights is up to you, but you do need to know the difference between them. Ideally you will want 50 watts and 7,500 lumens of light per square foot for the optimal yield. There are many kinds of bulbs that vary in how well they work and what stage of growth they are ideal for, so you need to do some more research here.



Ventilation What Do I Need To Grow Weed

Your plants need air to grow, so you can’t keep them in a sealed tend or room without ventilation. Some air vents and fans are definitely necessary to be successful here. You also need ventilation if you have hot lights that increase the temperature in the grow room.


Water What Do I Need To Grow Weed

Simply enough, plants need water to grow. You should water them enough so the dirt is not bone dry, but don’t soak it either. On a side note, the pH level of the water is important, so always keep an eye on that. A pH level of roughly 6.5 is ideal when using soil as the medium.

Conclusion: What do I need to grow weed?

Grow weed What Do I Need To Grow Weed

This was just a very basic overview of what is needed to grow weed, but it is definitely a really good start. Remember folks, you don’t need to buy the most expensive stuff, but you do need the right stuff.

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