10 Most Popular Indica Strains 2022 (With Pictures)

Looking for the most popular Indica strains? You’re in luck!

In this article, I’ve listed the 10 most popular Indica strains, based on their chart-topping sales and classic Indica high. Each strain has won at least one cannabis cup!

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1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights
THC Content14-19%
CBD Content1%
Aroma/FlavorsEarthy, Sweet, Pine
Plant TypeIndica (100%)
ClimateIndoors, Outdoors
Plant size100-150cm
Flowers45 – 60 days
YieldsUp to 650g/m2
GeneticsAfghani IBL
EffectsRelaxing, Euphoric, Sleep-Inducing

If there is any strain on this list you’ve heard of, Northern Lights is probably it!

Legendary status aside, there are plenty of reasons why it deserves the top spot.

Effects are classic Indica, with an impressively mellow and relaxing high that can often lock you to the couch!

It’s also very mood-boosting – don’t be surprised if you find yourself in giggles on this strain!

The relaxation is both physical and mental, so the euphoria that comes with it won’t keep you awake like a Sativa.

Northern Lights is often recommended as a first grow, because it’s hardy and difficult to get wrong.

Yields are excellent too, grown indoors or outside you can expect buds with a THC level of 19%!

Trust me on this one – there are few Indicas more likely to become an instant favorite than Northern Lights!

2. White Widow

White Widow
THC ContentUp to 19%
CBD ContentInsignificant amounts
Aroma/FlavorsEarthy, Flowery, Woody
Plant TypeIndica Hybrid (60%)
ClimateIndoors and cool or sunny climate
Plant size100-200cm
Flowers50 – 60 days
YieldsUp to 600g/m2
EffectsRelaxing, Mood-Boosting, Creativity-Boosting, Pain Relief

From Amsterdam in the 80’s to dispensaries around the world today, White Widow remains one of the most popular Indicas of all time!

It’s a hybrid, but the most dominant effect is definitely one of strong relaxation.

What I like about this strain though is that the Sativa genetics provide a mood-boosting head space that makes for a great balance!

Also, unlike other Indicas it doesn’t have a heavy body effect making it perfect for beginners or day-time use.

A favorite of both new and experienced growers, White Widow is disease-resistant and able to adapt to different climates.

She grows best indoors though, and despite being relatively compact can return excellent yields!

Indicas aren’t all about locking you to the couch, and sometimes smoking them during the day can throw a wrench into your productivity.

That puts White Widow near the top of my list – it’s an incredible Indica high that won’t stop your day in its tracks!

3. OG Kush

OG Kush
THC ContentUp to 19%
CBD ContentInsignificant amount
Aroma/FlavorsEarthy, Pine, Herbal, Citrus, Spicey
Plant TypeIndica Hybrid (75%)
ClimateIndoors, Mediterranean, Continental
Plant size50-93cm
Flowers56-63 days
YieldsUp to 500g/m2
EffectsRelaxing, Euphoric, Stress-Relieving

OG Kush is another strain that always seems to be in high demand.

Best-selling at both dispensaries and seed-banks, this Indica-dominant hybrid has a serious kick to it!

It’s famous for an incredibly powerful mix of relaxing and euphoric effects.

This amazing mood-boosting and body-relaxing combo is what truly sets OG Kush apart from other Indicas!

One downside however to the strain (and reason for the price premium) is that it can be tricky to grow.

This is because it’s susceptible to disease and bugs, so it’s probably better suited for someone who has a few grows under their belt.

When grown properly though, OG Kush has excellent yields and buds are often covered in resin!

Intriguing in flavor and beautifully balanced in effect, I highly recommend checking this award-winning Indica out.

4. Chemdawg

THC ContentUp to 25%
CBD ContentInsignificant amount
Aroma/FlavorsDiesel, Pungent
Plant TypeIndica Hybrid (80%)
ClimateIndoors, Steppe, Mediterranean
Plant size120-180cm
Flowers56 days
EffectsCalming, Relaxing, Sedating

Chemdawg is a famous strain that is surrounded by mystery – there’s a lot we don’t know about its origins.

What is known, is that with THC levels of up to 26% this Cannabis Cup winner is one of the most potent strains around!

It has a sedating effect that helps soothe the mind; it’s amazing for calming down and de-stressing!

Chemdawg is known to be pretty intense, so if you’re a new smoker I would approach it with a bit of caution.

Equally, it’s not the easiest of strains to grow for the same reasons mentioned above for OG Kush.

Don’t let that put you off though – if you ever have the chance to try Chemdawg I definitely recommend it!

Strains gain recognition for a reason, and there are few Indicas out there that are more popular than this!

5. Grand Daddy Purple

Grand Daddy Purple
THC ContentUp to 23%
CBD ContentInsignificant amount
Aroma/FlavorsBerry, Fruity, Grape
Plant TypeIndica (100%)
ClimateIndoors, Steppe, Mediterranean
Plant size~150cm
Flowers60 days
EffectsSedating, Relaxing, Euphoric

One of the more recently created strains on my list, Grand Daddy Purple has quickly risen to be a top Indica!

It gets its name from sugar-coated purple and red buds – they look more like candy than Cannabis!

Oh and if you’re wondering if this strain tastes as good as it sounds, the answer is a resounding yes.

The effects are equally as sweet – GDP has a feel-good, mellowing high that is perfect just before bed.

This is another strong strain (23% THC) – even experienced smokers will find themselves sinking back into their chair after just a few tokes!

If you’re looking for an easy Indica to grow, Grand Daddy Purple is beginner-friendly.

Additionally, it’s resistant to disease and bugs and doesn’t require any special maintenance.

For its delicious taste and highly-popular relaxing effects, GDP deserves a spot on any top Indica list!

6. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush
THC Content15 – 20%
CBD Content0 – 1%
Aroma/FlavorsSpicy, Herbal
Plant TypeIndica (100%)
ClimateIndoors, Outdoors
Plant size150-200cm
Flowers60-65 days
GeneticsPre-’98 Bubba Kush x Pre-’98 Bubba Kush
EffectsSedating, Powerful, Relaxing, Cerebral

Bubba Kush is without a doubt one of the most consistently-popular Indicas in the United States.

It has since gained a following worldwide for its powerfully sedating and relaxing effects!

This is one of those strains that will make your eyelids heavy and your worries fade into the background!

One thing I love about this strain is the complex flavor of spices and herbs – it’s unique but really pleasant.

In terms of growing it’s another one that shouldn’t pose problems, even for first time growers!

You can expect plants to only grow to moderate height, which makes this a strain suitable for growing indoors too.

Rather than spread out buds, Bubba Kush typically grows super-dense colas that are covered in THC crystals!

Overall, if you’re looking for a top-shelf Indica to help you wind down at the end of the day – look no further.

There are few strains that earn a spot on any top Indica list more than Bubba Kush!

7. L.A. Confidential

L.A. Confidential
Aroma/FlavorsPungent, Earthy, Sweet, Pine
Plant TypeIndica (100%)
ClimateGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Plant size100-150cm
Flowers56 days
GeneticsO.G. LA Affie x Afghani
EffectsRelaxing, Physical, Sleepy, Sedative

Extremely popular in the city it was named after, it’s no surprise that L.A. Confidential is a celebrity strain!

It has a physical and strongly-relaxing high, but for an Indica can be surprisingly cerebral.

It’s not an energetic effect though and is a favorite of medicinal patients to help combat pain and insomnia.

The taste is really difficult to nail down on this one – somewhere in the realm of earthy-sweet, but pungent and piney too.

Another positive aspect is that L.A. Confidential is easy to grow, and will produce very dense and resin-heavy buds.

They’ll eat a lot of nutrients to produce them though, so make sure to adjust your balance for a healthy grow.

Overall, L.A. Confidential is an undeniably potent and enjoyable strain!

The classic Indica effects make this a ‘bucket list’ strain that I highly recommend giving a try!

8. Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG
THC ContentUp to 26% THC
CBD ContentInsignificant amount
Aroma/FlavorsEarthy, Spicy, Herbal, Pine
Plant TypeIndica Hybrid (80%)
ClimateSunny climate
Plant size120-150cm
Flowers56 days
EffectsRelaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric

Named for potent effects that take you to a different planet, Skywalker OG is another hall of fame Indica!

With a THC level of 20%, it’s also the most powerful ‘OG’ strain on the market.

Skywalker OG is well-loved in the United States, however in other countries it’s well-liked under the name ‘Galaxy’.

Both names work though, as this strain is mainly prized for its intensely spacey and relaxing effects!

Flavor and aroma on this one are very natural and earthy, but really enjoyable.

The strain isn’t particularly hard to grow, but may be a but more challenging for first-time growers.

This is because it can definitely be higher-maintenance indoors, and needs a lot of light and space flourish.

Stick it out though, and you’ll be rewarded with an Indica that proves it deserves its place on this list!

Out-of-this-world Indica effects definitely make this one not to miss.

9. Critical Mass

Critical Mass
THC ContentUp to 22%
CBD Content6-9%
Aroma/FlavorsEarthy, Pungent, Sweet
Plant TypeIndica Hybrid (80%)
ClimateIndoors, Mediterranean
Plant sizeUp to 90-140cm
Flowers56 days
EffectsHappy, Relaxed

Critical Mass is a strain that has gained a huge following over the years.

Adored by recreational and medicinal patients alike, it provides a relaxing high without necessarily gluing you to the couch!

It’s also known to be great at boosting mood, leaving users feeling happy and content.

Typically a bed-time smoke, don’t be surprised if you find yourself napping if consumed during the day!

What’s great about growing this strain is that it’s really forgiving to mistakes.

This means that even new growers can produce buds so huge that branches need support!

Additionally, yield is consistently high whether grown indoors or out.

It’s easy to see why Critical Mass rarely stays on shelves for long!

It has incredible Indica effects and is easy to grow – what more could you ask for?

10. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue
THC ContentUp to 26%
CBD ContentInsignificant amount
Aroma/FlavorsCheese, Earthy, Pine
Plant TypeIndica Hybrid (Between 50-80%)
ClimateIndoors, Steppe, Mediterranean
Plant size120-200cm
Flowers56 days
EffectsSedating, Euphoric

Finally on my list, is the extremely well-know Gorilla Glue.

It’s closely to the Sativa-dominant GG#4, except Gorilla Glue varies bewtween 50-80% Indica depending on the genetics.

It was bred for the more relaxing effect that is typical of Indica strains, and they were very successful!

The high is strongly sedating, and is definitely one that can ruin a day of plans!

It comes with a powerful euphoria that that ensure you have a smile on your face as you drift off to sleep.

As long as you live in a warmer climate, Gorilla Glue will thrive outdoors and is equally happy inside.

No experience is required for a successful harvest with this strain!

With powerful sedation and mood-boosting effects, Gorilla Glue may be last on the list but finishes things off strongly!

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Final Thoughts

And that’s it for our look at the 10 most popular Indica strains.

Growing Cannabis is already rewarding, but there’s nothing like a killer strain to make it that much better!

Every list you read will be a bit different, but there’s a reason why these classic strains continue to stay in high demand.

All have gained fame within the community and every single one has at least one Cannabis Cup to their name!

Additionally, they not only cover a wide range of different Indica effects but they’re generally easy to grow too!

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend giving any or all of these a try!

Happy growing!

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