How To Grow Weed In A Closet

Growing marijuana in a tent or control room is the norm.

However, have you ever considered growing marijuana in a closet?

Most pro growers don’t even think it’s possible.

If you’ve grown cannabis before, then you know that they need access to adequate ventilation, as well as abundant lighting.

There also must be good circulation to avoid problems such as temperature spikes and mold.

So the question is, can you grow weed in a closet and how do you grow weed in a closet?

The answer to the first question is yes; you absolutely can grow weed in your closet.

Next, growing weed in your closet is a bit different from growing it in a tent or room.

There are specific ways in which you will need to go about this process, and the following guide will give you more information on how to do so

Is It Possible To Grow Weed In A Closet?

Yes, it is possible to grow weed in your closet, and in fact, lots of people are successful at doing so.

If you have limited space, it’s a great idea to turn your closet into a tiny little control room.

It’s been tried and tested by teenagers all over the world, and people have been growing weed in their closets for decades.

However, there are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind to master the art of growing weed inside your closet.

This process of growing weed is usually known as “closet grow” it basically refers to the small space in the cupboard, closet, or wardrobe that is altered and equipped with all of the tools required to grow weed.

Also, keep in mind that although closets have quite a few perks for humans, they are not your typical weed habitat.

So initially, you have to think about things such as light, ventilation odor, and temperature.

How To Transform Your Closet Into A Weed Box?

Turning your closet into a weed box is simple, and all you need to do is follow a few steps to get your weed to grow the box up and running in as little time as possible.

Equipment Needed

Man Looking At Weed In Closet

You’ll need the following equipment to get your cannabis closet up and running:

  • Your wardrobe or closet
  • Hangers or fixtures for grow light
  • Container for your plants
  • A timer to control lights
  • Tray for the containers to sit on
  • Effective airflow
  • A medium such as soil, rockwool or coco
  • Cannabis seeds or clones
  • Water
  • Carbon filter

The following are not essential; however, they are additional add-ons that you can use to make the experience even better:

  • Canes or net to space out your branches and train them
  • A pH pin or region test kit
  • A high-growth thermometer to test temperature and humidity
  • White paint

Step By Step Guide

Marijuana Plants Tending

To start, you need to clean and clear your closet space properly and make sure that there is no dirt or dust left behind.

It should be properly sanitized as well to remove all traces of mold.

  • Next, you want to paint the inner walls with white paint or alternatively cover the inner walls of the closet with strong white plastic
  • Hang your lighting setup
  • Put your containers in place
  • Next, you need to get your ventilation setup as well as your carbon filters and test them out
  • Finally, start growing your cannabis seeds.

Of course, this is a very basic outline of the process, and each one of these steps is more in-depth.

Ultimately this is the natural order behind getting your closet space up and running to grow marijuana.

Growing Marijuana In Your Closet: Detailed Guide

Not that your closet is up and running, you need to start preparing for your marijuana garden.

Step 1: Grow Lights

Growing Marijuana Lights

More lights equal more plants. Better lights equal better plant quality, so ultimately, what this means is that grow lights are really important for your closet box.

More importantly, your choice of lights in this process will affect the quality of your plants immensely.

There are quite a few options on the market when it comes to choosing grow lights. However, LED remains the leader in marijuana cultivation for one simple reason: it is unbeaten.

They are the ideal choice for cannabis growing because of the many advantages that it offers your growing marijuana.

If you’re planning on growing your marijuana all year round, LED lights will save you a fortune on your electricity bills.

Another major advantage of LED lighting is that it is easy to install and suitable for growing weed in your closet from seedling to harvest stage.

It also does not emit heat and, therefore, is well-suited to your cannabis growing needs.

Step 2: Grow Medium

Irrespective of whether you are growing weed in a closet or any other space, you still have the same options when it comes to the growing medium.

One of the options is a small-scale Hydroponic system. In terms of irrigation, it is easy to maintain, and you have better control over the growing medium, not to mention your weed will probably grow faster.

Organic nutrients are more suitable for soil growing. Topdressing is a good option for growing weed in the soil. This way, the nutrients are slowly released every time you water the soil.

Step 3: Size Of Plants

Auto Flowering Cannabis Strain

When it comes to growing weed in a closet, one thing you don’t have on your side is space. So choose your cannabis strains wisely as they can affect the size of your grow space.

In terms of irrigation, it is easy to maintain, and you have better control over the growing medium, not to mention your weed will probably grow faster. This is because auto-flowering strains rarely exceed 1 meter in height.

Indica is also known for growing wider and flatters rather than tall and lanky as the Sativa restrains.

Step 4: Controlling Marijuana Plant Size

Those who don’t know that this is possible, you can actually control the width and height of your marijuana plant. Once you’ve chosen a suitable marijuana strain, the rest is easy.

One way of controlling the height is to initiate flowering early. Doing this will allow your cannabis plants to remain short and flat.

Also, pruning and training cannabis plants that are grown inside a closet is recommended and can be extremely beneficial when it comes to controlling the height of your full-grown plants.

Step 5: Ventilation Set-Up

One of the most confusing aspects of setting up a marijuana closet is getting the ventilation system right. While it may seem confusing and time-consuming, it doesn’t necessarily need to be.

In most cases, you can try to keep a balanced room temperature by opening up the window and allowing air to circulate constantly.

A single oscillating fan will also boost airflow, and this requires minimal efforts.

For small closet spaces, keep a desk fan or small circular fan inside to do the trick.

If you’d like to invest a little more effort, you can install an exhaust fan. However, you need to do some drilling in the beginning.

Step 6: Tend To Your Plants

Man Touching Weed

Once you’ve got all that you need and your closet is properly set up, you can start focusing on yielding the best possible cannabis harvest you have seen.

Ensure that you check on your growing marijuana garden at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

Keep the flow and provision of light constant and consistent and also ensure that there is air circulation inside the closet.

Step 7: Curing

First-time growers are usually under the impression that once they harvest their grown marijuana buds, they can simply smoke it.

This, however, is not true. Your marijuana will need to be cured for a short period of time to improve its potency and make it more enjoyable.

Step 8: Storge

Your freshly harvested marijuana should be stored in a cool and dark place.

Ensure that you store it in a glass jar as opposed to a plastic bag, as this can affect the potency of the weed over time.

How Big Closet Do You Need?

Growing Weed In Closet

Ideally, the amount of closet space you need depends on how many plants you intend on growing. If you’re growing just one or two at a time, then you won’t need much space.

However, if you’re planning on growing a dozen, then you want to consider the size of your closet space carefully.

Marijuana plants can grow shorter than your knees or toilet in your house. You are in full control of how high your cannabis plants grow as the gorilla.

This is especially true for Indo growers because you are in charge of every aspect of your marijuana garden. The strain that you choose will also determine the height to a certain extent.

Some streams grow thin and tall while others grow short and fat. However, you can force your plant to grow in a different direction, especially when growing indoors.

In fact, you can control the exact size and shape of your plant as an indoor grower.

What Are The Best Lights For Growing Weed In The Closet?

Lights For Weed

When it comes to growing marijuana, the most important aspect is the use of lighting throughout the growth stages.

LED lights are not only the most affordable but the best type of light for your cannabis garden.

They have been proven to deliver high-quality yields and have more advantages than traditional lighting methods.

While there are many LED lights on the market, one that deserves a special mention is the Giixer 1000 watt LED.

And here are some of the reasons why it is considered the best LED light for indoor marijuana growers.

LED lights are a perfect choice because they’re cheap. This LED, in particular, is also much less than on other LED grow lights.

It also has amazing output power. This is in comparison to the traditional 1000 watt grow-lamps.

While saving energy, it also improves the growing environment of the plant, and this LED light is much better when you consider the amount of power output it contains.

This LED light also makes use of advanced technology using a special scientific design, which is a result of years of research.

This is also why it meets standardized production procedures.

The LED grow lights meet all of the requirements for the various marijuana growth stages.

These LED lights have been estimated to give you approximately 50,000 hours of usage, which is far better than the majority of grow lights on the market, which only deliver 20,000 hours before you need to replace them.

This LED light is also energy-saving and consists of 10-watt dual chips, which are bigger and brighter and even more efficient since they only consume 110 Watts.

So if conserving energy is high on your list of priorities, this is the light for you.

How Many Plants Can You Grow In Your Closet?

Plants In Closet

The number of plants you choose to grow in your closet is dependent on you.

If you are an inexperienced grower or first-time grower, you’ll want to start with just one or two plants.

This will make it easier for you to manage and maintain them and will also require less time and if on your part.

However, if you are experienced and want to grow more, you might want to consider a bigger closet space. This is entirely up to you.

However, the more plants you need to grow, the higher the level of dedication, and the more time you need to invest intending to a marijuana garden.

Ultimately, depending on the size of the closet space and the amount of time you’re willing to dedicate, you can grow anywhere between one to a dozen marijuana plants in your closet.

The Verdict

Growing marijuana in your closet is possible, in fact, it’s still easy to do.

All you need to do is ensure that you have the proper lighting, medium, and ventilation to keep your marijuana plants happy and healthy while they are growing.

By following a few simple tips and tricks, you will be able to enjoy your marijuana yields in no time at all.

Related Questions

Can You Grow Weed In A Closet?

Yes, it is possible to grow weed in your closet as long as you follow a few practical tips.

What Do You Need To Grow Weed In Your Closet?

Aside from a cleaned and sanitized closet, you will need a grow kit equipped with a growing medium, LED lights, proper ventilation, etc.

How Many Plants Can You Grow In Your Closet?

It’s entirely up to you, you can grow anywhere between one to 12 plants depending on how you train them.

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