Seed Banks That Give Away Free Seeds (2022 Update)

seed banks that give away free seeds

Everybody loves a freebie, right?

Well, lucky for us, lots of online seed banks give away free cannabis seeds when you place an order with them.

Cannabis seeds are expensive, so getting free seeds can really help reduce the cost of your grow.

Seed Banks That Give FREE Seeds

Short on time? Here are the best free seed deals that I could find online.

  • ILGM – Buy 10 get 10 seeds FREE
  • WeedSeedsExpress – Buy 10 get 10 seeds FREE
  • MSNL – get 5-10 free seeds with EVERY order
  • Seedsman – get 3-6 free seeds when you spend over $35
  • Herbies Seeds – Get 1 free seed for every $2.70 you spend

Read on to find out a little bit more about each seed bank and what you have to do to get your free seeds.


Seedsman Seeds

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Shipping: Worldwide

Seedsman is a well-known seed bank based in Barcelona that is known for its huge strain selection and low seed prices.

Seedsman offers up to 6 free seeds with every order over $35.

The more you spend, the more free seeds you are offered (max 6)

The seeds are added to your basket automatically when you add your seeds to the basket.

Your free seeds can be regular, feminized, or auto-fem – it’s up to you!

To change the type of free cannabis seeds you get, simply visit your shopping basket and select choose the strain type you’d like.

Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL)

Marijuana Seeds N L MSNL

Location: London, UK
Shipping: Worldwide

Marijuana Seeds NL is a London-based seed bank that was founded in 1999.

MSNL offer at least 5 free seeds with every order.

The more you spend, the more free seeds they give you (maximum of 10 when you spend $141USD)

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

ILGM I Love Growing Marijuana

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Shipping: US, EU (not Canada or UK )

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a trusted seed bank based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

They are known for their excellent customer service and a 100% germination guarantee.

ILGM doesn’t offer free seeds with every order, however, if you buy 10 seeds they give you a whopping 10 free seeds on top of that.

That’s a massive 50% saving!

The free seeds are automatically applied when you add 10 seeds to your basket.

Gorilla Seed Bank

Gorilla Seed Bank

Location: London, UK
Shipping: Worldwide

Gorilla Seed Bank was founded in 2011 and is based in London, UK.

They have a solid reputation for their large strain selection and responsive customer service. Gorilla seeds offer at least one free seed with every order. However, they also offer 3 free feminized seeds if you pay with Bitcoin.

Ministry of Cannabis

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Shipping: Worldwide

Ministry of Cannabis was founded in 2007 and is located in Barcelona, Spain.

Ministry of cannabis offer between one and five free seeds when you spend over $50

Free Seeds FAQs

Can I Choose My Free Seeds?

No, usually the seed banks send a selection of different seeds for you to sample.

Can I Swap My Free Seeds?

In my experience, you can’t swap the free seeds sent to you if you do not like them.

Are Free Seeds Old/Unwanted Stock?

No, seed banks like to send out free seeds that are fresh because it introduces customers to different strains that they otherwise might not buy. This is great advertising for them.

What If My Free Seeds Don’t Germinate

Contact the seed bank and let them know. I’ve found that most seed banks will honor their seed germination guarantee.


I always like to buy my seeds from seed banks that offer free seeds.

It’s a great way to discover strains that you might not otherwise buy.

Some of my favorite strains are ones that I discovered after receiving a pack of free seeds.

In my opinion, Seedsman, MSNL, and ILGM are the best seed banks that give free seeds.

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3 thoughts on “Seed Banks That Give Away Free Seeds (2022 Update)”

  1. Hi James I’m in Australia, and trying to find a sesd bank here, in Australia Do you know of anyone, and if not who would be the best from over seas ILGM don’t send here now, any help will be most appreciated thanks Sam

  2. Hey Sam. Unfortunatly most of the online Australian seed banks are not legit. Australian seed bank for example just redirects you to European seed banks. I wrote a review about it being scammy.

    Your best bet right now is using European seed banks like Herbies. They are still shipping seeds to OZ even though many others like ILGM have stopped. Should take about 25 days.


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