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GreenBudGuru.com is a small but passionate cannabis blog, run by a team of marijuana enthusiasts and experts with years of growing experience. Our aim is to show you how simple it is to grow your own weed at home.

Grow Guides

Our in-depth and easy-to-follow grow guides will help you grow a successful crop and avoid common mistakes that many cannabis growers make. Check out some of our most popular guides below:

Where To Buy Your Seeds

Buying cannabis seeds online can be a hugely frustrating experience. Unfortunately, there are many shady online seed banks out there, and choosing a reliable seed bank is not as easy as it seems. We’ve brutally reviewed all of the most popular seed banks and which ones are worth ordering from.

Strain Guides

Looking for the perfect strain to grow? Our strain guides will help point you in the right direction. Check out some of our most popular strain guides below:

Equipment Guides

Having the right grow room equipment will make your life easier and produce larger, more potent yields. Our equipment guides provide straightforward advice on the right equipment to achieve the best results.

Plant Health Guides

Spotting and fixing common issues with your plant’s health is vital for any grower. These easy-to-follow guides will help keep your cannabis plants healthy and ensure they produce high yields with potent buds.

Cannabis Jobs

The cannabis industry is booming. These guides will teach you how you can get involved in the cannabis industry and make it your profession.

Compare Cannabis Strains

Wondering which strain to grow? We’ve compared some of the most popular cannabis strains, so you can quickly compare strain features such as grow difficulty, yield, flowering time, effects, and much more!