Do I Need A Grow Tent For Growing Weed?

If you’re reading this article, then you’ve have made the excellent decision to start growing your own weed!

However, before putting seed to soil, there are a few considerations to be made about your grow space.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be looking to cut costs wherever possible, and you may be asking “is a grow tent necessary?”

In this article we’ll weight up the pros and cons of using a grow tent, and also explain how you can make your own.

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Is a Grow Tent Necessary?

Grow Tent Is a Grow Tent Necessary

Marijuana is a very hardy plant ( it is a weed after all ) and can be grown in an array of different habitats.

Therefore,  the short answer is no, it’s not an essential item for the growing process.

However, we definitely recommended that you use one.

A grow tent will maximise the quality and yield of your harvest, as it helps you to closely control the growing environment.  To maximise your yield ensure you read our grow tent reviews!

Here are some of the other benefits to using a grow tent…

Benefits of Using a Grow Tent

Benefits of Using a Grow Tent Is A Grow Tent Necessary
  • Easy Installation: Preparing the perfect growing space can be hard work. Lights need to be fixed in place and holes need to be made for ventilation. All surfaces must be prepared correctly including the floor which must be waterproof. On top of this, the whole thing has to be completely light proof. By using this pre-made structure, you eliminate the stress of physically building a growing room.
  • Energy Efficient: They are super energy efficient and one hundred percent light proof. Every bit of light is contained and utilized therefore saving you money and giving the maximum supply of lights to your crop. As well as this, they are also extremely space and air efficient too.
  • Versatile: Unlike a room or outdoor garden, they can be easily relocated (when empty) and erected almost anywhere. They are quick and easy to assemble, hard wearing and durable. It’s like having a pre-prepared, mobile grow room
  • Pest Control: Because grow tents are completely sealed, its pretty much impossible for pests and parasites to get in there. The chances of contracting pests are reduced dramatically. If your plants still suffer from parasites – learn how to get rid of spider mites now.
  • Smell: Marijuana has a very distinctive, strong smell. Tents are completely airtight and have special fixtures, specifically to put an extractor fan and/or a carbon filter. When fitted with these pieces it’s possible to eliminate the smell produced by the plants.
  • Great for Beginners: The whole task of becoming a cultivator can be a bit overwhelming, with many factors to consider. Because of the simplicity and level of control you automatically have with a tent, the chances of getting it all right from the beginning are increased. For example, there is a lesser chance of having to deal with pests or having problems with ventilation.
  • Different Growing Stages: A lot of tents come with the option of being able to make several, sealed compartments within it. This gives you the possibility of growing both flowering plants and seedlings within the same grow space
  • Discretion: If you live in a shared house and using a closet isn’t an option, you can still grow your own supply. Some of the smaller tents look like fabric wardrobes and they are super space efficient and light proof. You could have one in your bedroom, without anyone asking questions.

Drawbacks to Using a Grow Tent

  • Strength: Obviously bricks and mortar are stronger than fabric and aluminium. Although overall tents are very robust and strong, very rarely there are reports of plastic fixtures and fittings breaking. This can cause lights or even the structure to collapse, destroying the delicate crop inside.
  • Accessibility: If you have a tent with only the front opening, then access to plants at the back may be quite difficult. Fortunately, there are a lot of models that offer extendable roofs and extra side panels that open when access to the plants is required.
  • Limited Space: Though they may look big, it’s sometimes hard to estimate how huge a fully grown marijuana plant actually is. Sometimes you may have to become a pro pruner in order to contain your plants inside the tent door or even worse, cut whole branches off prematurely.

How To Build Your Own Grow Space

If for some reason you feel that a tent may not be for you, or you feel like being creative then you can check out this video below. It provides an easy guide on how to make your own growing space.

Materials required

  • 1.5 inch PVC piping with fitting attachments
  • Zip Ties
  • Lots of duct tape-minimum two rolls
  • Heavy duty trash bags
  • Cardboard
  • Velcro or magnetic strips
  • Cleaning Alcohol
  • Knife or Saw


Use the piping to make the frame, including the supporting rectangle at the top. This sits eight inches in from either side of the structure.

Cover the structure at the top, sides and back with the trash bags and lots of duct tape. Remember that the whole thing has to be lightproof, so it has to be tightly sealed.

Using cardboard covered in duct tape, make brackets that are 10in wide. Cut a large hole in the middle for the duct and small holes around the edges for the zip ties.

This bracket can then be tied to the structure with the zip ties and then covered on both sides with duct tape. The central hole for the vent can be cut out from this.

For the door, using zip ties, attach a trash bag to the front of the structure. Reinforce the door frame with more duct tape.

Clean the area with alcohol before attaching the velcro or magnetic strip.

To gain the maximum light efficiency, you may want to further cover the inside of your tent with some kind of white or reflective material (not shown in the video)

Finally, make a light blocker to cover the vent hole by using cardboard or plastic and rolling it into a tube. This can be attached with duct tape.

Final Thoughts

It may not be necessary to use a grow tent but as you can see there are many great benefits to owning one.

Not only are they discreet and easy to use, they will also save you money in the long run.

They create a perfectly balanced internal environment for your plants where they are sure to thrive and produce a strong, healthy harvest.

This level of perfection isn’t all that easy to create from scratch, especially if you have limited space and construction experience.

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