How To Trim Weed

Wondering how to trim weed? This article is for you!

Watching your cannabis grow over the last couple of months has been an exciting process.

You have watched them grow from small seedlings into strong, healthy, and budding marijuana plants.

You’ve been diligent in your care and always looked out for signs of distress, ensuring that you always feed your cannabis nutrient-rich food.

However, after months of watching your tree grow and mature, it’s time to cut her down and trim her up, so that everyone can see just how good of a job you’ve done.

The following article will take a look at some of the best ways to trim your marijuana tree.

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Why Should You Trim Cannabis Buds?

Trimming Cannabis Buds

If it’s harvest time, you’re probably cutting down your homegrown marijuana buds to dry and cure it.

But is it necessary to trim your cannabis buds? If so, when’s the best time to do it, and why should you do it in the first place?

These are basically all of the questions that go through a first-time cannabis grower’s mind.

Ultimately, there are lots of logical answers to the above-mentioned questions, so let’s take a closer look at them.


Whenever you look at the magazine, have a look inside the dispensary or at online pictures, the marijuana plants you see look completely and perfectly manicured or at least trimmed.

Good weed is associated with this type of appearance, and unruly buds basically look less appealing to most people.


Leaves are harsher on your throat and lungs than flowers when smoking cannabis.

So when you trim off the extra matter, ultimately, you alter or enhance the smoothness of the weed you smoke.

THC Concentration

The sugar leaves on your buds inherently have a lower concentration of THC inherently.

So ultimately, what this means is you are getting less THC gram for gram from the leaves than from the bud.

Many cannabis growers would love to have trimmed buds without wasting any THC.

So ultimately, they adjust their trim to extract the THC in the leaves separately.

So there are lots of good options when it comes to trimming a tree.

“Wet Trim” vs “Dry Trim”

If you never trimmed cannabis before, then you probably don’t know much about the process.

Lots of people are confused about when to trim their cannabis and also the advantages and disadvantages of trimming.

Ultimately they are two different types of methods of trimming your marijuana plant.

While some people choose to trim their buds before drying them, others wait until the buds have dried to trim the trees.

If you choose to trim your cannabis before drying it out, it is referred to as a wet trim.

This is because leaves are still wet during the trimming process.

Trimming your buds after they have dried out is referred to as a dry trim because the buds have dried out before trimming off the sugar leaves.

In most cases, growers will remove the big fan leaves with their fingers before drying.

Some growers actually choose to forgo the trim entirely and hang the entire plant upside down

So when you should use the two different types of trims and why?

Wet Trimming Should Be Done If:

  • You’re concerned about mold
  • There are many buds drying in a small area
  • You have high humidity
  • You want buds to dry quickly

Dry Trimming Should Be Done When Or If :

  • You’re not concerned about mold
  • You have low humidity
  • You want your buds to be more dense or tighter
  • You want your buds to dry slowly
  • You don’t mind buds losing their vibrant color

What You Need To Know About Wet And Dry Trimming

Man Holding Cannabis Bud

Untrimmed buds take half a day to 3 days longer to dry.

The more leaves you have in your plant, the longer it will take to dry

When you dry trim your buds, they appear brown and as if they’ve been curing for months.

Dry trimming will give your marijuana is a slightly different smell. While the smell is equally good whether you dry or wet trim, it’s not stronger or better.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wet And Dry Trimming

Wet trimming is probably the easiest and also the most popular way of trimming marijuana.

It is usually done soon after harvest, while leaves are still moist and stiff.

This method of manicuring cannabis is common because it is efficient and easy.

Also, it gives your cannabis a picture-perfect look after curing.

If you live in a dry environment, then dry trimming would be most suitable to prolong the curing process.

If you leave larger leaves on the plant for between 4 to 10 days, buds can dry out slower and more evenly, which ultimately results in a smooth and more flavorful product.

So all that is needed to dry trim marijuana buds is to manicure off the fan leaves.

What Do You Need For Weed Trimming?


Before getting down to the nitty-gritty of trimming your marijuana plants, you need a few supplies.

Marijuana Trimming Scissors

Marijuana Trimming Scissors

A cannabis trimming scissor, which is sharp and sterilized, is needed to make the job easy.

Your scissors should also be ergonomically designed, so it gives you a comfortable grip and can hold onto it for quite some time.

As you begin and continue trimming, this will also become stickier, so purchase a pair of shears that can be cleaned easily alternatively purchase two pairs, so that you can switch from the first one when the other becomes too sticky.

You may also want to invest in a small and a bigger pair of shears.

The larger one is helpful for branch cutting, while the smaller shears will work for more precise and accurate trimming.

Develop different types of scissors that you can invest in. Some are spring-loaded and others a standard.

Lots of people prefer spring-loaded scissors because they feel it is faster and also more accurate.

Others prefer scissors like the Chikamasa pair.

Although they are not spring-loaded, and it will take a day or two to get used to it, you’ll soon notice the precision and speed that it offers.

Comfortable Chair

Since your trimming can continue for quite some time, you’ll need to find a comfortable space to get settled in.

Ensure that you pick a space that has plenty of light to make it easier for you to see and therefore trim with better accuracy.

Steer clear of spaces that have a lot of hair, particulates, and excess dust so that you don’t contaminate your workspace.

Ultimately this is your zone, and the longer you are able to sit comfortably, the more work you are able to get done.

So look for a comfy chair that is ergonomically designed to keep you as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

Ergonomically designed chairs offer great support, and some of them have a reclining function as well. A folding chair is also a good option.

Tray And Clean Surface

Preparing For Cannabis Bud Trimming

Trimming trays are quite easy to move around and also make a great companion.

Trimming trays are sold by various companies, and it is recommended that you choose one that has a screen for collecting the Keif.

The simpler the design, the better.

However, if you are on a budget, we suggest that you invest in a sprouting tray that works just as well.

Regardless of which type of tray you decide on, make sure it is easy to clean.

Cleaning Supplies

Once you get trimming, your scissors will no doubt become sticky due do to resin build-up.

This is when it’s time to switch to the second pair. So ensure that your second pair is ready to go.

You need to have a rag and a cup that has rubbing alcohol inside.

The alcohol will ultimately weaken and eliminate the resin and wiping the blades will leave them spotless.


We suggest that you wear an apron.

Better yet, invest in a silk apron.

This is because the resin will not stick to silk, thus making your cleanup afterward much easier.

Gloves are also a great investment to keep that resin off your hands and can prove extremely advantageous for long trimming sessions.

However, if you prefer to trim without the gloves, apply coconut oil or olive oil on your hands to get to prevent resin from building up on your skin.


A long trimming session can seem even longer if there’s nothing else to help pass the time.

So keep yourself entertained if only to keep your sanity and for no other purpose.

So anything that doesn’t require visual attention is suggested.

Listen to some music, a podcast, audiobook, or some standup comedy.

So as long as these activities will not demand your vision and you can keep your eyes focused on trimming your cannabis tree, it’s fine.

If you are trimming with a group of people, keep the volume down and try to engage in some lighthearted conversation.

Step By Step Guide For Trimming Weed

Before you start trimming your plants, ensure that you have a nice comfortable space to trim and lay down your branches.

Trimming can take longer than it may seem at first, so it’s a good idea to dedicate enough hours in the day to your trimming.

So the next step is to find a comfortable and clean space to work, you’re on your way to beginning your cannabis trimming task.

#1 Entertainment

Ensure that you have your music ready before you begin, as this will make the trimming processing less tedious and shorter than it actually is.

Some people prefer to set up in front of their TV and watch their favorite shows in the background while trimming.

However, it is important that when trimming that no other activity demands too much of your attention and you can remain completely focused on the task at hand.

Also is important to get up at least once every hour to stretch your legs and ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the process.

Getting up also gives you the opportunity to stretch your arms, shoulders, and neck and give you a much-needed desired circulation boost.

So make breaks in between and keep your body from becoming cramped.

Put out your trays as you’ll be using them in a moment. One tray should be designated for the untrimmed buds and the other for the trimmed ones.

A third tray should be designated for leaves and trimmings. At all costs, you want to keep it separate from each other.

The trimming of buds naturally creates a great amount of odor, especially if they are fresh.

So the room that you are using will definitely smell like a cannabis farm.

The smell is actually stronger during the flowering stage, so try and contain it as much as you can.

If you can run a fan during the process or even one that has a carbon filter, this is a good idea.

#2 Wash Hands

Washing Hands

Wash your hands, dry them, and put on a pair of latex gloves if you don’t prefer latex, any other type will do.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter as it will soon be sticky with resin.

If you don’t prefer to use gloves, instead have a cup of rubbing alcohol handy or use some coconut oil or olive oil on your hands to keep it from sticking onto your skin.

#3 Use Big Scissors

You first want to start off taking your big pair off shears and cut off one branch; just you can get a feel for the trimming.

Please note that you shouldn’t cut off everything at once.

By cutting off the first branch, you have an idea of the size of the branch you would like to work with at a time.

If you are trimming immediately after the harvest, you can harvest the cannabis in stages.

If in the event that you need to stop trimming for whatever reason, your branches will still be fine for a day or two.

Especially if they are still attached to the plant.

So instead of going and chopping off all of your branches at once, work with one branch at a time.

Also, cut them to a comfortable working size and not larger or you may have a hard time handing them.

#4 Remove Fan Leaves

The next step would be to remove the large fan leaves.

If you’re not sure which leaves these are, they’re the ones that are usually pulled off easily because they have a long stem.

So once you pull the leaves off dispose of them in a pile.

In most cases, the leaves don’t have a usable amount of trichomes so it’s fine to throw them away.

However, unless you want to save them to make hash you may want to put these remains in a separate pile so you can throw them directly away.

#5 Trimming Off Sugar Leaves

Trimming Sugar Leaves

Next, you want some of the sugar leaves.

Neither this morning that sticks out of the box.

You’ll be able to see the tips but not the stems.

These are usually referred to as the sugar leaves they don’t need to be removed only trimmed with the assistance if there sticking out.

Some growers choose to leave the sugar leaves on if they are, did a lot of tri-Combs.

Ultimately the marijuana growers disagree with this decision because it is believed that extra leaf matter will make your parts hot show when you’re smoking them.

So ultimately lots of growers of the opinion that you should get your see as close to the pillbox as possible.

If you are scared of wasting the try comes on you should leaves, the basing to do save them in a separate trip how we’ll be able to extract the try comes off the lease at a later stage.

Ultimately these trichomes can be used to make caps, but and hash.

So ultimately, you’re still getting all of the THC without the added harshness of extremity matter.

Once trimming the sugar leaves, you should be left with a branch that has trimmed buds on it.

So this means you’re getting the hang of it, and you can repeat this process on the remaining branches.

Do your best to ensure that all the trimmings fall into a tray designated for that purpose.

So ultimately, you have more trim left to make the hash and less cleanup later.

The actual bud should not be cut off, and if you do it by accident, it’s fine; however, at all times, try to preserve the buds as much as possible.

The trimming process can take a while, depending on how much you end up with.

However, if it’s more than what you can handle doing in one day, it’s perfectly fine to harvest your content in stages or over a couple of days.

In cases of buds already been dried, put them in a jar to prevent them from drying out irrespective of whether they are trimmed or not.

You can always come back to trim them at a later date.

Your scissors will likely be covered in hash after trimming, but you don’t need to throw that stuff away.

It is a concentrated marijuana resin. You can cook, consume, or smoke the hash, just like cannabis flowers.

#6 Dispose Of Plant

Pile Of Marijuana Leaves

Once your trimming is complete, it’s time to dispose of the leftover plant.

So the best way to do this is to cut the plant up into pieces and double bag the part of the plant matter that’s leftover.

You should keep this bag indoors until it is going to be picked up on trash day.

Ultimately this leaves less opportunity for someone to go through the trash and find it.

Related Questions

Is Trimming Weed A Complicated Process?

No, for a first-time trimmer, it can seem daunting. However, if you follow the instructions step by step, you will do just fine.

What Tools Do I Need To Trim Weed?

Large and small scissors, 3 trays, rag, rubbing alcohol, coconut oil, gloves.

Should I Do A Wet Or Dry Trim?

It is completely up to your personal preference. However, each method has its pros and cons.

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