Do LED Lights Work for Growing Weed?

In the past, it was very uncommon for LED lights to be used for indoor gardens. Their scarcity wasn’t just due to the expense of purchasing them. But, they often lacked the color spectrum necessary for optimal plant growth and development. Today, with an increased demand for LED lighting, there is now a wide variety of options for LED lights that can be used for indoor gardens.  Since the demand is much higher, there has also been a significant decrease in price, making them much more affordable. So, do LED lights really work for growing weed?

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LED lights and weed cultivation: Do LED lights work for growing weed?

You might ask yourself “Do LED lights work for growing weed?” There are many advantages that you can experience by using LED lights for growing weed. So, yes, LED lights do work for growing weed. Here are a few instances where LED lights may be your preferred source of light when growing weed.

  • You are more focused on the quality of your weed, rather than the yield per watts
  • You are trying to find a simple way of providing cool light for your plants
  • Your budget can facilitate the costs of purchasing LED lights for your garden. (It can be quite a bit expensive to use LED lights, depending on the brands you choose)
  • You want to customize the light spectrum for your cannabis plants

Based on these reasons, you may have realized that LED lights can be used to provide very high-quality marijuana. It doesn’t mean that it is always the best light to choose for your garden. But, it really does work once used correctly.

Here are some features of LED lights that make them great from growing weed.

LED light color spectrum

It is widely known that weed requires a full color spectrum so it can maximize its potential. When it comes to full spectrum light, there are many LED lights on the market that can provide it, so this is a non-issue once you purchase the right LED panels.

LEDs and heat dissipation

Although you want your cannabis plants to get a bit warm, you don’t want them to get too hot. LED lights are one of the coolest grow lights on the market today. So, you are often able to move them closer to your plants without negative results. One of the most common things to experience with marijuana plants that are too hot is leaf discoloration. It’s quite easy to prevent this with LED lights once you maintain a safe distance between the light and the plants.

Using LED lights for growing weed

There are many LED lights on the market today and many different brands to choose from. So, when purchasing LED lights for your cannabis garden, make sure you carefully check them out. The general recommendation is to use many small LED panels instead of a single large one. It is believed that multiple small panels produce much better results; since there are many panels, light spread will be better for your plants.

It is also important that you pay attention to the actual power draw or power consumption of the bulb and not just the power rating of the unit. For best results, you should try to purchase LED panels that can provide 50-60 Watts per square foot. Don’t forget too that although your LED lights may seem cool, you shouldn’t put it too close to your plants. You may just end up with discolored plants that seem like they have a nutritional deficiency.

Mixing LED lights with other types of lighting

There are many seasoned weed growers who do not stick to just one type of light for their gardens. Many of them believe that mixing lights will give you better results as you get advantages from both types of light. While this is true, it may not be the ideal practice for someone who is new to growing weed. However, some of the best marijuana plants may be grown under mixed lighting.

Why? With mixed lighting, you’re able to provide conditions for your plants that they would have lacked with just one light. For example, since LED lights don’t maximize yield per watts, you could mix it with HPS lights which will increase the yield per watts. This way, you’ll get high-quality weed from the LED lighting. But, you’ll also increase the amount of high-quality weed that you receive. It’s a win-win situation. But, you have to be knowledgeable about mixing lights to make it work. If you are thinking of mixing lights, be sure to do adequate research ahead of time.

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