Acke LED Grow Light Plant Full Light Spectrum Review

Green thumbs unite as in this article we are going to review the Acke LED Grow Light Plant Full Light Spectrum. Yes, you read it right. We have specialty light for plants, and it has been a practice for professional greenhouses for a long time now.

LED lights have been used in greenhouses and indoor gardens for quite a while now since it hastens and optimizes the photosynthesis process of the plants. The effect is that your plants will grow stronger and healthier even without the proper exposure to the sun. At the same time since you are using LED lights, it is also a means to save on electricity.

The Acke LED Grow Light Plant Full Light Spectrum claims to be the LED light for your best plant dreams but is it really? We’ll go through its features and also list down the advantages and disadvantages of using such a light. Read on to find out if you need this light to add to your gardening needs.

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Its best feature is on how to make your seedlings that are tender to grow rapidly. It also boasts on its perfect curation of wavelengths to save on energy and to the proper light absorption of your plants.

  • It has grown lights that are full spectrum LED.
  • The red light has 630nm and 660 nm.
  • The blue light has 460nm.
  • The white light has 2700K.
  • The said lights are good to be used on all the stages of growth of the plants from just a seedling to a fully grown plant.
  • The output of the heat is low thus the risk of your plants burning, especially flowers is very low.
  • It is waterproof. The light can be left on even while you are watering your plants.
  • It has an adjustable angle. You can adjust the brackets of the light which also have a firm but rotatable hold.
  • It is very easy to install. You just need to plug it in and make adjustments on the angle of the light itself. It also comes with a screwdriver, so you need not purchase one.
  • The light can be used for flowering plants, vegetables, and fruits.
  • It can also be used for plants inside your aquarium.


  • It might look small, but the light packs a punch as it reaches a lot of plants. It can accommodate as much as five small plants.
  • It can properly maintain the temperature even if you are in a cold environment.
  • It optimizes the process of photosynthesis and also helps the carotenoid and chlorophyll. You will immediately notice the big difference because the leaves of your plants will look greener.
  • It has a strong light, but it is also delicate as well—perfect for finicky plants such as roses and orchids.
  • It is portable so you can easily change your setup and you will not fuss so much about the change of position of your light.
  • For people who are growing algae in their aquarium tank, this light will speed up the growth.
  • It is customizable as it has different ways of how it can be mounted.
  • The effect on the seedling growth is fast. It only takes at least five days to see sprouts.


  • People who have an aversion to light should be cautious when setting the light up as it can be very bright and it has no safeguards to prevent you from damaging your eyes from too much light exposure.
  • Some plants need more blue light; this light has more red lights.
  • The power cord that it has prevents the light from completely standing up. You have to make a stand for it or to set up the light in a different way for it to stand upright.
  • It might get hot pretty quickly so do not put anything flammable near it as it can be a fire hazard.

Summary of Features

The Acke LED Grow Light Plant Full Light Spectrum is a compact light that helps your seedlings or even fully grown plants to be healthier. It provides all the nutrients that the sun can also give. It has red, blue, and white lights but it has more red lights.

The heat of the light is gentle enough not to burn your flowering plants and delicate herbs. It is also waterproof to the point that you can water your plants while it is still on. Setting up the LED light is also a breeze since you only need to plug it in and adjust its position to your desired angle.

This LED light can be used for flowering plants, fruits, vegetables, and even aquatic plants. It has proven to hasten the growth of algae in your aquarium.

Comparison with the Unifun Grow Light

One can say that the Unifun Grow Light is just the big brother of the Acke LED Grow Light Plant Full Light Spectrum. The fact is, even though the Unifun Grow Light is bigger and has more lights than the Acke Grow Light, the latter still has a much stronger light.

This is a case of David and Goliath wherein the Acke Grow Light is David. Even though it is small and does not have a balanced red, blue, and white light, the power of its lights are still stronger than the Unifun one.

The Unifun Grow Light might be a better choice specifically for Hydroponic Aquatic Indoor Plants, but if you are going to grow fruits, flowers, and vegetables the Acke LED Grow Light Plant Full Light Spectrum is the better choice.


The Acke LED Grow Light Plant Full Light Spectrum is the best choice for both beginners and experts for indoor gardens. It might be small, but it has a powerful light. It has also proven to speed up the process of photosynthesis further making your plants healthier.

It can also be used to delicate flowering plants so even though its light is strong, your flowers will not get burned. The same goes for your aquatic plants, which in turn the heat of the light will not affect the fishes.

However, it lacks in the safety department. You should exercise proper diligence when it comes to monitoring the heat of the LED light as it can be a fire hazard. It does not have an automatic shut off option, so you have to check on its temperature every now and then.

Acke LED Grow Light Plant Full Light Spectrum Review
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