Phlizon Newest 600w LED Grow Light Review & Comparison

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Our Verdict

Overall, the Phlizon Newest 600W LED Grow Light is undeniably good value for money if you’re starting with a small budget.

It’s effective, well made and comes with some very useful functionality.

Check out what customers had to say or continue reading for a full break down of features, a comparison with other top 600w LED grow lights, and frequently asked questions.

Here’s what I liked…

  • It offers a well balance spectrum of blue and red light, which means that your plants will be getting the optimal wavelengths of light at both the veg and flowering stages.
  • I love the fact that at such a low price it comes with UV and IR wavelengths, which have been shown to help produce larger and more potent buds.
  • The ability to daisy-chain these lights is a big plus for me, as I usually hang two 600w lights side-by-side.
  • The company offers a solid 3 year warranty and has excellent customer service if anything should go wrong.
  • It comes with Veg and Bloom switches so you can optimise the lights intensity for each stage of your plants growth.
  • The inclusion of a thermometer/humidity monitor is also a cool addition, as it saves you having to purchase one separately!

Here’s what I didn’t like…

  • The PAR output on this light could be a little higher to fall within the optimal ranges ( see below for more information on that )
  • Although it’s marketed as a 600w light, this lights actual wattage (power consumption) is only 108 watts, meaning it’s powerful enough to grow  up to 3 plants.

Phlizon Newest 600w LED Grow Light Review

Phlizon 600w Features:

Ok, here’s a quick list of the Phlizon 600w’s features.

I’ll go over the most important ones in more detail below:

Veg Area coverage: 3 x 3 at 24”
Flowering Area coverage: 2.5 x 2.5 ft at 24”
Power: Replaces a 400 watt HID; Consumes 108 watts
PAR Output: 260 umol/m2/s at 24″
Number of plants: 1-3 ( we recommended 3 )
Dimensions: 6.7 x 15.7 x 2.36 inches
Warranty: 2 years warranty + 30 days money back guarantee
Spectrum: Full spectrum (including infrared and UV )
Weight: 4.85 lbs
Lifespan: 100,000 hours; 16 hr daily limit
Good for: Veg & Flower Stages
Price: Check latest price on Amazon →


One of the best features of this grow light is it’s spectrum.

It uses blue lights for the vegging cycle between 430-660nm and red lights for flowering between 430-740nm.

These are optimal ranges and most good LED grow lights get this right.

However, the Phlizon 600w also includes UV and IR wavelengths.

UV wavelengths cause your plant to go into “defence mode” and produce more trichomes (THC) which means your buds will be more potent.

IR has been shown to penetrate plants deeper, leading to larger leafs and bigger buds.

So you can see why the inclusion of UV and IR is a good thing.

Spectrum Rating: 5/5

PAR Output

This is the one area of this grow light where I feel they could do a little better.

PAR is a very important measurement, as it’s the measurement of the actual usable light your plant is receiving.

Here’s a table with the optimal PAR outputs at various stages vs the Phlizon PAR output:

Stage Optimal PAR Output Phlizon 600w PAR Output
Seedling 200-400 (μmol/m2/s) 260 μmol/m2/s
Veg 400-600 (μmol/m2/s) 260 μmol/m2/s
Flowering 600-900 (μmol/m2/s) 350 μmol/m2/s

So as you can see from the table above, the Phlizon 600w produces the optimal PAR output for seedlings, but falls outside of the optimal ranges for veg and flowering.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the light will produce bad results – far from it! it just means that you probably won’t max out the potential of your plants.

If PAR output is important to you, I recommend you checkout the Viparspectra 600w.

Functionality Rating: 3.5/5


The Phlizon 600w also get’s high marks in our functionality category.

It comes with the ability to daisy chain multiple lights together, without the need for multiple power sockets.

This is a must have if you like having an organised grow space without lot’s of cables everywhere!

This light also comes with two switches that will optimise the intensity of the lights for when your plants are vegging and flowering, meaning less time tweaking hanging heights and worrying about light burn!

Add to this the fact that it comes with a thermometer and humidity monitor, the functionality you get for the cost is impressive.

Functionality Rating: 5/5


Although the Phlizon is marketed as a 600w grow light, it’s actual wattage is 108w, so keep that in mind before deciding to buy this light.

Remember, for optimal results, 1 square foot of grow space requires roughly 32w of actual power*

*Most grow light manufacturers use the combined amount of LED’s on the light in the name to make the light seem more impressive. However, this is simply the total power the light is capable if run at full capacity. The actual wattage of the light is the amount of watts the light is consuming.

However, because this grow light only consumes 108 watts,  it won’t have a big impact on your electricity bill.

Functionality Rating: 4.5/5


I always like to see a solid warranty with any electrical product I buy online.

Phlizon offer a solid 2 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

They seem very responsive to customer issues on Amazon, which is a great sign that they stand 100% behind their products.

Functionality Rating: 5/5

Phlizon 600w Comparison

In this section, I’ll compare the Phlizon to two other popular 600w LED grow lights – the Viparspectra 600w and the MarsHydro 600w.

Let’s see which one comes out on top!

[amazon table=”6590″]

As you can see from the table above, the Viparspectra 600w clearly comes out on top, with a higher PAR output and coverage area.

However, the Phlizon 600w consumes much less electricity and usually costs less than the Viparspectra.

This makes it the perfect option for growers on a tight budget.

Phlizon Newest 600w LED Grow Light FAQ

Below I’ve answered a list of the most common questions about this grow light from our readers.

Let me know in the comments if you have any more and I’ll add them here.

Which size of grow tent do I need for this light?

A 3ft x 3ft grow tent would be perfect

Is the packaging discreet?

Unfortunately, no. It has “PHILZON 600w Grow Light” written all over it.

However, it should come in a plain Amazon box. So if you need to be discreet, we suggest opening it away from prying eyes.

UPDATE (AUGUST 2018 ) Phlizon have informed me that they now ship in plain brown packaging. I really like that they listen to their customers!

How many plants can I grow with this light?

This light covers 2.5 sq ft when you’re plants are flowering.

Each plant needs roughly 1 square ft of space.

So, this light should technically cover up to 6 plants ( 2.5sq ft x 2.5sq ft ÷ 1sq ft = 6.25 )

However, we suggest growing a maximum of 4-5 plants to give your flowering plants enough space to grow big and strong.

What’s in the box?

One awesome benefit of this LED is that it comes with literally everything you need to get started PLUS a few cool bonus items!

Inside the box, you’ll find:

  • Phlizon Newest 600w LED grow light
  • Power cord
  • Hanging hook kits
  • Thermometer humidity monitor
  • Adjustable rope

Final Thoughts – Phlizon LED Review

I hope you enjoyed my Phlizon LED review! Did you decide to purchase this grow light?

If so, let me know in the comments below 🙂

If you enjoyed this review, check out my guide to the best LED grow lights for growing weed ( updated regularly) and also take a look at my free guide to growing weed

Happy growing!

  • Power
  • Spectrum
  • Functionality
  • Price

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