EyeHortilux HX66785 1000-Watt Super HPS Spectrum Grow Bulb Review

As a gardener on the hunt for new grow lights, you may be overwhelmed with all the possibilities that are out there on the market today. When you think about purchasing grow lights, there are many things you must consider. Apart from the space to be lit, you have to consider your energy costs and most of all, how beneficial the lights will be for your plants.

Since there are many different types of plants, you’ll also have to think about the individual requirements for your plants. It gets even more challenging if you’re trying to grow different types of plants in one small space.

However, there are grow lights on the market that are suitable for all types of plants; it’s just a matter of finding the right one. Thankfully, this article will provide a lot of information for you. We’ll look at one of the best HPS grow lights on the market today. Keep reading to find out more about this amazing product—the EyeHortilux HX66785 1000-Watt Super HPS Spectrum Grow Bulb.

EyeHortilux HX66785 1000-Watt Super HPS Spectrum Grow Bulb Features

HPS grow lights are one of the most sought-after types of grow lights today. This particular grow light is capable of emitting light for an entire indoor garden, depending on its size. Unlike other grow lights that only emit light of two colors, this grow light emits violet, blue and green lights. This makes them more suitable for certain plants that require light with these wavelengths. But, you may need to supplement this light with another grow light that emits red light if you truly want to optimize plant growth.

With a lifespan of about 24,000 hours, this grow light is one of the best HPS bulb options on the market today. Moreover, this product is built with very good materials, making it quite durable and effective in providing light for up to 1,000 days even when continually turned on. Since they provide such valuable light, they make it easy for you to extend the growing season for your plants.

This HPS lamp requires 1,000W of power to be able to function. This means that it produces a very intense light beam. So, if you’re working in your garden while this light is on, you must wear protective glasses for your eyes to prevent damage. However, this is an excellent light source for your plants.

At just 12.8 ounces, this grow lamp won’t be very heavy to move around. Whether you place it in one area of your garden or you hang it centrally over your plants, moving it from one place to another will be a breeze.

One of the best things about this HPS lamp is that it doesn’t contain lead. Plus, it doesn’t contain as much mercury as many other HPS lamps on the market today. This makes it a much more desirable product as it is not only environmentally friendly, but also “human friendly.” When you purchase this grow lamp from EyeHortilux, you’re sure to raise the lighting system of your indoor garden to greater heights. Plus, compared to other HPS grow lights, this price is quite a bargain.

Although HPS lights are very advantageous for indoor gardening, there are some disadvantages that should not be overlooked. Let’s examine some of these pros and cons.


  • It emits 3 different light colors, so it can be used on a wide variety of plants as they germinate, grow, flower or produce fruit
  • They are very efficient in terms of their light output and what can be absorbed by plants
  • Since they emit light in the red section of the light spectrum, they are better able to promote budding and flowering in many types of plants
  • They are excellent for plants that are in the vegetative state because of the color of the lights emitted
  • HPS grow lights are very reliable and high-performing, making gardening much more successful


  • If your bulb stops working, it requires special methods of disposal
  • This grow light is quite expensive compared to other types
  • You may need to supplement the light emitted by this bulb as it doesn’t optimize plant growth potential


The EyeHortilux HX66785 1000-Watt Super HPS Spectrum Grow Bulb are a great option for gardeners who grow plants that will flower or produce fruit. However, during the initial stages of plant growth, before budding begins, it may be necessary to supplement the light your plants receive. Nevertheless, having these HPS grow lights for your garden will produce many benefits.

Although they have a 1,000W power requirement, this grow light will produce a very generous amount of light, allowing your plants to grow healthy and at a very reasonable pace. If you’ve been searching for an HPS grow light for your garden, be sure to check this one out. It may just be the perfect product for your plants.

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