KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light Review

Key Features

Veg Area Coverage: 4x4ft at 24 ” height
Flowering Area Coverage: 3x3ft at 24″ height
Power: Replaces a 600 watt HPS/MH; Consumes roughly 240 watts
Dimensions: 12.2 x 11.2 x 2.4 inches
Warranty: 3 years warranty + 30 days money back guarantee
Spectrum: Full spectrum (including UV & Infrared); 12 band spectrum
Weight: 7.4lbs
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Best for: Full lifecycle – Veg & Flower Stages
How many plants: 1-9  ( 1sq ft per plant )
Price: Check latest price on Amazon →

What we like...
  • Dual switches optimised for veg and bloom stages
  • Includes UV and IR wavelengths for better penetration and more potent crop
  • Energy-efficient – uses only 240 watts of power!
  • Good warranty, reliable brand, and responsive customer service
  • High PAR output ( the amount of light that’s usable to your plants )
  • Good balance between red and blue lights in the spectrum output
What we don't like...
  • No ability to daisy-chain multiple lights together
Quick Summary

We really like the features that the KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light offers. It has everything you need to take your seeds or clones right the way through to a successful harvest. The construction seems solid and we like the fact that KINGBO stands by their product with a good warranty and responsive customer service.

In terms of performance, the KINGBO 600w rivals one of our favorite LED grow lights on the market ( the Viparspectra 600w )  and actually comes in a little cheaper too. However, we still prefer the VIPARSPECTRA 600w due to the fact that it includes outlets for daisy-chaining multiple lights together, which is something which the KINGBO 600w lacks.

However, if you only need one light to cover your crop,  then we would definitely recommend going for the KINGBO.

If you’re looking for something a little with more coverage and power, KINGBO also have a 900w version of this light, as well as a 300W version if you’re looking to grow fewer plants ( between 1- 5)

KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light Review

The popularity of LED-grow lights in the cannabis community has soared over the last decade. More demand means more companies producing LED grow lights. This is great news for us growers, as more competition helps to improve quality and drive prices down. However, it also means that picking a light for our grow space can feel a little overwhelming.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Here at GreenBudGuru, we’ve reviewed the best-rated and best selling LED grow lights for growing weed on the market. Today, we’re going to be looking at the KINGBO 600w LED GROW LIGHT Reflector Series 600w LED grow light.

Easy to setup

The KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light is pretty easy to install as it can be done even without any kind of professional help. This product comes with a six-foot power cord which ensures that you can mount it at a fair distance away from the power switch. The manufacturer is also offering a decent warranty on this purchase.

Lightweight Design

When it comes to the KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light, the manufacturer has designed this product in a way that you can carry it from one place to the other without any problem. The overall weight of this LED light is just above seven pounds which makes it one of the lightest grow light in today’s market.

Light Intensity

Despite the lightweight design, the KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light is still quite capable of ensuring a long-term performance while producing extremely sharp light. In fact, it produces such a high-intensity illumination that it is recommended to never look at these LEDs directly during their working period. Otherwise, they might cast an unwanted fatigue on your eyesight.

Full Spectrum

The KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light incorporates a 12-band spectrum which means that this product comes integrated with various color of LEDs. It is capable of producing the primary blue and red lights, which comes handy in terms of ensuring the optimal growth of your plants.

This product also consists of various other LEDs including white, green and even the infrared rays.

Another thing which is quite special in the spectrum of the KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light is that unlike a wide range of cheap LED grow lights, this one comes included with the UV emitting diodes. Such is important in the sense that the expensive ultraviolet rays help improve the plant’s defensive system while enhancing its growth in an imperious manner.

Double Switches

In order to accommodate two different stages of a plant’s growth, the KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light comes integrated with two separate switches on its backside. The first switch is basically for the vegetative switch which, as evident from its name, can be activated in the initial stages of the growth of a plant.

As per the second switch, it is a bloom switch which can be triggered during the flowering phase.

You can turn on any one of these two switches in order to accommodate a specific type of growth, or you can activate both of them simultaneously for ensuring maximum growth. Such kind of design ultimately makes the product highly-versatile as you can use it during all the stages of your plant’s growth.

Warranty Information

Upon purchasing the KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light, you’ll get a 30 days satisfaction guarantee which is ideal for all those customers who’re still in two minds about this light. You’ll also get a 3 year warranty which is better as compared to a vast majority of LED grow lights. Looking at the reviews on Amazon for this grow light, KINGBO are very quick to reply to any customer concerns, which is great to see and something we always like to highlight when reviewing electrical equipment.


The KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light is a highly versatile product which comes included with two separate switches. It consists of a 12-band spectrum along with various colored LEDs, including UV and IR.

Also present in this purchase is a separate hanging kit, and for your convenience, this grow light incorporates a lightweight construction. Finally, you’ll get an impressive five-year warranty upon purchasing the KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light.


The KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light goes head to head versus the HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. Both these models feature a 12-band spectrum, and both of them are available at a similar price tag.

However, if you’re looking for a lightweight product, this is where the KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light stands tall against the HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. This is due to the reason that while the overall weight of the former light is just 7.6 pounds, it goes up to 11.6 pounds for the latter.

In addition, the one from KINGBO comes integrated with a dual optical lens as compared to just a single, 90-degree lens in the HIGROW LED Grow Light.

So if you’re looking to purchase one of the lightest and best LED grow lights, the KINGBO 600W LED Grow Light is worth a try.

Let us know what you think!

We hope you found this article helpful. If you’ve used the KINGBOW 600w LED grow light, we’d love to know what you thought of it. What were your results like? Let us know in the comments below!  See where this Kingbow ranks on our top 10 list, check it out here!

Happy growing!

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  1. Hi James, thanks for this review. Am using this light at the moment but struggling a bit to figure out:

    – what distance lights should be from newly hatched seedlings
    – where is the switch on top that changes between growth or bloom

    Its the 600w light i have.



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