MaxBloom LED Grow Light Review: An Efficient COB LED Grow Light?

Gone are the days when you had to rely on big, bulky HID bulbs for illuminating your indoor gardens. With the recent innovations in technology, a new kind of LED lighting system has been developed for all those homeowners who want to grow different kinds of fruits, vegetables, or herbs indoors.

COB, which is the short form of chip-on-board, is the newest technology which has taken the field of LED grow lights by storm in the past few years. Incorporating a number of different LED lights mounted on a single surface, which might vary from copper to ceramic, this type of LED grow lights are more efficient as compared to their traditional counterparts.

They also come with various other advantages, including enhanced electrical efficiency along with a longer lifespan. The fact that the COB lights incorporate a number of different lights, as compared to a big one in the hydroponic bulbs, helps you attain a better light distribution across the room.

So, if you’re looking for a COB LED grow light that features all the aforementioned advantages, have a look at the MaxBloom LED Grow Light.

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Depending on the plants which you might want to illuminate with this LED light, the manufacturer has designed this light in such a way that you can adjust its brightness without any hindrance. This product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and in fact, you’ll get a five-year warranty upon making a purchase.

Easy to Install

When it comes to the MaxBloom LED Grow Light, it is pretty easy to install, and since its overall weight is just above 16 pounds, it is also easy to suspend.

The manufacturer is also providing a free hanging kit which means that after purchasing the MaxBloom LED Grow Light, you don’t have to acquire anything from the market. Just use the hanging kit along with the user guide, which is also provided, and you can mount this light pretty easily alongside the floor.

Full Spectrum

If you’ve purchased a LED grow light in the past, you might be aware of the fact that the term spectrum refers to the number of colors which are present in a particular light. Manufacturers usually combine a wide range of colors while designing a chip-on-board light.

This is due to the reason that when plants require a specific colored light during their growth phase, you have to provide them with an entirely different colored light during their flowering stage.

In order to meet such demands, the MaxBloom LED Grow Light incorporates a 12-band full-spectrum of lights. In simple words, this product combines a range of lights, including blue, white, pink, UV and even the infrared colored LEDs. All these combined to form a super pink light which ultimately enhances the plant’s growth.

However, one thing which you’ve to keep in mind is that the UV light can be harmful to the naked eyes. Hence, you should never look at these LEDs when they’re working.


Depending on the type of plants which you’re growing in your indoor gardens, or even on their growing stages, the manufacturer has designed the MaxBloom LED Grow Light in such a way that you can quickly adjust its brightness. Starting from a full 100% brightness, you can dim this light all the way up to 0% brightness.

Such kind of design comes handy for all those plants which tend to grow under low-intensity light. It eventually makes the MaxBloom LED Grow Light a highly versatile product which can be used in a wide range of indoor gardens.

Even if you want to operate this light at its maximum brightness, you can do so without worrying about any kind of heat accumulation. This is made possible by a couple of UL fans which are incorporated at the back side of this model.

These fans work in such a way that without producing a lot of noise, they ensure a flawless heat dissipation on a consistent basis.


  • Easy to install with the hanging kit
  • Features 12-band, full-spectrum lights
  • Comes with a five-year warranty


  • A bit too bright for the naked eyes


The MaxBloom LED Grow Light incorporates a full 12-band spectrum along with a wide range of LEDs. It is a highly-versatile product since you can increase or decrease the brightness of this light without any hindrance.

For ensuring a long-term performance, the manufacturer has combined a durable edifice along with a couple of heat-dissipating fans at the back side of this product. Finally, you’ll get a six-month free replacement warranty along with a further five-year warranty upon purchasing the MaxBloom LED Grow Light.


The MaxBloom LED Grow Light goes head to head vs. the Blomm 800 Pro. Both these products incorporate a wide range of similar features, including a 12-band, full-spectrum along with a chip-on-board design. Also, you’ll also get a five-year limited warranty on purchasing any one of these two models.

However, while the MaxBloom LED Grow Light incorporates a fully adjustable brightness, the Blomm 800 Pro incorporates just three different brightness settings for your convenience. Such include the vegetative mode, it consists of a bloom mode and finally, a full brightness mode.

Furthermore, the MaxBloom LED Grow Light makes use of two different heat-dissipating fans which eventually helps this model regarding a long-term performance. On the other hand, there is just one fan which can be found in the Blomm 800 Pro.

So, even though you can purchase either one of these two lights for your indoor garden, it is surely the MaxBloom LED Grow Light which comes out as a clear winner.

Final Verdict

If you want your plants to grow in an indoor garden, the MaxBloom LED Grow Light is one of the best grow lights which you can purchase from today’s market. Incorporating a COB design, this product comes with a wider coverage area which eventually helps it to nurture a high number of plants at one time.

It also features an easy-to-adjust brightness setting and for your convenience, the manufacturer is offering a decent warranty on this purchase.  Overall this is a great option for a grow light setup, but did it make our list of the best grow lights?  Check it out here!

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