Shengsite UFO Grow Light Review

It can be a very long, daunting task to browse through numerous options before selecting the perfect product. It’s even more nerve wracking when the list of options seems to be very extensive. That’s exactly what can happen as you scour the market for grow lights that will be suitable for your garden.

Not only will you come across a wide variety of brands. But, then there are light colors, light output and much more to contend with. If you’re new to gardening, this certainly can be a turn-off. Not to worry though. This article is just what you need.

As you continue reading, you’ll find out more about one of the best grow lights on the market today. Red and blue lights are considered two of the best light colors for plant growth and even flowering. So, you’ll find that the grow light we’ve chosen has the perfect combination of these two light wavelengths. Yes, we’ve done all the hard work for you; we’ve even included the pros and cons of using this product. So, after you’ve read this article you can make a very informed decision before you finalize your choice.

Shengsite UFO 250 LEDs with Red Blue Spectrum Features

This Shengsite UFO 250 LEDs with Red Blue Spectrum contains 186 red LED bulbs and 64 blue LEDs for a total of 250 high-quality beads. These beads are very efficient at providing light for your plants regardless of the time of day. Rain, snow or sunshine, you can be sure that your plants will receive all the light they need to grow once you use these highly recommended grow lights.

Covering an area up to 18 square feet, this grow light is definitely a great buy. Not many LED lights are able to cover such a wide area. Plus, you can change how high or low you hang the lights based on the stage of your plants’ growth.

The entire unit only requires 50W of power to function. However, it is able to maximize heat dissipation very effectively and efficiently. Since it has a plastic plate, the heat travels to all areas of the bulb very quickly, helping to ensure that all your plants will be heated evenly and receive the same intensity of light rays.

Just as with many grow lights, the light emitted by this grow light is very intense. Since the intensity and the colors being emitted can damage your eyes, it is recommended that you do not stare directly into the light rays when it is turned on. Although it is great for plants, it’s safer for humans to wear special safety glasses when working in these lighting conditions.

Apart from its cost, one of the best features of this Shengsite UFO 250 LEDs with Red Blue Spectrum grow light is the amount of power it consumes. It has an extremely low power consumption. Despite this, it has a very efficient and high-power output. To top that off, it has a commendable lifespan of about 50,000 hours. And, to peak your confidence in this product as well as show you theirs, the manufacturers offer a 12-month warranty as well as a 100% 30-day money-back or return guarantee.

Now, let’s look all the advantages of this grow light that make it worthy of being considered one of the best in its class, as well as some things that we think could be improved or altered.


  • You can use this grow light for just about all types of plants that can be grown indoors as the color spectrum it emits is suitable for many plants
  • It is able to cover an area as large as 18 square feet, so if your garden falls within this size, this may be the only grow light you need
  • The light emitted from the beads is very bright which allows easy absorption by the plants being grown
  • There is a good mixture of red and blue lights which is generally recommended for optimal plant growth, flowering and fruiting
  • Since LED beads are used, your energy consumption won’t be as high as other types of light that are on the market
  • If one light bead stops working, there are many other beads that can still provide your plants with light as the entire unit won’t stop working


The light emitted is very bright, so it may cause damage to your eyes if they’re not properly protected.


If you’re looking for an incredible deal when it comes to grow lights, this is one of the best you’ll find. These lights are a great mix of affordability and functionality. Plus, they are quite durable if cared for properly. With these lights, your plants can grow healthy, produce beautiful flowers and even produce top-quality fruits. Before you make your final decision about a grow light for your indoor garden, make sure you take this product into consideration.  There are a lot of benefits to enjoy from purchasing it.

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