7 Best Strains To Grow Outdoors In Arizona (With Pictures)

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1. Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised

tangerine dream auto
Aroma/FlavorsCitrus, Sweet, Tangerine
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsCerebral, Relaxing

This auto-flowering strain is derived from the classic Tangerine Dream.

It has a decent THC level and a little more CBD than the definitive version of the strain.

The strain is primarily Indica-dominant and has rather relaxing effects on users.

The plant can be grown outdoors with minimal effort.

It is not too tall and grows up to maximum heights of 60 to 70 cm.

You might be able to harvest it within 75 days of seed germination.

The total expected yield is approximately 500 gr/m2.

2. Jack Herer Feminised

Jack Herer
Grow DifficultyEasy

This classic variety of marijuana is a product of a cross between original haze and red skunk.

The Jack Herer strain is a popular high THC content strain that can be easily grown outdoors and is best suited for Arizona’s climate.

The plant contains a ton of phenotypes in its basic genetics.

This may cause it to flower late, and it may take around 70 days to flower completely.

The advised harvest month is October.

The plant grows to be quite tall, and the maximum height it can reach is 175 cm.

3. Gorilla Glue Auto Feminised

gorilla glue
Aroma/FlavorsCitrus, Coffee, Earthy, Pine
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsBody, Couch Lock, Strong

Gorilla Glue is a very easy to grow strain that is best suited for the climate of Arizona.

With a whopping 23% of THC content, this strain is sure to make people feel like they have never felt before.

This medium-sized plant grows up to 100 cm.

it can be grown indoors and outdoors and only takes about 65 days to mature.

The indoor variety of this plant can yield around 600 gr/m2 at the minimum!

The therapeutic effects of the strain have made it a go-to choice for people who have insomnia, nausea, and general body aches.

4. Blue Dream Feminized

blue dream
Aroma/FlavorsBerry, Earthy, Herbal, Vanilla, Sweet
Grow DifficultyModerate
EffectsEuphoria, Full-body relaxation

The Blue Dream is also a great plant to grow in Arizona.

This Sativa-dominant strain can be grown indoors and outdoors with minimum effort.

It is a moderately tall plant reaching heights of between 47 to 67 inches in total.

This variety is best grown in Mediterranean and subtropical climates.

It has a high yield and only takes about nine weeks to flower inadequate conditions.

This strain’s highs are incomparable, all thanks to its parent strains Blueberry Indica and Haze Sativa!

5. Kosher Kush Feminised

kosher tangie kush feminized
Aroma/FlavorsEarthy, Fruity
Grow DifficultyModerate
EffectsBody, Powerful, Relaxing, Sedative

This cross between Kosher Kush and OG Kush has exceptionally high potency.

It is an entirely Indica-dominant strain that gives mighty body highs.

The aroma of this strain has earthy undertones that leave people feeling all the more relaxed!

The Kosher Kush plant is moderately tall and grows up to 140 cm in height.

The plant in itself is elementary to grow outdoors, especially in climatic conditions similar to Arizona.

You can expect it to flower in 50 to 60 days after seed germination. It gives a high yield of about 75- grams/plant when grown outdoors.

6. Durban Poison Feminised

durban poison
Aroma/FlavorsLicorice, Spicy / Herbal
Grow DifficultyN/A

Durban Poison is a sativa strain that was prevalent in the 1970s because of its energetic and euphoric highs.

However, over the years, it developed many Indica characteristics because it was grown in Northern Europe.

It is the perfect variety to grow in Arizona because it is suitable for higher altitudes.

The plant takes about nine weeks to flower and is ready to be harvested from September to early October.

It reaches a height of 3 meters when it is fully developed.

7. Durban Feminised

Aroma/FlavorsChocolate, Citrus, Coffee, Earthy, Fruity, Sweet, Woody
Grow DifficultyModerate
EffectsBody, Soothing, Strong, Uplifting

Durban is one of the most famous varieties of cannabis from Africa.

It is a popular outdoor Sativa strain, and people worldwide rave about its uplifting highs.

If you are looking for cannabis that has the right balance of relaxation and happiness, this is your best bet.

It is reasonably easy to grow this strain outdoors as it takes less than 70 days to flower.

It requires equal amounts of light and dark periods in a day to give the best yield, which is harvested around October.

Additionally, when grown outdoors, this plant can grow as tall as 250 cm.

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