Fast Buds Seeds Review 2022 (My Experience) Good & Bad

Fast Buds is a popular Autoflower-only seed bank located in LA.

But are they a good place to order seeds from?

My Quick Fast Buds Review

FastBuds have some really interesting Auto strains and are very popular on grower forums.

They have responsive customer service and offer a generous 98% germination guarantee.

Overall, Fast Buds is a great option for growers looking for unique auto-flowering seeds.

That said, Fast buds currently don’t ship directly to the US or Canada, so if you live in either of these two countries (Like me) then you’ll have to find another seed bank that stocks FastBuds seeds. ILGM and Weed Seeds Express are two great options.

Seedsman is another option, as they currently stock many Fast Buds seeds and also will also ship to the US and Canada.

Continue reading this Fast Buds Seeds review to discover the pros and cons of ordering from them, and to see how they stack up against the best seed banks to order from.

Fast Buds Seeds Pros

  • Quality Autoflowering Seeds
  • Highly-Rated Customer Service
  • Easy to Navigate Website
  • Helpful Growing Blog
  • Popular on Reddit

Fast Buds Seeds Cons

  • Doesn’t Ship to the US or Canada
  • Only stocks Autoflowering Seeds

Fast Buds Seeds Alternatives

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Is Fast Buds Seeds Safe?

Yes, Fast Buds is totally safe!

They have been recognized by countless cannabis professionals, publications, and customers as a legitimate seed bank with excellent customer service and high-quality seeds.

With a 98% Germination Warranty and reviews that say they actually own up to their warranty, you can rest assured that your purchase is protected.

History & Reputation

about fastbuds seeds

Since being founded 10 years ago in Barcelona, Fast Buds has taken the cannabis world by storm, earning a golden reputation for its high-quality auto-flowering seeds, excellent customer service, and safe, speedy shipping.

Their goal is to produce powerful, stable strains so they can create some of the most promising auto flower seeds in existence.

When it comes to their strains, Fast Buds absolutely believes in quality over quantity.

According to Trustpilot reviews, they are doing a pretty good job accomplishing their goal.

They have an insanely impressive 4.8/5 rating from over 1,200 reviews.

Seed Quality

Fast Bud’s focus is on producing some of the best autoflower seeds in the world.

They have high breeding standards, which they continue to perfect, and are extremely selective about what strains they include in their catalog.

Their seeds produce high-yielding resilient cannabis plants with beautiful big buds, that because of the auto-flowering trait, grow all year long in less than 9 weeks from seed to harvest.

Germination Guarantee

Fast Buds believes in the quality of their seeds so much that they offer a 98% Germination Warranty.

Of course, they acknowledge that seeds are living things that can be easily influenced by the environments they are kept in.

If a seed falls to germinate they urge you to contact them using their warranty form and they’ll send you a replacement free of charge!

While this is one of the best germination guarantees I’ve seen on the market, it should be acknowledged that the seed bank with the absolute best germination guarantee is I Love Growing Marijuana.

They have a 100% Germination Guarantee and include 20% free seeds with each order.

Seed Selection

fastbuds seeds strains

Fast Buds specializes in autoflowering cannabis plants, which are plants that automatically flower 3-4 weeks after germination, without the need for their light schedule to change to 12/12.

They take 30% less time to grow than traditional cannabis plants making them an excellent option for beginners or growers who want to save time.

At Fast Buds, they are the only option.

They carry 45 incredible autoflowering strains. Some of their best-selling strains are Gelato, Strawberry Pie, and Zkittlez.

Of course, if you are looking for seeds that aren’t autoflowering, or want even more variety, this isn’t the seed bank for you.

Check out a seed super-store like Seedsman which has thousands of varieties.

Seed Prices

The prices at Fast Buds range from 24 – 36 euros for 3 feminized seeds which are low to average prices.

For the quality of the seeds you are getting though, these prices are a steal.

To see how Fast Buds’ prices stack up against some of the best seed banks on the market check out the price comparison below.

Blue Dream Autoflower Price Comparison

  •  Fast Buds Blue Dream 10 Autoflower Seeds – $94.24
  •  MSNL Blue Dream 10 Autoflower Seeds – $102.20
  •  Seedsman Blue Dream 10 Autoflower Seeds – $85.55

Seedsman is clearly the least expensive bank, but Fast Buds isn’t far behind which is impressive considering how much smaller Seedsman their business is, and the fact that Seedsman is largely regarded as the best place to find bargains and cheap seeds.

Fast Buds Seeds Canada Sales, Discounts, & Promotions

With each purchase you make from Fast Buds you receive free seeds! The more seeds you buy, the more free seeds you get.

If you want to keep up-to-date on Fast Buds latest promotions, sign up for their newsletter for new exclusive deals and discounts each week.

Payment Methods

Fast Buds accepts a variety of convenient payment options. You can purchase your seeds with:

  • Credit Cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Wire Transfers
  • Cash

If you want to make a discreet purchase, you can buy your seeds with Bitcoin or cash. If you buy with a credit card Fast Buds will still keep your payment as discreet as possible by listing the purchase from “Fast B” not Fast Buds on your bank statement.

Fast Buds Seeds Canada Customer Service

fastbuds seeds reviews

Fast Buds has easy-to-reach customer service representatives who you can access through calling, emailing, or live chat.

They also have a blog page with growing guides and a FAQ page with frequently asked to grow questions to help you through the cannabis cultivation process, whether you are a beginner or an advanced grower.

Whether you have germination issues, faulty seeds, strain questions, or any other queries, according to tons of Trustpilot reviews, Fast Buds’ excellent customer service team will help you through it.


Fast Buds ships worldwide. Unfortunately, they do not ship to America or Canada.

I know, sorry if you slowly fell in love with them throughout this review only to have your hopes dashed now, but they do work with some distributors who ship to the US and Canada.

You can also buy from other seed banks that do ship to America and Canada like I Love Growing Marijuana which has excellent customer service, a 100% germination guarantee, and top-notch seeds.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs anywhere from 12 euros to 20 euros depending on what country you live in and what shipping option, express or standard, you choose.

Compared to other seed banks’ shipping charges, these prices are fairly inexpensive.

You can also buy stealth shipping for 5 euros to make your package especially discreet.

Shipping Times

Orders begin the shipping process within 24-48 hours of Fast Buds receiving payment.

How long your shipping takes to get to you will depend on what shipping option you choose and what country you reside in.

  • Standard delivery takes between 5 – 15 working days.
  • UPS Express Shipping takes between 3 – 5 working days
  • Standard delivery from Chile takes between 15 – 20 working days

Of course, with COVID-19, and the resultant shipping delays across the globe, shipping could take much longer than the estimated above project.

Fast Buds Seeds Review

With quality auto-flowering seeds, excellent customer service, numerous payment options, and an easy-to-use, informative website Fast Buds Seeds has a lot going for it, especially considering that it’s only been in operation for 10 years.

My review of Fast Buds Seeds is overwhelmingly positive. The main drawback of this seed bank is that they don’t ship to America or Canada, and in turn are missing out on a whole market of growers.

Of course, them trying to overcome that drawback by outsourcing to distributors who can ship to America is an admirable way to get around the problem.

Before long, I think Fast Buds will take its place as one of the best seed banks in the world.

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