10 Fastest Growing Sativa Strains (2022 Update)

Looking for the Fastest-Growing Sativa Strains?

You’re in luck!

Whether you’re growing somewhere that has a short outdoor season, or you’re just impatient like me, these Sativa strains will shave weeks off your growing time.

The 10 Fastest Growing Sativa Strains

  1. Royal Haze (10 – 12 weeks)
  2. Rene (8 Weeks)
  3. Mexican Airlines (9 weeks)
  4. Fast Eddy Automatic (8 – 9 weeks)
  5. Big Devil F1 Fast Version (8 – 9 weeks)
  6. Jack 47 F1 Fast Version (7 – 8 weeks)
  7. Sweet Cheese F1 (7 – 8 weeks)
  8. Nitro Lemon Haze (8-10 weeks)
  9. Strawberry Cough (9 weeks)
  10. Maui Wowie (8 weeks)

Continue reading for a mini-guide to each strain including info about grow difficulty, plant height, yield, and more!

1. Royal Haze (10 – 12 weeks)

Royal Haze
THC Content15%
Cannabidiol (CBD)5%
Aroma and FlavorLemony, earthy, piney, skunk
ClimateIndoors, Outdoors
Plant Height60 – 100 cm
Flowers10 – 12 weeks
Genetics(Amnesia Haze x Skunk) x auto-flowering strains
EffectsCerebral, Uplifting

This delicious strain is versatile and can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

This auto-flowering takes about 10-11 weeks to flower when grown indoors.

An outdoor plant will flower towards the end of October.

Royal Haze is used to dealing with anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, and inflammation.

The Sativa- dominant hybrid leaves you feeling more motivated and focused.

The high itself is spacy and cerebral but allows you with the desire to get work done.

The strain is great for a busy day, both mental and physical.

It provides a mild buzz with a boost of energy that eases aches and pains.

2. Rene (8 Weeks)

THC Content15% – 18%
Cannabidiol (CBD)Less than 1%
Aroma and FlavorEarthy and Spicy
Flowers49 – 56 days
GeneticsCannatonic (f) x Rene (m)

This strain grows both indoors and outdoors, favoring warm climates.

While it requires an experienced hand to grow, the plant takes 8 – 10 weeks to start flowering.

When harvested, it provides a decently large yield.

To know if it’s ready to harvest, one has to observe the bud.

When the resin on the bud is visible to the naked eye, it’s ready.

Rene, named after the cannabis activist Renee Boje, pumps energy into your body.

The Sativa dominant hybrid uplifts and invigorates the senses and gets you giggling.

The strain works best for those with social anxiety, chronic fatigue, and lack of appetite.

3. Mexican Airlines (9 weeks)

Mexican Airlines
THC Content19%
Cannabidiol (CBD)1.0%
Aroma and FlavorStrong Citrus and Pine
ClimateIndoors, Outdoors
Plant Height60-120 cm
Flowers9 weeks
Genetics(Columbian x Mexican) auto-flowering
EffectsCreative, Euphoric, Psychedelic, Strong

Novice or expert, Mexican Airlines is a strain that is easy to grow.

The lant takes 8-9 weeks to yield buds and can be harvested for another time two weeks later.

Once the flowering stops, it’s necessary to prevent mold and excess moisture.

The plant is resistant to harsher conditions.

The strain gives you a clean cerebral high.

If you’re looking to up your creativity, then this is definitely a good strain to smoke.

The pure Sativa gives you a pleasant pick-me-up and is great for the daytime.

You get all the euphoria with no paranoia.

If you’re looking for a daytime smoke that’ll leave you energetic and laughing, this is a great pick.

4. Fast Eddy Automatic (8 – 9 weeks)

Fast Eddy
THC Content9%
Cannabidiol (CBD)High
Aroma and FlavorCitrus and Skunk
ClimateGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Plant Height60cm – 100cm
Flowers8 – 9 weeks from germination
Genetics(Cheese x Juanita La Lagrimosa) x Ruderalis
EffectsCalming, Focused

True to its name, Fast Eddy starts to flower in 8 – 9 weeks. The plant is low-maintenance and auto-flowering, which provides generous yields.

The plant is much better suited for outdoor growing in places with a short summer.

The strain is CBD-rich, making it the ideal medical strain.

The high from this strain is clear and comfortable because of the low THC levels.

The high offers pain relief and relaxation in the ideal amounts.

It doesn’t slow you down but still leaves you pain-free.

5. Big Devil F1 Fast Version (8 – 9 weeks)

Big Devil F1
THC Content20 – 25%
Cannabidiol (CBD)1.5%
Aroma and FlavorEarthy
Flowers8-9 weeks

The Big Devil strain can be planted both indoors and outdoors.

The plant takes 8 – 9 weeks to flower and gives off an intense aroma.

It should be noted that apart from the intense aroma, the plant is also massive.

At its full height in the outdoors, the plant can grow up to 260cm.

The strain sticks to its name and keeps you awake and active.

You can get your work done and talk to people when high.

The strain does not invite and physical dullness or heaviness.

This makes it perfect for any time of the day.

6. Jack 47 F1 Fast Version (7 – 8 weeks)

Jack 47 F1
THC Content18 – 24%
Cannabidiol (CBD)1.4%
Aroma and FlavorIncense, Flowers, and Citrus
Flowers7-8 weeks

This hybrid is a very powerful strain.

It produces plants that yield large quantities of thick resin-coated buds.

The strain has higher yields when planted outside and harvested in mid-September.

When planted indoors, the strain takes 7-8 weeks to flower but does not yield as much.

The effect this strain has on you is long-lasting and one of powerful and uplifting euphoria.

This is a strain that’s made for a fun night or day with friends.

It lets you be chatty and social and leads to some very fun times.

7. Sweet Cheese F1 (7 – 8 weeks)

Sweet Cheese
THC Content18 – 20%
Cannabidiol (CBD)0.4 – 0.5%
Aroma and FlavorSpicy cheese aroma
Flowers7-8 weeks

This is a strain that grows fast, yielding after about eight flowering weeks when planted indoors.

The buds itself are hard and dense and are full of resin.

The plant itself doesn’t grow very tall and will be ready to harvest by September.

Harvest from a single plant can go up to 500g, so more than a few plants aren’t necessary.

The strain is very relaxing.

Despite being more Sativa dominant, it has more of an Indica-like effect.

Sweet Cheese F1 is recommended for regular smokers who have a high tolerance.

8. Nitro Lemon Haze (8-10 weeks)

Nitro Lemon Haze
THC Content19 – 22%
Cannabidiol (CBD)Less than 1%
Aroma and FlavorCitrus and candy
ClimateIndoor, Outdoor
Plant Height100cm-180cm
Flowers8-10 weeks

Nitro Lemon Haze is a super-fast Sativa that grows well in both indoor and outdoor setups.

The soil and outdoor setup can increase the citrus taste and the yield, respectively.

It does well in indoor setups as well.

Even in an indoor setup, the plant yields a significant amount.

This makes it a commercially viable strain.

The high starts of mellow and does have psychoactive properties.

It later settles into a deep and long-lasting buzz through your body.

The high isn’t overbearing but is definitely powerful.

The taste is also immediately noticeable and pleasant.

9. Strawberry Cough Feminized (9 weeks)

Strawberry Cough 1
THC Content21.50%
Cannabidiol (CBD)<2%
Aroma and FlavorFresh Strawberries
ClimateIndoors, Outdoors
Plant Height152cm – 182cm
Flowers9 weeks
GeneticsStrawberry Cough
EffectsCalming, Euphoric, Soothing

Strawberry Cough is an easy strain to take care of.

You can plant it indoors or outdoors, with the right nutrients, good soil, and correct lighting.

The strain itself is feminized, and flowers fast.

While the yield isn’t as high as some other lats, it’s very fast to flower.

The plant is also not very large, making it easier to for those growing it indoors.

It is a happy, euphoric high that leaves you energetic and creative.

The strain leaves you chatty and giggly but can keep you locked to one position for a while if too much is smoked.

When smoked in moderation, the strain can relieve stress and anxiety.

It’s best for someone that’s looking to be creative and productive throughout the day.

10. Maui Wowie Feminized (8 weeks)

Maui Wowie
THC Content24%
Cannabidiol (CBD)<2%
Aroma and FlavorPineapple, Coconut, and Tropical Fruits
ClimateIndoors, Temperate
Flowers8 weeks

This is a strain that’s meant to be grown outside but can be cultivated indoors.

The plants thrive in ‘pacific’ environments, which are sunnier climates.

When grown outside, flowering takes about nine weeks.

The plant can be harvested around the first weeks of October.

The high of the Maui Wowie strain is relaxing and perfect for a day of sightseeing.

It’s a motivational high that won’t allow you to stay in one position too long.

While it does give you a boost of energy, it’s not too overwhelming and is great for day trips.

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