10 Best Tasting Sativa Strains (2022 Update)

Let’s take a quick look at the Top 10 Best Tasting Sativa Strains

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1. Durban Poison

Durban Poison
THC Content15-25%
CBD Content<1%
Aroma and FlavourSpicy, Herbal, Licorice, Pine, Citrus
DifficultyNone; grows indoors and outdoors
ClimateIndoors, Steppe, Mediterranean
Plant sizeUp to 220cm
Flowers56-63 days
Yields350g/m2, 450g/plant
EffectsCreativity, Focus, Intense head-high

This might be the only poison in the world that is relaxing and delicious to consume.

Durban Poison is a well-known Sativa dominant, which is one of the best-tasting strains.

You’ll get drawn to its piney yet herbal aroma that lasts long after consumption.

When that smoke settles, you’ll finally be able to enjoy notes of sweet citrus on your palette. 

This strain has an impressive lineage; it came to Holland all the way from South Africa in the 70s.

Not only is this strain appetizing, but it’s a great way to get that surge of creativity and focus during a boring day.

It gives you a burst of energy that might get too much to handle for a novice!

2. Fruit Punch

fruity pebbles 1
THC Content17-25%
CBD Content1.2%
Aroma and FlavourTropical, Citrus, Fruity, Berries, Pine
DifficultyRequires a lot of space to grow and a cool climate
ClimateGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Plant size100cm – 160cm
Flowers56 days
EffectsFull-body relaxation, Creativity, Sociable, Euphoria
GeneticsSkunk x Haze x Northern Lights

Are you bored of smoking up the same old weed with the predictable hash taste?

It might be time to try Fruity punch strain to give a fun ride to your palette!

No prize for guessing what this delectable strain tastes like – a sweet and fruity delight.

This Sativa dominant was born by creating a wonderful mix of Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights.

This is a great strain if you’re looking to get high in a delicious way.

Its wonderful aroma is reminiscent of berries and dessert.

What’s more? Its citrusy and fruity taste will have you thinking it’s a smoothie and not weed!

A treat for your senses and mind, what more can you ask for?

3. Tangie

Tangie 1
THC Content20.5%
CBD Content<1%
Aroma and FlavourTangy, Sweet, Tropical
DifficultyDoes well in warmer climates and needs space to grow
ClimateIndoors, Outdoors
Flowers63 – 70 days
Yields550g/m2, 500g/plant
EffectsUpliftment, Energized, Euphoria
GeneticsCali-O x Skunk – Crockett’s Selection

Paying tribute to the 1990’s popular Tangerine Dream, Tangie is a sumptuous strain.

It is an inviting strain that has California Orange and a mysterious Skunk strain in it.

You can guess by its name; this strain boasts of a very distinct orangy taste and a sweet aroma.

Its tropical and citrusy taste makes it one of the best-tasting strains out there.

This award-winning Sativa dominant can also blow you with its sensual high.

You’ll experience its effects as soon as you get its sweet scent.

It’ll invade your body and mind fast and provide you an energized and happy mood.

4. Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough
THC Content21%
CBD Content0%
Aroma and FlavourStrawberry, Sweet, Earthy
DifficultyNone; can be grown indoors and outdoors
ClimateIndoors, Outdoors
Plant size152cm – 182cm
Flowers9 weeks
Yields400g/m2, 400g/plant
EffectsUplifting, Reduces stress, Euphoric
GeneticsStrawberry Cough

She might lure you with her sweet, tantalizing berry aroma, but she’ll also make you cough after a hit!

In any case, she’s worth a try.

This Sativa dominant is one of the most sought-after strains due to its potency and exquisite taste.

If you’re a lover of sweet, candy-like strains, this one is for you.

This award-winning strain by Kyle Kushman is a mix of innocence and heftiness.

It is a remarkable strain that leaves a rich strawberry taste in your mouth and has you coughing after a whiff.

Strawberry Cough will leave you feeling a short yet enjoyable euphoria that is energizing.

5. Super Lemon Haze

super lemon haze
THC Content19%
CBD Content<1%
Aroma and FlavourLemon, Sweet, Spicy, Candy
DifficultyNone; grows best in Mediterranean climates
ClimateGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Flowers10 weeks
Yields800g/m2, 1200g/plant
EffectsIntense head-high, Uplifting, Motivated, Energized
GeneticsLemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze

If you ever want to experience an award-winning and legendary strain, give Super Lemon Haze a try.

This Sativa dominant strain is everything sweet and lemony.

Its citrus aroma will remind you fresh lemonade, and its taste will surprise you with a peppery note.

This strain is a cross of Super Silver Haze and the Lemon Skunk.

True to its Sativa roots, it gives an intense head-high.

You can enjoy this refreshing weed to get inspired for some creative work.

It will leave you in a happy and energetic mood that will get through those dreadful workdays.

6. Green Crack

Green Crack
THC Content17%
CBD Content0%
Aroma and FlavourMango, Citrus, Sweet, Pineapple
DifficultyNeeds a lot of nutrients to grow
ClimateGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Flowers7 weeks
Yields500g/m2, 550g/plant
EffectsCreative, Uplifting, Energetic, Cerebral-high
GeneticsGreen Crack x Green Crack rev

If the legendary Kush lover Snoop Dogg names a weed – it’s worth a toke.

This Sativa dominant is a mix of a hybrid Skunk #1 with an Afghani cut.

What’s best about this strain is its addicting high and a flavorous taste profile.

It starts by giving you a sweet yet citrusy aroma and leaves you with mango and earthy taste in your palette.

Green Crack doesn’t only leave your mouth with a tangy hint, it also leaves you wanting more and more.

It works as a strong expresso – waking you straight up from your slumber.

You’ll feel this strain’s effect reach every inch of your body, leaving it energized.

It’ll have you missing its spectacular cerebral high and that toothsome taste.

7. Blue Dream

Blue Dream
THC Content19%
CBD Content<1%
Aroma and FlavourBerries, Herbal, Pine, Sweet
ClimateIndoors, Temperate, Mediterranean
Flowers9 weeks
Yields600g/m2, 600g/plant
EffectsSociable, Motivated, Cerebral-high

Want to experience a dream-like high that’s both potent and delicious?

You might want to get your hands on the Blue Dream.

This Sativa dominant originated in California and is a dream to smoke.

She has the genetics of Haze and Blueberry Indica, which give her an unusual flavor.

This strain gives a very inviting hash aroma coupled with a berry note.

It produces a very earthy and piney taste on the tip of your palette and tops it off with a fruity note.

You can grab this strain to enjoy a long-lasting cerebral high that uplifts you and makes you chatty.

8. Super Auto Lemon Haze

Super Auto Lemon Haze
THC Content20.5%
CBD Content<1%
Aroma and FlavourLemon, Sweet, Citrus, Earthy
DifficultyNeeds warmer climate
ClimateGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Plant size80-100 cm
Flowers7-9 weeks
Yields500g/m2, 80g/plant
EffectsHappy, Creative, Focused, Cerebral-high
GeneticsSuper Lemon Haze x Ruderalis

If you’re a fan of lemon and adore Sativa strains, Super Auto Lemon Haze is your weed.

It is an auto-flowering strain that has a delicious aroma and flavor, which makes it one of the best Sativa strains to try.

You will find hints of herbal and spicy undertones on your palette that’ll remind you of sage.

What’s more, its addictive aroma of fresh lemons will have you craving it all the time.

You can enjoy this strain when your muscles have been giving you a hard time.

Or you can reach for this on any afternoon for that quick and fun pick-me-up.

9. Original Auto Sour Diesel

Original Auto Sour Diesel
THC Content21%
CBD Content<1%
Aroma and FlavourGasoline, Sandalwood, Pine, Citrus
ClimateIndoors, Mediterranean, Steppe, Mold Resistant
Flowers8 weeks
Yields450g/m2, 170g/plant
EffectsCreative, Intense head-high, Sociable

This bad boy gets his name due to his intense gasoline and dank aroma.

He is a Sativa dominant strain with a powerful aroma but a mysterious history.

Nonetheless, Original Auto Sour Diesel is a pleasure to smoke and has a very distinct taste.

One toke of this strain will give a very sandalwood and piney taste.

You will adore this strain’s hidden diesel and earthy undertones.

After lighting this strain, you will immediately feel its effects kicking in.

It’ll make you feel that wave of creativity and help you stay alert.

10. Tutankhamon

THC Content25-29%
CBD Content2%
Aroma and FlavourEarthy, Citrus, Berry, Sweet
ClimateIndoors, Outdoors
Plant size75-150 cm
Flowers60 days
Yields600g/m2, 1500g/plant
EffectsFull-body relaxation, Intense Euphoria, Couch-locked
GeneticsAK47 selection

Boy, oh boy, brace yourselves as the curse of king Tut is back and how!

This Sativa dominant is not for the faint of the heart.

Tutankhamon sure is the king when it comes to potency and taste.

This Sativa dominant is the rightful heir of the AK-47.

It might have an earthy and skunky aroma, but it’ll make up for it with its sweet taste.

Cannabis connoisseur adore this strain’s classic weed taste.

You’ll be under the curse of this strain’s potency and taste – it’ll keep you wanting more and more.

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