10 Best Banana Flavored Sativa Strains (2022 Update)

If you love uplifting Sativa strains but also enjoy a delicious banana-tinged taste while having a toke, this article is for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the Best Banana Flavored Sativa Strains out there.

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1. Banana Mango

Banana Mango
Aroma/FlavorsMango nectar and Banana candy
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsCalming and uplifting

Banana Mango is a 75% Sativa, 25% Indica hybrid with a delicious mixed flavor of Mangos and Bananas.

She was nearly called the Humboldt Smoothie.

This is because she packs a tropical punch of deliciousness and relaxation. However, her flavors are so dominant that Banana Mango came to be the more appropriate calling.

Bred by crossing Blueberry Muffin with Banana OG and Strawberry Banana, the flavor makes her outstanding.

The high THC content with a terpene profile is exemplary to calm nerves and anxiety.

2. Mint Chocolate Bananas

Mint Chocolate Bananas
Aroma/FlavorsBanana, chocolate, mint, and coffee
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsSoothing and relaxing

The THC and CBD content of Mint Chocolate Banana is high, but she gives a mellow, light body buzz.

This strain gives a fluffy and warm relaxing effect on the body, which is great after a tiring day.

This is a unique cannabis hybrid that has been bred by crossing Mint Chocolate Chip and Banana Sativa strains

She has amazing flavors and aromas of subtle mint, ripe bananas, coffee, and dark chocolate. The taste is reminiscent of the most exquisite desserts you can have.

3. Banana Diesel

Banana Diesel
THC20 – 23%
Aroma/FlavorsBanana, sweet, tangy, and nutty
Grow DifficultyIntermediate
EffectsEuphoric, energetic, and uplifting

The energetic kick of Super Sour Diesel and Banana Kush’s intense focus come together to form the euphoric Banana Diesel.

This is perfect if you want to get rid of lethargy or low mood and have a productive day.

The fruity aroma, along with the sweet and tangy flavor spiked with bananas, gives a wonderful tasting experience.

Banana Diesel is also known for stimulating appetite, followed by a desire for similar tangy and sweet flavors.

4. Banana Bread

Banana Bread
THC19 – 23%
Aroma/FlavorsBanana, blueberry, and nutty
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsEuphoric, uplifting, and relaxing

The name of Banana Bread is the perfect description of her taste.

She tastes like the first batch of banana bread – sweet, nutty, full of bananas with a hint of berries.

She will take you to a relaxing couch and make you want to settle down in the flavor at the end of a busy day.

This strain is a crossing of Vietnamese Black and Early Purple Kush.

The high THC content is great for a long-lasting high that will relax your muscles and help with anxiety and depression.

Banana Bread can also help cure insomnia in some cases.

5. Dank Bananas

Dank Bananas
Aroma/FlavorsBanana, creamy, and fruity
Grow DifficultyIntermediate
EffectsPowerful and energizing

The Dank Banana strain is a cross between the Dank Sherbet and the elite Banana OG.

The unique flavors of this strain are dominant enough to downplay her potency.

The creamy banana and fruity flavors and beautifully intertwined to form a unique and elite essence.

This strain shows the best characteristics of both the parent strains.

She adopts their flavors and energetic properties in perfectly balanced proportions.

The Dank Banana is great for daytime use because it will help you power through the day, but it also works great pre-parties.

6. Banana Crack

Banana Crack
Aroma/FlavorsMango, banana, tropical, and peach
Grow DifficultyMedium
EffectsEnergetic, talkative, and euphoric

Banana crack sounds like an extremely high-stoning strain, but she is, in fact, a mild high inducer.

The flavors are fruitier than can be imagined and give the feeling of being on a tropical beach.

The taste sensation is typified by mango, peach, and banana. 

This strain is capable of imparting a clear head high that allows you to be bright and open.

This is a truly enjoyable strain that does away with lethargy and mood disorders.

7. Banana Frosting

Banana Frosting
Aroma/FlavorsBanana, citrus, and sweet
Grow DifficultyExpert-level
EffectsRelaxing, euphoric, powerful, and uplifting

This hybrid strain is complex to develop, but the result is a beautifully flavored product.

She has a sweet banana flavor that has a fruity and sour punch to her.

The flavor is unique and fulfilling.

This strain is a combination of Skunk Kush, Silver Haze, Diesel, and the Hindu Kush, which is why she has her particularly fruity essence.

The scents of ripe banana, citrus, and sweetness are dominant while flowering.

The citrus aroma and taste take the center stage after being fully grown, and hints of brown sugar and banana take over.

The effect of Banana Frosting is such that you will feel relaxed but will not be hooked to your couch.

The strain imparts the feeling of euphoria and pure energy to your body.

8. Banana Krumble

Banana krumble
Aroma/FlavorsOverripe banana, fuel, and cinnamon
Grow DifficultyIntermediate
EffectsStrong physical relaxation

The fruity aroma and flavor of this strain are unmatched.

Banana Krumble develops the taste of overripe bananas infused with cinnamon that is a result of her Banana Punch parentage.

The strain gets a classic fuel flavor due to the Kush OG crossing.

This strain is not too easy to grow but has a decent harvest.

The effects range from deep relaxation to the hit of herbal comfort towards the end of the day.

This strain is great if you want to have a peaceful slumber or watch a movie in fuzzy comfort.

9. Banana Blaze

Banana Blaze
Aroma/FlavorsOverripe banana, fuel, and cinnamon
Grow DifficultyIntermediate
EffectsStrong physical relaxation

The Banana Blaze is a beautiful tasting strain that is thoroughly enjoyable.

This strain packs a strong aroma and taste of newly ripe bananas that are super mild and comforting.

The relaxing effects of this strain are off-the-charts.

The THC levels of this strain are high, but that does not make her too strong to enjoy the day.

The Banana Blaze is a medium-strength strain and is a deliciously fulfilling smoke that will not wipe your entire day but will keep you calm and relaxed.

This strain is a part of a 1990’s Afghan Kush and Dutch Passion collection.

If this hybrid strain is taken care of, it is one of the most exquisite tastings, smelling, and effective strains.

10. Tropicanna Banana

Tropicanna Banana
THC22 – 25%
Aroma/FlavorsTropical fruity and banana
Grow DifficultyIntermediate
EffectsEuphoric, uplifting, and stimulating

The aroma and taste of the Tropicanna Banana strain are fruity and earthy.

Its banana flavor that is laced with a warm tropical fruit punch is sure to leave you mesmerized.

The fresh, earthy, and sweet undernotes are unimaginable.

The strength of this strain is incredibly high, and so are the effects. She is sure to leave you energized and euphoric.

If you use the strain in the day, you will have the energy and wish to run all your tasks at ease and with a relaxed, comforting feeling.

This hybrid is formed by Tropicanna and Banana Kush’s crossing, which is why the effects you experience are long-lasting and fulfilling.

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