Top 10 Insect Resistant Autoflower Seeds (With Pictures)

Let’s take a quick look at the Top 10 Insect Resistant Autoflower Seeds

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1. Deep Purple Haze Auto

Deep Purple Haze Auto
Aroma/FlavorsBerry, Earthy, Fruity
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsCerebral High, Energetic, Sociable

Deep Purple Haze Auto is a great-looking Sativa strain that gives potent buds.

This Sativa strain is especially unique since it is crossbred with Ruderalis and Indica.

It can cast a beautiful spell on you with its berry and earthy scents.

The intense flavor and aroma of berries produce an energetic head high that prepares you for a day full of activity and socializing.

Deep Purple Haze Auto is easy to grow and takes only 56 days to flower in time.

It can produce high indoor yields between 300-400 g/m2.

It shows average to high resistance against pests and mold.

3. Gorilla Zkittlez Auto

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto
Aroma/FlavorsFruity, Spicy, Woody
Grow DifficultyModerate
EffectsEuphoric, Uplifted, Powerful High

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto is an Indica dominant auto-flowering strain.

It uplifts your mood with its playful fruity flavor profile and earthy aromas.

The strain has a delicious aftertaste that leaves you with a powerful buzz for a euphoric experience.

After 75 days of flowering, you can expect to see an indoor yield of 400 g/m2.

It has a moderate growth difficulty, but this Indica variety requires very little maintenance when fighting pests.

The strain is a real trooper in fighting against bugs and mold.

4. LSD Auto

LSD auto
Aroma/FlavorsNutty, Earthy, Mango
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsBody High, Relaxed, Sociable

LSD Auto is an extremely potent strain, thanks to its legendary parent gene, LSD.

This Indica dominant strain combines a variety of tastes to take your palette on a flavorful journey.

You can detect notes of chestnuts and earth, combined with the sweet and sour taste of mangoes. 

The effect consists of a strong body buzz that provides relaxation and euphoria for a balanced high.

You can smoke this strain for easy-going conversations with friends.

It is easy to grow and takes an average time of 63-70 days to harvest. With final harvests of 400-650 g/m2, it is a high yielding strain.

LSD Auto is a robust strain capable of resisting pests, mildew, mold, and spider mites.

5. Lemon Haze Auto

Lemon Haze Auto
Aroma/FlavorsLemon, Citrus, Musky
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsEnergetic, Uplifted, Euphoric

Lemon Haze Auto is a Sativa dominant auto-flowering strain recognized by its distinct lemony smell.

The flavor and aroma are very obviously reminiscent of fresh-cut lemons.

Some expert users may be able to detect a musky and earthy tone beneath the intense citrus scent.

The scent is refreshing and gives an uplifting high with a sense of euphoria.

Users tend to take it right before they step into a social event to make them less rigid.

At 30-50 days, Lemon Haze Auto provides the shortest time for a strain to flower.

The period may get extended to 60-70 days, depending on the growing conditions.

Nevertheless, it gives reliable indoor yields between 350-400 g/m2 and can fight off any insects it might face.

6. Auto Blue Cheese

Auto Blue Cheese
Aroma/FlavorsBlueberry, Cheese, Fruity
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsEuphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted

Blue Cheese Auto is a hybrid of its auto-flowering parent genes, Blue Auto and Cheese Auto.

Users are sure to appreciate the burst of blueberry flavor in their mouths, followed by a cheesy aftertaste.

Despite being an Indica dominant strain, it produces a mix of both Indica and Sativa effects.

The high starts with an intense euphoric feeling that instills your excitement before mellowing you out for relaxation.

Auto Blue Cheese can also impress you with its ease of growth and high yields.

In just 55 days, it can produce indoor yields anywhere between 400-500 g/m2.

The strain shows sufficient resistance against insects and mold and therefore is very forgiving towards beginners.

7. Glue Gelato Auto

Glue Gelato Auto
Aroma/FlavorsBerry, Chocolaty, Earthy
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsCalming High, Euphoric, Happy

Glue Gelato Auto is an auto-flowering Indica dominant strain that attracts a lot of attention due to its pleasing aroma. 

It combines the sweet scents of chocolate and berry with hints of earthy fragrances.

The effect is a happy and euphoric feeling, ending with a calming buzz that has therapeutic benefits.

The relaxing effect is also ideal for users who want relief from muscle and other physical pains.

Glue Gelato Auto is a mold and insect resistant strain that is easy to grow.

It produces great indoor yields of 400-600 g/m2 in a matter of 63-70 days.

8. Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto

Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto
Aroma/FlavorsEarthy, Citrus, Fruity
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsRelaxed, Cerebral High, Sleepy

Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto is an Indica dominant strain, a crossbreed of the auto-flowering strains of the same name.

It offers high THC and CBD content, a rare combination to find.

This combination accounts for the powerful body high that puts you in a couch-lock mode.

The deep relaxation that users get from this strain has medical benefits as well.

The smoke it produces has an intense earthy fragrance that may alternate with some sweet and fruity aromas.

Like most auto-flowering strains, Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto is a fast grower.

In 49-63 days of flowering time, you can get outstanding indoor yields of 600 g/m2.

The growing operation does not require growers to do a lot as the strain is mold and insect resistant.

8. Lemon Pie Auto

Lemon Pie Auto
Aroma/FlavorsCitrus, Lemon, Skunk
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsBody High, Head High, Relaxed

Lemon Pie Auto is flawless in taste, growth, and effect.

This Indica dominant hybrid has cracked the code for the perfect combination of flavors and cerebral effects.

It uses the mouth-watering flavor and scent of sweet-tasting lemon pies with earthy undertones to engross you in its experience.

Its potency is ideal for an uplifting cerebral and body high that does not act as a sedative.

Besides the delicious flavors, Lemon Pie Auto is also very easy to grow.

It requires little maintenance as it is very resistant to pests and mold.

In 56-63 days, the strain can rapidly produce impressive indoor yields of 550 g/m2.

9. Extreme Impact Auto

Extreme Impact Auto
Aroma/FlavorsCitrus, Lemon, Skunk
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsBody High, Head High, Relaxed

Extreme Impact Auto gets its name for its legendary knockout Indica effect.

It offers the freshness of lemon and lime with hints of hash.

One whiff of this is powerful enough for the sedative effect to take over your body and mind.

The cerebral high kicks in later, making you spacey and dreamy.

With such a tranquilizing high, this strain is best enjoyed before a good night’s sleep.

Extreme Impact Auto is a great alternative to the problem plants that take too long to grow and require attention.

Growers have reported indoor yields as high as 650 g/m2 in just 56 days.

The strain can shake off any mold or pest problem, making it easy on inexperienced growers.

10. Purple Auto

Purple Auto
Aroma/FlavorsBerry, Grape, Sweet
Grow DifficultyEasy
EffectsCerebral High, Relaxed

It is always a delight for all your senses when you come across Purple Auto.

Purple Auto is a Sativa dominant auto-flowering strain inherited the best qualities from its parent gene, Afghan Purple.

The sweet flavors of berries and grapes will draw out the refined palettes in the community.

The berry aroma with hints of licorice provides a mild cerebral high, relaxing you more than ever.

The calming effect on the body and mind settles your stress or anxiety down.

The strain requires a flowering period of 56-70 days to produce high indoor yields of 550 g/m2.

It can stay hidden in the corner somewhere, fighting off insects as a short and self-reliant plant.

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