Top 20 Marijuana Affiliate Programs in 2022 [Updated]

Cannabis affiliate programs are one of the best ways to make money in the cannabis industry.

If you run a cannabis-related website or social media following, reliable affiliate programs can turn your passion project into a full-time job.

This article provides a comprehensive list of the best cannabis affiliate programs to join

1. Seedsman

Seedsman Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 15%
Cookie Window: 60 days
Currency: EUR
Visit the Seedsman affiliate program

Seedsman is a true international seed bank, with genetics from over 80 breeders.  They are currently one of the biggest seed banks in the industry, and they offer shipping throughout the world!  Due to them being one of the best rated by people in the industry, they get my recommendation as the best marijuana affiliate program to sign up for.  You can see our Seedsman review here.

From THC to high CBD strains, autoflower to feminized seeds, accessories, CBD oil, and so much more, Seedsman works hard to provide a secure and completely accessible catalog for all to enjoy.

Their company mission is to preserve and maintain genetics while also promoting safe and legal regulations.

In addition to being a strong competitor in the cannabis seed market today, Seedsman supports political lobbying organizations, attends conferences and trade shows, and supports legal change for cannabis on a worldwide basis.

This is one of my favorite Cannabis Affiliate Programs due to the average order value. Many customers buy multiple seed packs which really help boost your commissions.

2. Green CulturED

Cannabis Affiliate Programs - Green CulturED

Commission Rate: 60%
Cookie Window: 365 days
Currency: USD

Whether you are a canna-business owner or a canna connoisseur looking for a job within the growing industry, Green CulturED is an online source for training strategies and eLearning solutions.

With a number of different courses, Green CulturED is an excellent resource for those looking to learn about cannabis marketing and trends through a series of courses designed to inform, excite, and educate.

Green CulturED works with business owners, those who service the cannabis industry, students looking to learn more, and employees / those working in the canna field.

What sets them apart from other Cannabis Affiliate Programs is their trainers, who are “real cannabis experts,” not just writers or researchers, guaranteeing that participants receive the most accurate and up to information in the market today.

3. How to Grow Weed 420Cannabis Affiliate Programs - How to Grow Weed 420

Commission Rate: 57%
Cookie Window: 120 days
Currency: USD

This is one of the highest-paying Cannabis Affiliate Programs out there!

Self-identifying as the ultimate guide to the world’s best cannabis growing system, howtogrowweed420 is the online vehicle for a whopper of a book called Growing Elite Marijuana, which comes in at just over 839 pages.

Packed with high-quality photos, step-by-step directions, and the answers to many questions every grower inevitably asks, Growing Elite Marijuana offers insight, advice, practical tips and techniques, and technical information which will enable every grower the ability to grow pounds of cannabis.

Included when you purchase Growing Elite Marijuana are many extras, such as The Cannabis Care Manual, a DVD copy of The Marijuana Growing Quick Start Guide, The Stoner’s Cookbook, and Ganja Etiquette, among other resources.

4. Weed Seed Shop

Cannabis Affiliate Programs - Weed Seed Shop

Commission Rate: 30%
Cookie Window: 14 days
Currency: EUR

The WeedSeedShop is an Amsterdam-based shop with an extensive cannabis seed catalog.

Opened in 2004, they began selling seeds only, but have since expanded their stock to include a range of CBD oil and other CBD products as well.

The WeedSeedShop offers a minimum of 30% commission for each successful click-out and purchase.

They use “state of the art” Affiliate software for tracking all sales via referral.

If you own, manage, or moderate a website that either sells cannabis-related products or is some kind of knowledge portal, the WeedSeedShop cannabis affiliate program might be just what your site needs to increase traffic and overall revenue.

5. True North Seed Bank

Cannabis Affiliate Programs - True North Seed Bank Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20%
Cookie Window Period: 180 days
Currency: CND
Visit True Norths Affiliate Program

True North Seed Bank is a Canadian-based seed supplier. From hybrids to landrace strains, True North Seed Bank prides itself on its strong and stable seeds, purchased on a safe and secure platform.

True North Seed Bank also offers accessories, such as humidity-controlled storage containers, a wide variety of clothing, grinders, vape pens, and more.  Take a look at our True North Seed Bank review.

Their affiliate program offers up to 25% commission promoting cannabis seeds, as well as a 5% sub-commission rate on sales of affiliates that you bring into the program.

Finally, their long cookie duration allows you to make a commission for up to six months.

6. I Love Growing Marijuana Affiliate Program

Cannabis Affiliate Programs - I Love Growing Marijuana Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20%
Cookie Window: 90 days
Currency: USD

Started in 2012 as a small blog started by a young man and a few of his friends, I Love Growing Marijuana is now an international and full-service cannabis company, based in Amsterdam.

ILGM is a multi-use platform that allows the user to purchase seeds online while also accessing a huge catalog of cannabis information, including strain reviews, grow forums and guides, and local resources for various communities around the world.  Take a look at our ILGM Review.

The I Love Growing Marijuana affiliate program offers a 20% commission rate for all successful purchases that route through your link.

ILGM offers a free download of  The Marijuana Grow Bible, which is a 70-page guide to growing cannabis.

7. Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Affiliate Programs - Quebec Cannabis Seeds Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20%
Cookie Window: 90 days
Currency: CND

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is an online cannabis seed store offering a large variety of high-quality seeds ranging from regular to feminized to autoflower.

Specializing in both THC and CBD strains, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has a vast catalog of thoroughly tested products.

In addition to being a high-quality provider, they are also breeders, offering strong, healthy plants with consistent growing habits.

They advertise expedited shipping, high conversion rates, and very satisfied customers.

The Quebec Cannabis Seeds affiliate program offers a 20% commission for all clicks and sales tracked by their system.

They also have a sub-affiliate system that offers 5% commission.

8. Terpene Botanicals

Cannabis Affiliate Programs - Terpene Botanicals Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20%
Cookie Window: 90 days
Currency: USD

Terpene Botanicals sells naturally derived, premium quality terpene blends in a wide variety of flavors and aromas.

From Ace of Spades to White Widow, Terpene Botanicals reliably produces some of the best terpenes in the business and is widely recognized as a leading producer on the market today.

The affiliate program offers a 20% commission for each completed sale, with a $100 minimum balance required for payout.

As an incentive, there is a $50 initial bonus just for signing up.

Terpene Botanicals also uses iDev Affiliate software which enables to users to login to their account 24 hours a day to track performance and sales, traffic, and account balances.

9. Crop King Seeds

Cannabis Affiliate Programs - Crop King Seeds Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20%
Cookie Window: 90 days
Currency: USD

Crop King Seeds is an international seed bank that has been developing high-quality genetics and offering some of the strongest and most stable cannabis seeds in the canna market today.

Established in 2005 and gaining international recognition by earning a place in High Times Magazine for creating one of the top 10 strains of 2015, this seed bank stands guarantees the quality of each seed they produce.  Take a look at our Crop King Seeds review.

The Crop King Seeds affiliate program offers a 20% commission rate for each successfully completed sale.

Payments are made monthly, and a $200.00 minimum balance is required for each payout.

10. Marijuana Seeds NL

Cannabis Affiliate Programs - Marijuana Seeds NL Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20%
Cookie Window: 60 days
Currency: GBP

Founded in 1999, Marijuana Seeds NL is a dynamic performer in the cannabis seed market.

Their team has traveled the world, trading seeds and secrets with growers in Europe and Australia.

They pride themselves on their strong and stable genetic lines, Landrace strains, and some of their own genetic creations.

With about 20 years in the cannabis seed business, Marijuana Seeds NL is a fierce competitor in the market today.

The Marijuana Seeds NL affiliate program offers a 20% commission rate for every completed sale that is routed through your site.

Their cookie window is 60 days, which allows a generous amount of time for the successful turnover of traffic.

11. Sensi Seeds

Cannabis Affiliate Programs - Sensi Seeds Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20%-30%, depending upon volume of sales generated
Cookie Window: 14 days
Currency: EUR

Sensi Seeds is a true pioneer in the cannabis seed industry.

Originally founded in Amsterdam in 1985, they now boast over 500 strains!

They also are the main suppliers of genetics for the medical cannabis industry in Holland, chosen by the Dutch government.

Sensi Seeds also is a major contributor to the awareness and acceptance of the benefits of cannabis and regularly hosts the Cannabis Culture Awards, as well as the creators of the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museums in Amsterdam and Barcelona.  Take a look at our Sensi Seeds review!

They have won numerous awards at the Cannabis Cup and continue to gain widespread praise for their strong and stable genetics.

Truly a worldwide company, Sensi Seeds has redesigned the hemp industry and created positive change in the world of cannabis.

The Sensi Seeds affiliate program offers a 20-30% commission rate, depending upon the volume of sales generated.

12. Elixinol

Cannabis Affiliate Programs - Elixinol Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Window: 90 days
Currency: USD

Elixinol produces high-quality hemp strains which are all organically cultivated and processed into CBD oil and other products, such as tinctures, skin care products, full-spectrum CBD oils and drops for internal use, and many others.

Over the past 20 years, they have developed deep and sustaining relationships with passionate and environmentally conscious hemp growers around the world to ensure only the best possible ingredients for their products.

Elixinol’s affiliate program offers a 10% commission rate for all sales that route through their website via your affiliate link.

They also offer a 3% commission rate for all referral sales.

They payout via PayPal once per month and have a $100.00 minimum balance.

13. Optic LED Grow Lights

Optic LED Grow Lights Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Window: 90 days
Currency: USD

Optic LED Grow Lights was born out of a desire to bring LED technology into the foreground for growers and cultivators worldwide.

Armed with the knowledge that LED lighting reduces electricity usage by up to half, produces less heat than any other artificial light source, and ultimately yields incredible harvests, their team decided to research, experiment, and retail LED lighting systems for an affordable price.

They created the Optic Line of LEDs which are some of the best selling LED lights on the market today.

Their affiliate program offers a 10% commission rate after the first referral for all completed purchases routed through the affiliate link placed on your page.

The payout is sent via PayPal and carries a minimum of $100 balance.

14. Super Grow LED

Super Grow LED Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Window: 90 days
Currency: USD

With an extremely experienced and highly trained staff, Super Grow LED has been designing and manufacturing some of the most highly effective LED lighting systems on the market today.

They engineer both indoor and outdoor LED lighting for a variety of different industries and applications, all of which specialize in full life-cycle function for all plant life.

The Super Grow LED affiliate program offers a 10% commission rate for all completed orders.

They use Post Affiliate Pro to track referrals in real-time, which makes everything easy, and their cookie window is 90 days.

The payout on the 15th of each month via PayPal with a $100.00 minimum balance.

15. Green Goddess Supply

Green Goddess Supply Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Window: 60 days
Currency: USD

Green Goddess Supply has been building an effective, high-quality eCommerce platform for the past 25 years.

From herb grinders to pipes and rolling trays to titanium nails, they pride themselves on delivering only the very best products to the most discerning customers at a reasonable price.

They also have a blog that is updated regularly and included helpful cultivation and growing tips, as well as product reviews and more.

With over 29.3 thousand followers on Instagram alone, Green Goddess Supply is consistently trending in a high traffic market.

The Green Goddess Supply affiliate program offers a 10% commission rate to start, which can increase to 20% depending upon volume.

16. Dorm Grow

Dorm Grow Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 8%
Cookie Window: 90 days
Currency: USD

Dorm Grow sells G8LED Indoor Grow Light systems, which rival other LED technologies as some of the best lights on the market today.

They offer competitive prices, 2-year full warranties, extended service repairs on all lights, as well a 100% customer satisfaction return policy.

In addition to a large variety of LED lighting systems, Dorm Grow also offers an incredible amount of educational and instructional information on its website for all prospective growers.

They have a blog that contains helpful advice, tips, and tools for a successful LED selection and growth.

The Dorm Grow affiliate program offers an 8% commission for every completed sale and a long, 90-day cookie window.

There is a monthly payout, with a $100.00 minimum balance.

17. Grasscity

Grasscity Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 8%
Cookie Window: 7 days
Currency: USD

This is probably one of the most popular Cannabis Affiliate Programs out there!

Launched in 2000, Grasscity has become one of the leading and most well-known online headshops for all your smoking needs.

Their website is easy to navigate and is absolutely stuffed with smoking tools and accessories, including herb grinders, vaporizers, pipes, bubblers, rolling papers, novelties, and more.

With consistent high traffic and turnover rates and over 154 thousand followers on Instagram, Grasscity is an online shop filled with possibilities for any affiliates.

As of 2018, Grasscity was acquired by High Tide Inc. from Canada, placing Grasscity firmly in the foreground of the global eCommerce cannabis market.

Grasscity’s affiliate program offers an 8% commission rate on all conversions.

They also offer monthly bonuses based on revenue.

Payments are processed during the first week of every month and require a $25 minimum.

18. Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 7%
Cookie Window: 7 days
Currency: USD

Smoke Cartel is a dynamic eCommerce headshop that was started by college students in 2012.

They work specifically with American and local artists and pride themselves on their dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and integrity.

They sell a wide variety of carefully chosen bongs, vaporizers, pipes, dab rigs, herb grinders, and other accessories.

In 2018, Smoke Cartel won the High Times Cannabis Cup Best Glass Award and has been in Forbes Magazine, WeedMaps, and Leafly, to name a few.

Smoke Cartel offers a 7% commission rate for all successful conversions.

They offer a number of different payment methods, including Bitcoin, check by mail, and store credit.

19. GrowLife Hydro

GrowLife Hydro Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 5%
Cookie Window: 30 days
Currency: USD

GrowLife Hydro offers high quality hydroponic equipment to both commercial and backyard growers.

Their online store has literally everything a grower needs to set up, maintain, and harvest a hydroponic grow from hydroponic systems, cloning and seed starting equipment, nutrients, commercial trimmers, accessories, and more.

In addition to being an eCommerce retail business, the website is filled with helpful hints and guides to get you started and keep you rolling until the final plant is cut down, trimmed, and stored.

GrowLife offers a 5% commission rate for each successful transaction and a 30-day cookie window to help with the process.

This may have one of the lowest commission rates of all the Cannabis Affiliate Programs on the list, but their high-value products prices make up for this and more.

20. THC University

THC University Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: $25 for each successful new Professional student account
Cookie Window: 30 days
Currency: USD

If you are thinking of a career in the cannabis industry, THC University is your choice for all necessary coursework and certification you will ever need.

From bud tending to safety regulations, with over 150 hours of classes available in 7 certificate programs, there is no end to the amount of knowledge you can receive at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Boasting upwards of 7,220 students and counting, THC University is a solid choice for online learning and certification.

THC University offers affiliates $25 for each successful Professional student account opened.

Commissions are paid on the 15th of every month via PayPal and require a $50 minimum balance.

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