10 Shortest Sativa Strains

Unlike Indica strains, Sativas are known for growing tall or “leggy”.

While this can mean wicked yields, it can also be an issue if you have limited height in your grow space.

Genetics once again come to the rescue, with Sativa strains bred to solve this exact problem. 

Often elusive, we’ve tracked down the 10 best Short Sativa Strains for a compact grow space.

Let’s take a quick look at the Top 10 Short Sativa Strains

* Please note that the plant heights listed above are based on a standard grow. Many of the strains listed can be trained to grow even shorter by using advanced Low-Stress Training (LST), Screen of Green (ScrOG) and Super Cropping methods.

Keep reading to find out about more information about each strains THC content, effects, flowering time, grow difficulty and much more.

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Power Plant

THC ContentUp to 20%
CBD ContentInsignificant amount
Aroma/FlavorsWoody, Earthy
Plant typeHybrid (65% Sativa)
DifficultyEasy to Moderate
ClimateIndoors, Mediterranean
Plant size65-100cm
Flowers42-49 days
YieldsUp to 500g/m2
EffectsMood-Boosting, Very Cerebral, Euphoric, Social

Power Plant is one of the most commonly-found strains in the Netherlands, and for good reason.

Known for a mood-boosting and social buzz, it grows only moderately high but still has exceptional yields!

Producing 500g/m2 without growing taller than 100cm, for many it’s the ideal indoor Sativa.

It’s also less distinctive in odor, and the longer flowering time mean heavy harvests.

A high producer at a manageable size, Power plant is a great strain to start off any compact grow.

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Green Crack

THC Content18.7%
CBD ContentInsignificant amount
Aroma/FlavorsFruity, Mango, Sweet
Plant typeHybrid (70% Sativa)
ClimateGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Plant size80-120cm
Flowers50 days
YieldsUp to 500g/m2
GeneticsGreen Crack x Green Crack rev
EffectsUplifting, Heady, Motivating

As the name suggests, Green Crack is a strongly uplifting and motivating Sativa.

This is another strain we chose because it’s a heavy yielder with up to 500g/m2 possible.

It grows to a maximum of 120cm, which leaves plenty of room for lights and air flow.

Green Crack responds well to ‘topping’, a growth management technique that encourages shorter plants.

This delicious strain is easy to grow, relatively-compact and has a THC level of around 19%.

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Grapefruit Auto

THC Content19%
CBD Content0.89%
Aroma/FlavorsGrapefruit, Citrus, Sweet
Plant typeHybrid (80% Sativa)
ClimateIndoors, Outdoors
Plant size60-90cm
Flowers63 days from germination
YieldsUp to 400g/m2
GeneticsGrapefruit x Ruderalis
EffectsEnergetic, Uplifting, Social

Grapefruit Auto is an indoor strain that has a lot going for it.

Not only does it grow very quickly, but at 60-90cm it’s among the most compact plants on our list.

It’s so short that people have reported growing it successfully in cupboards and crawl spaces!

The Sativa high is energetic and uplifting, a classic combination of effects.

The strain has a tasty sweet-citrus flavor that is most prominent on exhale.

Quick harvest time and excellent yields make Grapefruit Auto an amazing choice for your compact indoor grow.

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Red Dragon

THC Content22.00%
CBD Content1.2%
Aroma/FlavorsFruity, Tropical
Plant typeHybrid (70% Sativa)
ClimateGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Plant size80-90cm
Flowers55-60 days
YieldsUp to 600g/m2
GeneticsWest Himalayan Kush x Utopia Haze
EffectsRelaxing, Uplifting

Red Dragon is an exotic strain but one that has gained a huge amount of popularity in recent years.

Resin-coated buds are high in THC (21%), and the tropical flavor is one that’s quite unique.

It reaches a maximum of 90cm, making it a top compact Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Yields are phenomenal for such a small plant, often reaching 600g/m2 for indoor grows!

What it lacks in name recognition, Red Dragon makes up for in compactness and yields.

We highly recommend checking this one out.

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Stardust Auto

THC Content17%
CBD Content0.8%
Aroma/FlavorsBerry, Skunky
Plant typeHybrid (55% Sativa/30% Indica/15% Lowryder)
ClimateGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Plant size40-60cm
Flowers55-65 days from germination
EffectsCreativity-Boosting, Relaxing

Stardust Auto is another compact strain that grows incredibly quickly.

Easy to grow and reliably short, it still yields about 250g/m2 of Cannabis.

It has an intriguing and enjoyable mix of berry and skunky scents.

It tends towards a more relaxing high, making it a good afternoon or evening smoke.

Growers can expect a plant that is covered with resin crystals and a 17% THC level.

Small enough to grow in a closet, this is an excellent strain for when space is truly minimal.

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Russian Fuel Auto

THC Content18%
CBD Content1%
Aroma/FlavorsFuel, Peach, Strawberry
Plant typeHybrid (65% Sativa)
ClimateGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Plant size40-80cm
Flowers60-70 days from germinatio
EffectsCreative, Uplifting, Relaxing

Continuing our trend, Russian Fuel Auto is another micro-Sativa!

Despite being compact, the strain is notoriously pungent and not recommended for stealth grows.

It’s easy to grow, and plants often produce thick and very sticky buds.

Above all, users of this strain report an uplifting high that is balanced by a relaxing feeling.

At a maximum of 80cm, Russian Fuel is a fantastic strain for any compact grow room.

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Sour Diesel Haze

THC Content17%
CBD ContentInsignificant amount
Aroma/FlavorsDiesel, Fruity, Sweet
Plant typeHybrid (90% Sativa)
ClimateGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Plant size50-80cm
Flowers63-70 days
GeneticsAuto Haze x New York City Diesel
EffectsInvigorating, Mood-Boosting, Euphoric

Sour Diesel Haze is an ultra-compact strain with an invigorating Sativa high.

Yields for this strain are slightly lower, again due to a much smaller height.

However the size makes it another strain that is ideal for indoor grows where space is tight.

Despite having 90% Sativa genetics, Sour Diesel Haze is known to have a calming effect.

This is mostly due to the CBD content which counterbalances the Sativa edge.

When it comes to compact grows, there are few strains on the market that are better suited!

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Ghost Train Haze #1

THC Content25%+
CBD ContentInsignificant amount
Aroma/FlavorsSour, Haze
Plant typeHybrid (80% Sativa)
ClimateIndoors, Outdoors
Plant size80-130cm
Flowers75 days
Yieldsup to 300g/m2
GeneticsLineage: Ghost OG X Nevil’s Wreck
EffectsPowerful, Energetic, Cerebral

With a powerful 25%+ THC level, Ghost Train Haze #1 is a Sativa that packs a serious kick to it.

It has strong cerebral and energetic Sativa effects that will impress even experienced smokers.

Ghost Train Haze grows very well indoors, and caps in height at 130cm.

It will fit comfortably under low ceilings with plenty of room to spare.

Relatively easy to grow, it uses its flowering time to produce resin-heavy buds.

With plants as compact as 80cm it’s easy to see why Ghost Train Haze #1 is a favorite for compact grows!

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Casey Jones

THC Content18% – 20%
CBD ContentInsignificant amount
Aroma/FlavorsDiesel, Spicy, Pungent
Plant typeHybrid (80% Sativa)
ClimateGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Plant size130-150cm
Flowers55-60 days
YieldsUp to 300g/m2
GeneticsTrainwreck x Sour Diesel x Thai
EffectsCalming, Mood-Boosting, Uplifting

Named after the legendary tragic train driver Casey Jones is a strain with plenty of history!

This is a highly-popular strain, with a lovely balanced mix of uplifting and calming effects.

It yields slightly less than some of the other strains of comparable height.

Despite this, it’s a hardy strain and perfect for beginners!

Casey Jones is pungent, but leans more towards a diesel or fuel smell than skunk.

Capping in height at 150cm, Casey Jones is another good choice for your indoor grow.

You can purchase Casey Jones seeds from Seedsman.com

Super Silver Haze

THC ContentUp to 18%
CBD ContentInsignificant amounts
Aroma/FlavorsDiesel, Citrus, Herbal, Spicey
Plant typeHybrid (90% Sativa)
ClimateIndoors, sunny climate
Plant size110-150cm
Flowers65 day
YieldsUp to 550g/m2
EffectsHappy, Creative, Euphoric

Finally we have the famous Super Silver Haze, a High Times winner for three separate years!

Despite having Northern Lights Indica lineage, this is definitely not a couch-lock strain.

It is known for the typical energetic and euphoric effects of a Sativa and is a great day smoke.

Super Silver Haze grows best in a warm indoor environment with plenty of light.

New growers should be warned that it has the reputation of sometimes being tricky to work.

With excellent yields, Super Silver Haze rounds our list off nicely as another solid choice!

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How To Control Sativa Height

Apart from choosing a short growing Sativa strain, here are some quick tips to control the height of your sativa plant:

1. Use Plant Training Techniques – techniques such as SCROG (sea of green) train plants to grow horizontally with a net (or screen) which makes the plants maintain the same height.

2. Top your plants – by cutting off the top of your plants stem when it’s young, you force the plant to grow wider rather than taller.

3. Keep your grow light close – A stronger, more intense light will make your plants grow shorter. Lights that are far away from plants force the plant to reach for the light, making them taller.

4. Start flowering sooner – If you start the flowering process sooner, your plant won’t reach its full height. Your plant will almost double in size during flowering, so keep that in mind.

Final Thoughts – Short Sativa Strains

And with that we come to the end of our top compact indoor Sativa strains.

When indoor space is a primary concern, it’s easy to run out of room!

As a result it’s important to choose your strain carefully before planting.

As your experience builds, learning growth management skills will increase the number of Sativas you can grow indoors.

In the mean time, any of the Sativas on our list would make a great selection for any compact indoor grow!

Happy growing!

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