Bruce Banner Strain Review (& Grow Guide)

This Bruce Banner review will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about this potent strain.

I’ll be answering all your questions about Bruce Banner, and you’ll also find a guide on how to grow the strain at the end.

So let’s get started.

Bruce Banner Strain (Key Info)

  • Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed
  • Helps With: Stress, Depression, Pain
  • Indoor Yield: 21oz/ m2
  • Outdoor Yield: 35oz/ plan
  • Flowering Time: 10 weeks
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: Early October
  • THC Content: 28%
  • CBD Content: 1%
  • Indoor Plant Height: Tall
  • Grow Difficulty: Moderate
  • Genetics: og kush x strawberry diesel
  • Flavors: Berry, earthy, sweet, Kush-like, sweet-sour, pungent
  • Best place to buy seeds:

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Where Does Bruce Banner Come From?

Bruce Banner was created in a lab in Los Angeles.

Today, it has spread all over the US and found popularity in many states.

Colorado is one place where it is widely available.

When Did Bruce Banner Strain Come Out?

Bruce Banner was created in 2006.

For two years, Bruce Banner was kept secret, but in 2008 it became available for sale to customers.

Who Created Bruce Banner Strain?

Bruce Banner was developed by Dark Horse Genetics, an LA-based team of breeders.

They crossed potent OG Kush with deliciously sweet Strawberry Diesel to create Bruce Banner.

Why Is It Called Bruce Banner?

Bruce Banner gets its name from the iconic superhero known for his immense strength.

The name is appropriate as Bruce Banner is a tremendously strong strain with THC levels that are very high.

According to some weed aficionados, it may even be the strongest strain of all.

Is Bruce Banner Strong?

Bruce Banner is very, very strong. It can give users a harder hit than almost any other strain.

Bruce Banner’s THC levels are between 27-30%, which makes it a truly heavy-hitter.

Keep in mind that most strains have THC levels that are between 1-30%.

So, you can see how potent Bruce Banner really is.

What Strains Are Similar To Bruce Banner?

What Strains Are Similar To Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

So if you want strains that are similar, then you need to find other Sativa-dominant hybrid strains.

These are a few strains that will give you a similar high:

  • Bruce Banger
  • Sour Diesel
  • Sage and Sour
  • Mango Tango

How Does Bruce Banner Make You Feel?

Bruce Banner gives you a powerful head high that segues slowly into a full-body deep relaxation.

The Sativa genetics of Bruce Banner make it a strong daytime strain that gives you a boost of energy and keeps you sharp and productive.

It can also help alleviate depression, stress and pain.

Is Bruce Banner Indica Or Sativa?

Bruce Banner is a hybrid strain that’s 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.

Although its precise genetics are a closely guarded secret, Bruce Banner is definitely a Sativa-dominant strain.

What THC is Bruce Banner?

Bruce Banner’s THC levels are extremely high.

They generally vary between 27% to 30%.

Is Bruce Banner High In CBD?

Bruce Banner has low CBD levels of around 0.1%.

Is Bruce Banner Top-Shelf?

Bruce Banner is widely considered to be a top-shelf strain.

But you need to remember that if you smoke Bruce Banner, it won’t always be top-shelf.

Only if Bruce Banner is grown and harvested properly will the yield be top-shelf.

When you buy Bruce Banner from a dispensary, it still might not be top-shelf because it hasn’t been grown well.

If you want to get Bruce Banner that is guaranteed top-shelf, then you have to buy it from a good dispensary or grow it yourself.

Why Is Bruce Banner Hated By Many People?

Bruce Banner has received some bad reviews from dissatisfied customers because they have smoked what they thought was Bruce Banner but was actually something else entirely.

Bruce Banner is a hugely popular strain, and it’s always in demand.

So, dispensaries stock multiple versions of Bruce Banner.

Unfortunately, many of these versions are poorly grown and sometimes even fake.

When you buy Bruce Banner from a dispensary, you can’t know for sure what you’re going to get.

That’s why I would recommend growing Bruce Banner yourself instead of buying it from a dispensary.

Where To Buy Bruce Banner Seeds?

Where To Buy Bruce Banner Seeds

Bruce Banner is a popular strain, so you can find its seeds at almost any seed bank.

Try to buy from seed banks that have positive reviews from other growers and who give you a germination guarantee.

I would suggest these seed banks for buying Bruce Banner seeds:

  • Weeds Seeds Express
  • ILGM
  • Seedsman

Who Has The Best Bruce Banner Seeds?

It’s difficult to say which seed bank has the best Bruce Banner seeds.

I would suggest that you do some research on the seed bank that you intend to buy from.

Try to find customer reviews from growers who have used the seed bank. If the reviews are positive, then the Bruce Banner seeds that you buy from it should be great.

Here are some seeds banks that I’ve personally bought seeds from and grown successfully:

  • Weeds Seeds Express (5 Bruce Banner Seeds for $89).
  • ILGM (5 Bruce Banner Seeds for $99).
  • Seedsman (6 Bruce Banner Seeds for $56.46).
  • Crop King Seeds (5 Bruce Banner Seed for $65).

Is Bruce Banner Exotic?

Bruce Banner is an exotic strain, so growing it can be a bit difficult.

An exotic strain is either rare or has qualities that are considered to be unique.

You’ll have a hard time finding Bruce Banner on the East Coast, although it’s fairly easy to find in dispensaries on the West Coast.

How Does Bruce Banner Taste?

Bruce Banner is a delicious strain that tastes pungent yet sweet at the same.

The earthy pungent taste mixes with the flavor of berries and candy, making your taste buds tingle with pleasure.

The earthy sweetness also has undertones of citrus and pepper, adding to the rich taste of this delectable strain.

What Does Bruce Banner Smell Like?

Bruce Banner has a strong diesel smell that has notes of sweetness and fruit.

The aroma is unique from other strains because you can also detect strong peppery notes along with the sharp, tangy smell of citrus.

Why Is Bruce Banner So Popular?

Bruce Banner is popular because of its high THC levels that give one of the most powerful highs that you can get.

It’s also a Sativa-Indica hybrid, so it gives smokers the euphoric Sativa high that slowly dissolves into the peaceful relaxation of Indica strains.

The taste of Bruce Banner is simply delicious, and its smell is truly unique too.

Although it’s a moderately difficult strain to grow, that hasn’t stopped a huge number of growers from trying to grow this wonderful strain on their own.

Bruce Banner Grow Guide

Bruce Banner can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although it requires some care and attention from growers.

If temperature and humidity are suitable, then the strain will give you higher than average yields.

Just remember to give Bruce Banner the right nutrition that it needs if you want to get those high yields.

Bruce Banner is a slightly heavy feeder so give it more nitrogen and CalMag than other strains.

And feed it phosphorus once it enters the flowering stage.

Bruce Banner grows in a manner similar to other strains, so you should go through our step-by-step cannabis growing guide too.

Bruce Banner Grow FAQs

Here are answers to the most common questions that growers ask about Bruce Banner.

How Much Does Bruce Banner Yield?

Bruce Banner gives high yields that can be up to 1000 grams per plant if it’s grown outdoors.

If grown indoors, Bruce Banner can produce up to 600 grams of pure bud per square meter.

Is Bruce Banner Difficult To Grow?

Bruce Banner is considered to be a moderately difficult plant to grow.

If you want to get good yields from it, you’ll have to give your plants some attention and care.

Although the strain is very resistant to diseases, it is also a somewhat heavy feeder.

You should provide the plants with above-average nitrogen and CalMag when they first begin to grow.

Once the plant enters the flowering stage, you should give it some phosphorus-heavy fertilizer.

Bruce Banner gives the best yields in warm and dry growing conditions.

Ideally, the temperature should be between 65 and 80 Fahrenheit.

And if you plan to grow the strain outdoors, take some steps to protect it from autumn rains which could spoil the buds.

How Long Does Bruce Banner Take To Grow?

The flowering time of Bruce Banner is, on average, between 9 and 10 weeks.

If you grow Bruce Banner outdoors, then October is the ideal harvesting time.

You should switch your plants to flowering after around 8 weeks of growth.

The Sea of Green and Screen of Green methods can both be used to grow this strain indoors to give high yields.

How Tall Does The Bruce Banner Strain Grow?

Bruce Banner is a medium height strain that has a height between 100cm and 120cm indoors.

If you grow Bruce Banner outdoors, then it can grow between 140cm to 210cm tall.

How Tall Does Bruce Banner Autoflower Get?

Bruce Banner Autoflower is much shorter than the photoperiod plant.

It has a height between 50cm and 100cm when grown indoors.

Is Bruce Banner Mold Resistant?

Bruce Banner has a moderate resistance to mold, as well as other natural threats like mildew, bugs, and diseases.

If you plan to grow Bruce Banner outdoors, then make sure the plants have shelter from the autumn rains, as they could ruin your buds.

If you’re growing the plant indoors, try to keep your humidity low to protect your plants from mold.

When Should You Harvest Bruce Banner?

If Bruce Banner is planted outdoors, then October is the ideal time for harvesting the buds.

Indoors, Bruce Banner should be ready for harvest after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering.
But these are only estimates.

The best way to tell if your Bruce Banner is ready for harvesting is to look at the color of its trichomes.

Trichomes that are clear are not yet ready for harvest. When the trichomes take on a cloudy color, you’ll know that they’re ready to be harvested.

How Does Bruce Banner Compare To Other Strains?

Now let’s see how Bruce Banner compares to a few other popular strains.

Bruce Banner vs. Bruce Banger

Bruce Banner vs Bruce Banger

These are both Sativa-dominant hybrids, so they will both give you a similar cerebral high followed by a feeling of full-body relaxation.

However, Bruce Banner will give you a more powerful effect because it has much higher THC levels than Bruce Banger.

The strains have similar flavors too, with the diesel taste dominating.

But Bruce Banger has creamy undertones while Bruce Banner has earthy, sweet notes.

If you plan to grow Bruce Banger, then you should know that it has thick foliage that needs to be pruned regularly to keep the plant healthy.

But Bruce Banger is still considered to be easier to grow than Bruce Banner because it’s not a heavy feeder.

Also, Bruce Banger has lower yields on average than Bruce Banner.

Bruce Banner vs. Sour Diesel

Bruce Banner vs Sour Diesel

These are both strong tasting strains with a pronounced earthy diesel flavor, although Sour Diesel lacks the characteristic sweetness of Bruce Banner.

Both strains will give you a strong head-high, followed by a feeling of deep relaxation.

In Sour Diesel, the Sativa heritage is much more pronounced at 90%. So, the high you get from Sour Diesel will be more energizing and euphoric.

Both strains are heavy feeders and will give good yields under the care of more experienced growers.

Sour Diesel is a very tall plant and can grow to 300cm high outdoors. You will have to prune the plant to keep its height under control.

Because of its rapid growth and great height, Sour Diesel is better suited to outdoor growing.

The big Sour Diesel plants can give you massive yields that can be up to 4500 grams per plant that are much higher than the yields you can get from Bruce Banner.

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