Super Skunk Strain Review (& Grow Info)

This review will tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the famous Super Skunk strain.

I plan on answering every possible question you have about Super Skunk. I’m also going to attach a simple guide on how to grow it – right at the end of this article.

Super Skunk Strain (Key Info)

  • Effects: Happy, Euphoric
  • Helps With: Stress, Pain, Depression
  • Indoor Yield: 400-500 g/m2
  • Flowering Time: 8 weeks
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: Late September
  • THC Content: 19%
  • CBD Content: Insignificant amounts
  • Indoor Plant Height: Average
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: afghani x skunk #1
  • Flavors: skunk, earthy, sweet
  • Best place to buy seeds:

Where To Buy Super Skunk Seeds

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Where Does Super Skunk Come From?

Super Skunk originated in California, where hundreds of plants were grown outdoors and bred over the years to give the plant its impressive characteristics.

Super Skunk was then brought to the Netherlands and became the hugely popular strain it is today.

When Did Super Skunk Strain Come Out?

Super Skunk was created sometime in the early 1970s.

But there’s no universal agreement among weed historians on the exact year when the strain came out.

Who Created Super Skunk Strain?

Super Skunk was created by Sacred Seeds – a team of breeders and growers, led by Sam Skunkman.

The Sacred Seeds team crossbred three marijuana plants to create the Super Skunk polyhybrid – Columbian Gold, Acapulco Gold, and an Afghani Indica plant.

Why Is It Called Super Skunk?

There are three theories in the weed community on the origins of Super Skunk’s name.

The first theory says that the strain gets its name from its natural parent plant – skunk weed.

The second theory suggests that Super Skunk gets its name from its strong, pungent smell.

And the third theory is that Super Skunk got its name from the man who created it – Sam Skunkman.

It’s likely that Super Skunk’s name is influenced by all three facts to some degree.

Is Super Skunk Strong?

Super Skunk is a medium-strength strain that is not overwhelmingly strong or powerful.

On average, Super Skunk has a THC level of 20%, which makes it great for recreational use.

Most cannabis strains have THC levels between 1% and 30%. And Super Skunk falls roughly in the middle of that range.

What Strains Are Similar To Super Skunk?

What Strains Are Similar To Super Skunk?

Super Skunk is a Sativa-dominant polyhybrid, so if you want strains that are similar to Super Skunk, you’ll have to look for other Sativa dominant polyhybrids or hybrids.

These are a few strains that should give you similar effects to Super Skunk:

  • Medical Kush
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • NYC Diesel
  • Super Blue Dream

How Does Super Skunk Make You Feel?

Super Skunk has a relaxing effect that is felt throughout your body – combined with a sense of well-being and general happiness.

This makes the strain perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Super Skunk is great for evening use when you want to put your feet up and forget about your problems for a while.

Super Skunk is a great strain for medical use as well as it helps alleviate stress, pain, and anxiety.

Is Super Skunk Indica Or Sativa?

Super Skunk is a hybrid strain that is 60% Sativa (Skunk #1) and 40% Indica (Afghani) genetics.

Which is why, it’s known as a Sativa-dominant strain.

What THC is Super Skunk?

Super Skunk has a medium THC level that is in the 16% to 20% THC range.

Is Super Skunk High In CBD?

Super Skunk has very low CBD levels that are around 1%.

Is Super Skunk Top-Shelf?

Super Skunk is widely regarded as a top-shelf strain.

But not all Super Skunk that you smoke is going to be top-shelf.

Only if the Super Skunk is grown properly will it be top-shelf.

Even if you buy your Super Skunk from a dispensary, it can sometimes be below standard and so not top-shelf.

If you want to have Super Skunk that’s 100% top-shelf, then you should grow it yourself or buy it from a dispensary that has a good reputation.

Why Is Super Skunk Hated By Many People?

The only reason that people hate Super Skunk is because it’s so popular.

To cater to the massive demand of Super Skunk, dispensaries keep lots of different varieties of Super Skunk available. Unfortunately, many of these Super Skunk varieties turned out to be fake and others were not even grown properly.

That’s why, when you buy Super Skunk, you can’t be sure of its quality.

So, I would encourage you to grow your own Super Skunk if you want to be sure of its quality.

Where To Buy Super Skunk Seeds?


As Super Skunk is a popular strain, you’ll find its seeds in stock in almost every dispensary.

But you should only buy seeds from a dispensary that has a good reputation and that gives you a germination guarantee.

These are a few seed banks that I would recommend you get your seeds from:

  • Weeds Seeds Express
  • Seedsman
  • ILGM

Who Has The Best Super Skunk Seeds?

It’s hard to say specifically which seed banks stock the best seeds.

Instead, try to determine the quality of seeds sold by the seed bank.

Reading customer reviews is a good way to get an idea of their quality.

Also, try to find out if the seed bank has a good reputation in the online weed community.

These are a few seed banks that I’ve bought from, personally, that have good quality Super Skunk seeds:

  • Crop King Seeds (5 Super Skunk Seeds for $65)
  • Sensi Seeds (5 Super Skunk Seeds for $37.65)
  • ILGM (5 Super Skunk seeds for $89)

Is Super Skunk Exotic?

No, Super Skunk is not an exotic marijuana strain.

An exotic strain is one that is either rare or that has some special features that other marijuana strains don’t.

Super Skunk is easy to find on any dispensary, and its features are pretty common, so it’s not an exotic strain at all.

How Does Super Skunk Taste?

Super Skunk has a sweet and fruity flavor. You will also get traces of earthiness and citrus when you smoke the strain.

And there is a strong skunky taste that is quite distinct. For people who want a sweet flavor backed by a stronger skunky taste, Super Skunk is a great choice.

What Does Super Skunk Smell Like?

Super Skunk is a highly aromatic bud that has a pungent ammonia smell that some people call ‘skunky’.

While the skunky smell dominates, you can also detect notes of cheese and woodiness as well, which make the smell pleasant.

Why Is Super Skunk So Popular?

Super Skunk is a 60/40 Sativa/Indica hybrid which means that you experience the distinct effects of both at the same time.

The THC levels are in the middle range, giving a moderate-high that won’t affect a person’s performance. The CBD levels are quite low too.

It’s also a strain that is easy to grow and flourishes well in most environments.

Super Skunk Growing Guide

Super Skunk is an easy-to-grow strain; and makes for a perfect plant for beginners. It grows well both indoors and outdoors.

Just remember that the plant has a really strong skunky smell that’s hard to hide.

So, if you don’t want the smell to attract unwanted attention, you should grow it indoors.

The strain also likes a warm and slightly humid environment.

So, you should grow it indoors with temperature and humidity controls unless you live in a naturally warm and humid climate.

Super Skunk grows in a similar manner to other marijuana plants, so I would suggest that you go through our step-by-step guide before growing marijuana.

Super Skunk Grow FAQs

These are the answers to some of the most common questions that growers ask about Super Skunk.

How Much Does Super Skunk Yield?

Super Skunk produces 550-600 grams of pure bud when it’s grown outdoors.

Indoors, the strain can yield a slightly lower yield of about 500-550 grams per square meter.

Is Super Skunk Difficult To Grow?

Super Skunk is an easy strain to cultivate and should be no problem for most people to grow.

Even novice weed growers will be able to get good yields from the strain without too much trouble.

How Long Does Super Skunk Take To Grow?

It takes 8-10 weeks for Super Skunk to flower if you grow it indoors.

If you’re growing the plant outdoors, then the flowering period is from September to October.

You should wait for 7 to 8 weeks before switching to the flowering stage.

The Sea of Green and ScrOG growing methods can both be used to grow Super Skunk to great effect.

How Tall Does Super Skunk Grow?

Super Skunk is a relatively tall strain that can reach a height of over 210 cm when it’s grown outdoors.

So, growers will have to keep it topped to keep the height under control.

If grown indoors, Super Skunk grows to about 120 cm.

And even new weed growers can easily keep the plant short through simple techniques learned over the internet.

How Tall Does Super Skunk Autoflower Get?

The Super Skunk autoflower is much shorter than the photoperiod plant.

If it’s grown outdoors, the autoflower grows to around 170 cm.

And indoors, the autoflower has a much shorter height of 70cm.

Is Super Skunk Mold Resistant?

Super Skunk, like other skunk strains, is very resistant to mold and other common diseases.

So Super Skunk is one marijuana strain that is particularly well-suited to be grown outdoors.

But keep in mind no marijuana strain is completely mold-resistant, so you should be careful to control your humidity levels.

When Should You Harvest Super Skunk?

If you’re growing Super Skunk outdoors, then your plants will be ready to harvest as September ends and October begins.

If you grow Super Skunk indoors, then your plants will be ready for harvest after 7 to 8 weeks of flowering.

But remember that these are only estimates.

It’s a better idea to keep an eye on your trichome’s color to get a crop that produces your desired effect.

If the trichomes are clear, it’s too early to harvest.

Once the trichomes take on an amber color, they’re ready to harvest for maximum potency.

How Does Super Skunk Compare To Other Strains

Let’s see how Super Skunk compares to other marijuana strains.

Super Skunk vs. OG Kush

Super Skunk vs OG Kush

Both strains have strong tastes, although OG Kush lacks the distinct skunky flavor of Super Skunk.

OG Kush has more of an earthy pine taste.

OG Kush also has a stronger potency because of higher THC levels as compared to Super Skunk. So you’ll get a stronger high with OG Kush.

The effects of each strain are slightly different too.

OG Kush is considered to be a more cerebral strain as it causes boosts in creativity accompanied by an uplifting euphoria.

While Super Skunk gives more of a relaxing effect on the entire body.

OG Kush is more susceptible to rot and doesn’t have the high resistances that Super Skunk has, thanks to its skunk weed heritage.

So, you’ll have to keep the humidity low to get the best yields from OG Kush.

With Super Skunk, you don’t have to worry too much about rot and humidity though, as it’s an easier plant to grow.

OG Kush is generally considered to be a difficult plant to grow, unlike Super Skunk.

Apart from susceptibility to rot and disease, OG Kush requires specific light and nutrient conditions to give good yields.

Also, if OG Kush is stressed, it will produce some male flowers and accidental seeds.

Growing Super Skunk is much easier as it can thrive in a wide range of environmental conditions and doesn’t have to be protected from diseases and rot.

Super Skunk vs. Skunk 1

Super Skunk vs Skunk 1

Both strains have a strong, skunky flavor backed by sweet undertones.

In terms of smell, the strains are hard to tell apart too because they have the same pungent ammonia scent.

These similarities are no surprise as both strains have a common heritage.

They have common genetic ancestors and were both created by the same team of breeders – Sacred Seeds.

And the common parent plants, that they are both derived from, lead to the strains having similar effects on users as well.

They both produce pleasant, relaxing effects on the body and give you a general feeling of contentment.

However, Skunk 1’s THC levels are lower than Super Skunk’s, leading to a milder high.

Both plants belong to the tough Skunk family, which means that they have a natural resistance to mold and diseases, and they can thrive in a variety of conditions.

Super Skunk vs. Northern Lights

Super Skunk vs Northern Lights

Super Skunk and Northern Lights both have really different tastes.

Super Skunk has a skunky sweet flavor, while Northern Lights’ flavor is a sweet earthy pine combo.

Both strains are perfect for relaxing after a stressful day. And give you a mellow, happy feeling that envelops your entire body.

Both strains are easy for beginners to grow, although Northern Lights can give you slightly higher yields than Super Skunk.

Also, Northern Lights buds are dense and compact, so they’re easier to manage for novices.

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Super Skunk vs. Critical

Super Skunk vs Critical

Critical has a much higher THC level that is around 29%. This makes it one of the strongest strains available.

Compared to Critical, Super Skunk’s THC level is much lower at around 20%.

So Critical is a much harder-hitting strain than Super Skunk.

The flavors of both strains are on the strong side.

They both taste pungent and earthy, but Critical lacks the sweetness of Super Skunk.

Both strains are suitable to grow for novices as they don’t require too much care. Critical has higher yields than Super Skunk, though, and grows much shorter than Super Skunk.

Critical has roughly half the maximum height of Super Skunk.

So, if you have a small growing space, then Critical is a better option than Super Skunk.