Herbies Seeds Seized? (Here’s what to do)

Have your seeds from Herbies been seized recently?

I’ve been in this situation myself before, so I know how frustrating (and worrying) it can be.

So what should you do?

This article will explain why Herbies seeds are sometimes seized, and what you can do about it.

Why did your Herbies seeds get seized?

To put it simply, you just got unlucky.

When you order seeds online, you’re going to get some seized now and again.

It’s just the way things are.

I’ve been buying seeds online for many years and have had seeds seized from various different seed banks.

It’s really no big deal, as long as you are using a reliable seed bank that guarantees delivery.

Most countries do random spot checks on international mail, so even if your package has been discretely packaged, there’s still a chance your seeds will get seized.

Looking at forums, Australian customs seem to be the worst culprit for this.

So if you’re in Oz, you should expect to have your seeds seized by customs more often than if you’re in the US or Europe.

What should you do when Herbies seeds get seized?

Don’t panic! simply contact Herbies and have them arrange to resend your seeds free of charge.

They offer a ‘stealth’ option which is usually set as the default shipping option.

Herbies’ stealth shipping option guarantees delivery, as they will hide your seeds in a random object.

If for some reason you used another shipping option, then I would still contact Herbies and try to negotiate them resending the seeds free of charge (I’ve done this with other seedbanks with a good success rate)

They want your custom so will usually bend over backward to make you happy.

If they don’t they are probably not a seed bank you should be using.

9 times out of 10 your second package will arrive just fine, just as it did for this guy

If this is your first time having some seeds seized, then you’re probably nervous and think that the government is going to kick your door down any second.

But don’t be. US, Australian, and EU customs won’t usually make a fuss over some organic material. And they usually just send a letter saying they destroyed your seeds.

Do Herbies Seeds Get Seized More Often?

Ok, so I’m not a total expert on Herbies, but I would imagine not. I’ve ordered from them once before and got my seeds fine.

I also know several other people who regularly order from Herbies seeds ( so I guess they don’t have any problems either)

Again, all seed banks will send packages that get seized from time to time. Herbies is no different.

How to prevent Herbies seeds from getting seized

Here are some tips to prevent your seeds from getting seized when using Herbies:

  1. Always use the stealth shipping option. This guarantees that your seeds will arrive in a discrete package.
  1. If it’s your first time ordering from Herbies, then order a small number of seeds, or place two orders. This way, if one gets seized, the other will most likely get through, and you won’t have to wait to start your growth.

Final Thoughts

It can be really nerve-wracking the first time you have seeds seized by customs.

Just stay calm and remember:

A) they don’t give a shit as they have bigger fish to fry

B) They just destroy them and at most send you a letter

C) Herbies will resend more seeds.

Seized seeds are very common. That’s why it’s so important to use a seed bank that guarantees delivery.

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