Seed Banks That Ship To Georgia (2022 Update)

If you’re from Georgia, buying cannabis seeds online can be daunting.

Growing and possessing cannabis is still illegal in Georgia, so growers must take extra precautions, including when it comes to buying seeds online.

In this article, I’ll tell you why it’s important to order from seed banks that ship to Georgia from inside the USA, and which seed banks I recommend that you use.

Seed Bank That Ship To Georgia

Why You Should Use A Seed Bank That Ships To Georgia From Inside The USA

After getting scammed one too many times, I’ve spent the last couple of years researching the best seed banks that ship to the USA, so I have a good understanding of how they work, and which ones should be avoided.

For anyone living in the United states (including Georgia) The best way to get your seeds quickly and safely is to order them from a seed bank that ships from within the United States.

There are several obvious benefits to this:

1. You get your seeds much faster (4-5 days) instead of 20+ days.
2. You don’t have to worry so much about US customs seizing your seeds and getting a nasty letter through the door.
3. You don’t have to pay so much for shipping.

Ordering from international seed banks is a headache and one that I no longer recommend doing (unless you’re looking for some super unique seeds)

So which seed banks ship from inside the US?

My Favorite Seed Banks That Ship To Georgia

Here are the seed banks that I currently order from.

Although I don’t live in GA, I would 100% use these seed banks if I lived in the Peach State.

There are of course other seed banks that ship to illegal states like Georgia, but in my experience, they take forever for the seeds to arrive and their customer service sucks.

1. WeedSeedsExpress

weed seeds express logo

WeedSeedsExpress is my favorite seed bank to use right now. They ship their seeds from a warehouse in California, and every time I’ve ordered from them, I’ve had my seeds delivered within 5 working days.

They stock some excellent genetics, offer very generous delivery and germination guarantees, and have some of the stealthiest shipping I’ve ever seen.

Check out my full WeedSeedsExpress review


I Love Growing Marijuana ILGM

ILGM is another European Seed Bank that will ship to Georgia from within the US.

Their warehouse is also located in California (probably the same one as weed seeds express) They are slightly more well-known than WSE, and offer the same lightning-fast shipping, and delivery guarantees, as well as guaranteeing that your seeds will germinate.

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Marijuana Seeds N L MSNL

MSNL is another seed bank that ships to Georgia. They have a huge selection of seeds, and even offer the option to pay with Paypal. They also claim to ship seeds from the US, but I’ve found that their shipping times can be slow sometimes (between 5 and 15 days) Still a good option though if you can’t find the seeds you’re looking for from the other two.

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Best Strains To Grow In Georgia

If you’re thinking about growing outdoors in Georgia (be careful) then it makes sense to pick strains that are best suited to the climate. Georgia has a subtropical climate, which means long hot summers and short cold winters. These warm and humid conditions are perfect for cannabis plants to thrive in. The biggest concern for growers in these conditions is heat stress (due to the high temperatures) and mold (due to the high humidity)

With that said, here are 5 strains that are perfect to grow in Georgia.

1. Acapulco Gold – A popular Sativa strain that’s in THC that produces huge yields. Loves being grown outdoors in a warm climate and is highly resistant to fungal infections. Moderately hard to grow and flowers within 63-75 days. Provides a nice euphoric high.

2. Amnesia Haze – This is a very resilient Sativa strain that has a delicious taste and smell. Flowering time is 9 weeks and she thrives in tropical climates. This plant can grow very tall when grown outdoors and produces large buds that are packed

3. Blue Dream –
one of the most popular strains in the world, Blue Dream produces awesome yields, is easy to grow, and flowers in 9 to 10 weeks. This is another plant that goes seriously tall when grown outdoors (2-3 meters) so might not be ideal if you’re trying to be discrete.

The Current Laws Regarding Growing Cannabis In Georgia

Before deciding to grow, it’s always a good idea to check your state’s laws on Marijuana cultivation and possession.

Unfortunately, the people who make the decisions in Georgia are still stuck in the dark ages. Unlike many other states in the US, Georgia is not weed-friendly.

According to, if caught growing, residents of Georgia can expect the following penalties. Each of the penalties below is classed as a felony (hence the super severe punishments)


  • 10 lbs or less – 1-10 years + up to a $5,000 fine
  • 10 – 2000 lbs 5-30 years + up to a $100,000 fine
  • 2000 – 10,000 lbs – 7-30 years + up to a $250,000 fine

Also, if you are caught growing within 1,000 feet of a school, a park, a housing project, or a drug-free zone, you can expect a sentence of between 5-10 years and a maximum fine of $40,000.

Personal Use:

If you are caught with weed (for personal use) then you can expect the following:

  • 1 ounce or less – up to 1 year + max fine of $1,000
  • More than 1 ounce – 1-10 years + a max fine of $5,000

Although these punishments seem heavy-handed. In reality, if you are caught growing weed in Georgia with a small amount for personal use, it’s very unlikely you will be punished.

This Georgia man was caught growing a pound of weed and after arguing that it was his medicine, the jury decided that he was “minding his own business and wasn’t hurting anybody” so they sent him home.

Cannabis Seeds:

Just like in most US states and countries around the world, it’s not actually illegal to possess cannabis seeds.

It’s only illegal once you start germinating them. That’s why seed banks can ship seeds to illegal states like Georgia. They simply say they are shipping ‘souvenirs’ that are not intended to be grown.

What would I do?

If I were planning a grow in Georgia, I’d grow a small amount very discretely (1-2 plants max) and be very careful not to get caught with weed on me around town.

I’d also order as few seeds as possible, so that if my shipment were to be opened (again, unlikely if you are shipping from inside the US) then you are exposed to less risk/suspicion.

However, it’s important that you do your own research and don’t take any risks you’re not comfortable with.


Does ILGM Ship to Georgia?

Yes, ILGM does ship to Georgia. They ship their seeds from a warehouse in California, so your seeds will arrive within 5 working days and won’t need to pass through US customs.

Can you buy cannabis seeds locally in Georgia?

Due to the state’s strict laws around cannabis, there are currently no seed banks or head shops that sell cannabis seeds locally.


To sum things up, if you live in the state of Georgia, it’s important that you minimize risks and order from a seed bank that will ship your seeds from inside the USA.

Most US seed banks will not ship seeds from state to state because of the legal complexities of each state having its own law, and the fact that shipping seeds cross states is still a federal crime.

I hope this article helped you.

Do you live in Georgia? Let me know in the comments how you get your seeds.


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