Caveman Seeds Review (Busted By Police, Avoid)

Caveman Seeds is an Australian ‘seed bank’ that promises to ship high-quality cannabis seeds from within Australia, avoiding potential customs issues.

So, are Caveman seeds legit? Should you order from them?

Let’s find out…

My Caveman Seeds Review

October 2022 update: as expected, Caveman seeds was busted and have had their website and seeds seized. Do not order from them (see below for more details)

As with most seed banks that claim to ship from Australia, Caveman seeds is one that I recommend you avoid.

Any seed bank operating in Australia is either fake and redirecting customers to European seed banks (like Australian seed bank) or they are operating illegally and are likely to be shut down at any moment

If that happens, not only would you lose your money, but the police would also have access to your information (orders, name, address, etc)

Instead, you should buy your seeds from established and reliable European seed banks that ship to Australia. One that offers delivery guarantees.

Unfortunately, there has been a rise in international packages being stopped by Australian customs recently, so many European seedbanks have stopped shipping there.

My understanding is that Herbies seeds is still shipping to Australia and will guarantee delivery for $25. You will also have to wait up to 25 days for your shipment to arrive.

Caveman Seeds Busted

Unfortunately, but as expected, on July 14th, 2022, Caveman seeds was busted by the Australian police.

It turns out that Caveman seeds were a 35-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman from NSW who were importing large quantities of seeds from Europe and shipping them around Australia.

Police raided their home and seized over 9,000 cannabis seeds. They also seized 148 packages of seeds from a post office, as well as many other prohibited items. The couple were charged with a whopping 25 different offenses between them.

Caveman seeds are officially cooked. However, their website still seems to be up and accepting orders.

Any orders you place are now likely to be seen by Australian authorities. So if you don’t want to be busted for ordering seeds online, you should avoid this seed bank.

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