Seedsman Review 2022 (My Experience)

This is my honest review of the popular seed bank Seedsman

It’s based on my personal experience ordering cannabis seeds from them.

In this Seedsman review, I’ll tell you what they do right, and what they do wrong.

My Quick Seedsman Review

Seedsman is the Amazon of seed banks, with a huge selection of strains at very low prices.

They also offer lots of good promotions & freebies, which can reduce the cost of your order even further. They even give you free seeds with every order.

This makes them a great choice if you’re on a tight budget.

That said, Seedsman shipping times to the US and Canada can be pretty slow. Most of my orders took over two weeks to arrive.

They also have pretty average customer service and make it difficult to reach an actual human being when you have a question.

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Continue reading this Seedsman review for a full breakdown of their pros and cons, and how they compare to the best seed banks that ship to the USA

Seedsman Pros

Seedsman Cons

  • Average customer service
  • Limited germination guarantee
  • Slower US shipping than ILGM
Seedsman Review

Who Is Seedsman For?

I would recommend Seedsman to anyone on a tight budget or who enjoys an Amazon-style shopping experience.

Seedsman stocks thousands of strains, so you don’t really need to go anywhere else to get your seeds if you don’t like shopping around.

Their loyalty program makes this even more tempting.

Because they are so big, their seeds are also very cheap.

I would advise against using Seedsman if you want quick shipping to the USA or customer service that will do anything to make things right.

For fast shipping and better customer service, I’d recommend going with a seed bank like ILGM.

Seedsman Alternatives

This Seedsman Review is part of my seed bank reviews series. I’m aiming to review all of the most popular seed banks, to see which ones are worth buying from.

Seedsman is a solid seed bank to use if getting high-quality, low-priced seeds is your number one concern.

For me, the best alternatives to Seedsman are ILGM and Weed Seeds Express.

Both of these Seed Banks offer better customer service and faster shipping than Seedsman.

If you are based in Canada then Crop King Seeds is a good option if you need your seeds to arrive quickly, but their seeds cost significantly more than Seedsman.

You can check out a full list of the seed banks I’ve reviewed below:

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How Reliable Are Seedsman?

Seedsman is a reliable seed bank.

They are a well-established seed bank that has a proven track record of delivering high-quality seeds to customers.

Seedsman stocks seeds from lots of different well-known breeders.


Seedsman Seeds has been in business since 2003, making them one of the older online seed banks around.

Based in Barcelona, they present themselves as experts in Cannabis genetics.

To their credit, they played a large role in bringing feminized seeds to market a few years back!

According to their about page, Seedsman is committed to preserving genetic lineages and passionate about legalization worldwide.

They also spend a portion of their profits to support Cannabis legislation and education, which gets them HUGE plus points.

More importantly, with strains from over 120 breeders, they have one of the largest seed catalogs in the world!

Strain Selection

Seedsman Strains

I’d like to start this Seedsman Review by talking about their strain selection.

One of the primary reasons that I love Seedsman is their HUGE strain selection.

With almost 4,400 different strains, Seedsman is one of the largest seed banks in the world!

New or limited edition strains can almost always be found on their site – if I can’t find a strain elsewhere, Seedsman usually has it!

They also usually have both auto-flowering and photoperiodic seeds of the same strain.

Their seed selection is well organized on the website, making it super easy to find what you’re looking for.

You can sort by strain type, growth characteristic, cultivation method, and much more.

Seedsman seeds are very beginner-friendly, with loads of strains that are perfect for first-time growers

They also have a section devoted to medicinal growers that are sorted by medical diagnosis.

When it comes to selection, there are few other seedbanks with more selection than Seedsman – so full marks from me here!


On the whole, I find Seedsman is above average when it comes to shipping their seeds and receiving your order. However, if you live in the United States (like me) then shipping times can be a little slow.

Although they ship seeds to illegal states like Georgia, they are still sending them from Europe, which means they will have to go through customs. Therefore, if you live in an Illegal state, it’s better to use a seed bank that ships from inside the US.

A few other seed banks have better shipping features but have a much more expensive flat rate for shipping.

With Seedsman, the shipping cost is calculated based upon your location rather than a flat rate.

And the price is generally pretty reasonable.

One important note is that they offer shipping insurance, and will only fix shipping/delivery issues on orders that have purchased it.

While this isn’t ideal, it’s understandable given the amount of fraud seed banks encounter – personally, I only opt for it on more expensive orders.

They also don’t offer to track Air Mail packages, but they do have an internal system to let you know when your order has shipped.

Overall I find Seedsman to be a good compromise between shipping features and cost, with some room to develop. 

But they have enough functionality with their shipping not to hinder your order experience in any way.


When it comes to discretion, Seedsman puts in a lot of effort to ensure your order arrives safely.

They take privacy seriously, and seeds are shipped in a standard bubble envelope without identifying markings.

This means that your seeds will arrive looking no different from any other mail!

Depending on your country, they will sometimes ship seeds inside a DVD case or another ordinary household item for added security.

Additionally, as mentioned above they accept both cash in the mail and bitcoin cryptocurrency for untraceable transactions.

Finally, entries on a credit card or bank statements are generic and will not identify your purchases!

With subtle shipping and privacy-oriented payment methods, Seedsman gets five stars for discretion.

Are Seedsman Seeds Any good?

Bad seeds won’t germinate, so seed quality is always the first thing I look at when choosing a supplier!

Seedsman seeds are great in this regard, and most customers report problem-free germination.

Relatively few seeds are dead on arrival, and plants have strong genetics once grown.

My personal experiences buying seeds from them have been great, with no germination issues at all so far!

However, It should be pointed out that Seedsman does not offer a clear-cut germination guarantee on their seeds.

If you live in a legal country, they will “endeavor to resolve the issue” – but only within 90 days of purchase.

Some other seedbanks such as ILGM offer no-questions-asked germination guarantees, so I’ve removed half a star from Seedsman in this category.

While it’s not the best policy around, reviews of their actual seed quality are great overall and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with buying your seeds online through Seedsman.

It should also be noted that because of their sheer size, Seedsman is able to offer seeds at some of the best prices I could order online.

Customer Service

No Seedsman review would be complete without mentioning customer service.

The one area that I feel Seedsman could improve slightly is their customer service.

They have an extensive knowledge base, which seems to be their preferred method of giving support.

Seedsman does have phone support numbers in various countries, but I’ve found that it’s mostly an automated system and can be a little difficult to get hold of an actual human.

I’ve had most success contacting them via email – they usually take less than 12-24 hours to reply.

NOTE: Their returns policy is only 14 days, so it’s a good idea to inspect your shipment as soon as you get it!

Overall, there’s room for improvement here, but their customer support seems pretty typical for such a large company and you shouldn’t have any issues with your order.

What Do Customers Think?

Seedsman Customer Reviews

One feature I really love about the Seedsman website is the reviews section under each strain.

It allows you to read other buyers’ experiences before you make a purchase, which has saved me from wasting money more than once!

I’ve also found it’s a great place to pick up grow tips from other growers, so make sure to give them a read.

Seedsman doesn’t delete negative customer seed reviews either, meaning you can trust you’re getting a balanced view.

On top of their seed reviews, Seedsman Seeds Reviews are generally very positive on Trust Pilot.

Despite some minor complaints here and there, the vast majority of Seedsman customers report excellent experiences and their strain reviews make choosing the right seeds a painless process!

Payment Methods

Seedsman offers a number of payment methods, including VISA credit card, Mastercard, bank transfer, money order, and check for your order.

For people who really want to remain anonymous, they also accept cash in the mail as well as Bitcoin!

If you pay by Bitcoin, you will receive 15-25% off your order as well as free seeds which is a great deal!

I found payment on their site to be easy and straightforward, and they have step-by-step instructions for each method so you can’t go wrong. 

I know a lot of people don’t want to go through the effort of purchasing bitcoin to buy cannabis seeds, so having the credit card option, bank transfer and other payment options is definitely a huge plus.

Overall, Seedsman offers a lot of payment options and they make it easy to use the one you prefer – no complaints here!


Seedsman put a good amount of effort into worthwhile discounts and promotions.

And with cannabis seeds being so expensive, Seedsmas excellent promotions are very welcome.

With various spend levels, you’ll not only get free shipping but free seeds with your order too!

Seedsman also has an excellent loyalty program allowing you to earn and spend loyalty points on all purchases.

You receive bonus loyalty points for stuff like your birthday, and for reaching five orders on your account!

I’ve noticed that they switch up the strains that are on sale fairly often, so make sure to check back often for new promotions.

Despite recently removing a few features that were being abused, Seedsman maintains a competitive loyalty program and is always improving it.

Discount Codes

You can get 10% off with discount code: SORRY10

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about

What is Seedsman?

Seedsman is an online cannabis seed bank based in Barcelona, Spain. They were founded in 2003 and are known for its cheap prices and large strain selection.

Are there any Seedsman discount codes?

Seedsman releases coupons from time to time on their sales page. However, one code that should get you 10% off is SORRY10

What is Seedsman’s shipping time to the USA?

Seedsman states that shipping to the USA will take approximately 5-25 days. In my experience, it takes about two weeks depending on U.S. Customs, although recently it has been closer to three.

Is Seedsman safe?

Yes! it is 100% safe to order your cannabis seeds from Seedman. They have been selling seeds since 2003 and have a good reputation in the cannabis community for low-cost seeds and a huge strain selection.

Is Seedsman legit?

Yes, Seedsman is 100% legit. They are a reputable seed bank and have thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot.

Where is Seedsman located?

Seedsman is located in Barcelona, Spain.
They also have customer service numbers in the USA and several other European countries.

Is Seedsman Safe?

Yes, Seedsman is a reputable seed bank and has a good track record of shipments arriving as expected. However, you should always check local laws before ordering seeds online

Does Seedsman Ship To Illegal States?

Yes, Seedsman will ship seeds to states where it is illegal to grow. However, you do so at your own risk. They will do everything possible to make your package discrete for shipping.

Does Seedsman Ship-To Texas?

Yes, Seedsman will ship to Texas. However, they clearly state on their website that you must check state laws before having seeds shipped to your state.

Does Seedsman Only Take Mastercard?

As well as Mastercard, Seedsman also accepts Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Cheques, Debit Cards, Sofort, and Cash


I hope you found this review of Seedsman useful. Here’s a quick summary…

Overall, Seedsman is a good seed bank to order from, with a huge selection of insanely cheap seeds. Although it can be frustrating when their seeds are out of stock (which is often) They stock many seeds that other seed banks don’t, at prices that most seed banks can’t match.

Let me know what you think about Seedsman in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “Seedsman Review 2022 (My Experience)”

  1. Perhaps you had a good experience, but many of us have not. My recent order of 8 seeds, with about twice that of freebies because my order was delayed 3 weeks, contained no viable seeds = 72 euros gone. This whole SNAFU has delayed my grow by 2 months so now I’ll run out of my supply and need to buy on the open market.

    Their customer service was slow to respond and very apprehensive in helping solve my problem, which [might] be giving me loyalty points to make up for the “problem.” Not enough points, mind you, to re-purchase the same items I am out. Very dissatisfied.

    I have many successful grows behind me, and this last time I germinated some left over seeds from Sensibleseeds with the whole group of Seedsman freebies and guess what, only the sensibleseeds sprouted.

    Either they were irradiated in the mail, or I was totally ripped off, either way I will never do business with Seedsman again. I totally disagree with your review and if you do some recent research reading customer comments you’ll find they have failed many since you wrote your review.

    • Hey Bob. Thanks for adding your experience with Seedsman. My experience was good overall but I did mention that their customer service could be improved. If you’re looking for stellar customer service, I’d recommend ILGM. Almost ALL seed baks will encounter similar shipping issues from time to time, but it’s how they respond that is important – Seedsman could obviously do better here!

  2. Their prices and promos are great. Unfortunately it took just short of a month for them to even ship it and I am still waiting for the actual delivery.
    Don’t be a rush, but good seeds and prices.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave your Seedsman experience Real. They can’t be beaten on selection or price. However, If you’re in the US and need faster shipping times, I would recommend purchasing from a Canadian seed bank like Crop King!

  3. I have spent thousands of dollars with this company, there was a misunderstanding in The check out process, they never tried to accommodate just told me where to go. Very dissappointed to have trusted these guys. Very poor customer service!

    • Sorry to hear about your bad experience Jenifer 🙁 While i’ve not experienced any issues with them and they are one of my go to seed banks, they could definitely improve their customer service. Let’s hope they listen.

    • I remember you and saw your review on trust pilot…. they said you didn’t order thousands of dollars of seeds, it was only like 280 dollars and you got your order. You are a liar.

  4. Hey ordered from seedsman few times last year was good experience but like statement above long shipping times but was worth it tried to order this year and it was just crap experience they had trouble with credit cards early in the year said they fixed it thought awesome will order now kept booting my card asked for help was told we take master card which was my case and then got to maybe international blocks so called card nope no blocks reminder same card from previous orders then took maybe 24hr to get customer service again then they said not taking my card was for my protection lmao run around already knowing the issue then they said to try one of the other payments like sending money or bit coin not what was advertised for USA so in short 2019 got 3 day run around to checking out and got nothing wasted time so 2019 seedsman not worth the trouble but your review would have fit 2018 seedsman

  5. Bought some seeds from seedsman recently. Arrived quickly to Australia. Seeds are not very big and some actually quiet small. Like a pinhead or smaller. Tried 3 seeds 2 germinated but not going well after putting in soil still hoping, they were Maui Waui and Panama Red. Master kush seed has been in moist paper towel for nearly a week and no action. Bit dissapointed with the seed quality. If I am paying aus $20 per seed I want big mature seeds not tiny little things you can hardly see. Have been buying seeds online for about ten years mainly from attitude seedbank and there was never a problem. Now I think all seeds coming out of europe going around the world are being zapped by some ray at customs as they dont seem to work like they used to. Probably thank the terrorists for this oh and the governments also.

  6. I had an order going over $100. Immediately I sent the money using Zelle in notes I put my order number. Three days they say there still waiting for payment. 2 weeks still says waiting for payment I look on my banking and it was sent and recieved. I emailed them they replied no problem they’ll look into it. Another week still says They are awaiting payment so I emailed them again with a picture of the payment sent from my Bank. They reply OK they’ll look into it and did this fix the problem I didn’t answer I wait two more weeks still says awaiting payment I email him again another picture of the Bank statement.
    Just checked the other day they canceled my order for not receiving payment. So I called my bank not only did they receive it they did receive it they did cash it they did excepted it so now they won’t even let me login I heard nothing back from them and I’ve been ripped off I tried calling I get an answering machine and explaining nobody gets back to me so this place is a total rip off to me I lost over 100 bucks.

  7. Worst possible experience with my first and last order. Tiny, unviable seeds some being shriveled. Not a single fat seed in the 25 I got. I started growing cannabis in 1973. After planting 10 seeds I have 1 plant.


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