Blimburn Seeds Review 2022 (My Experience)

Short on time? Here’s my Blimburn Seeds review for 2022

Blimburn Seeds is a high-quality seed bank with completely unique top-notch strains for affordable prices. However, the company’s lack of information, lack of payment options, and the inability to ship to America may dissuade some customers from buying from them.

If you’d rather buy from a seed bank that has fast shipping to the USA, excellent customer service, and lots of payment options, then I would recommend using ILGM or Weed Seeds Express.

Continue reading for a full list of the pros and cons of ordering from them, and to see how they stack up against the best seed banks to order from.

Blimburn Seeds Pros

  • Completely Unique Strains
  • 40+ Strains to Choose From
  • Renowned Seed Quality
  • Ships to Most of the UK and Canada
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Fairly Good Seed Return Policy

Blimburn Seeds Cons

  • Lack of Information on the Company
  • Can Only Pay with Card and Bank Transfer
  • Does Not Ship to the US Yet

Blimburn Seeds Alternatives

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Is Blimburn Seeds Safe?

Yes, Blimburn Seeds is safe!

They have been verified as a legitimate seed bank by the countless third-party seed banks they source seeds to and by their loyal following of customers, totaling over 78,000 on Facebook.

History & Reputation

about blimburn seeds

Blimburn Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that was founded in 2002.

They were created with the goal to breed completely unique strains with top-notch genetics, high psychoactive levels, and the maximum amount of stability.

There isn’t a lot of information on the foundation of the seed bank or the people behind it.

This in large part is due to the lack of effort they put into marketing or encouraging online reviews.

I found the lack of information on them unsettling, since buying from online seed banks can be very touch-and-go, and as a consumer, you want the most possible assurance that your investment is safe.

However, they have been recognized by numerous marijuana blogs and professionals for having legitimately quality seeds.

Seed Quality

Blimburn’s main focus is quality, they strive for the perfect flavor, potency, production, and psychoactive effect levels.

They spend years developing seeds and take extra measures to ensure the quality fo their seeds, like packaging them once every 2 months to ensure their freshness and breeding plants from seeds instead of cuttings.

Blimburn has a catalog of strains that include old European glories and replicated strains from the US, that they have bred and finessed using their very own gene stock.

Their seeds are stable and pure, producing powerful crops that do not need a vegetative growth cycle but rather can pass directly to cycles of 18 hours of light.

However, as quality as their seeds are, they do not have a listed germination guarantee, which in my opinion, is the best way for a company to stand behind the quality of their seeds.

For example, I Love Growing Marijuana has a strong 100% Germination Guarantee because they know their seeds are good.

They have even been reported to replace full orders when only a couple of seeds go bad.

Seed Selection

blimburn seeds strains

Blimburn Seeds offers completely unique quality strains. They offer feminized, autoflowering, and CBD seeds.

Their offerings are:

  •  11 Feminized American Seeds
  •  8 Original Feminized Seeds
  •  11 Certified Feminized Seeds
  •  2 American Autoflowering Seeds
  •  3 Original Autoflowering Seeds
  •  7 Certified Autoflowering Seeds
  •  1 CBD Feminized Seed
  •  1 CBD Autoflower Seed

They have a pretty solid selection of over 40 seeds.

While this is a reasonable amount of strains, if you are looking for even more selection, check out Herbies Seeds and Seedsman which both have strain varieties in the thousands.

Seed Prices

The prices of Blimburn’s seeds are very fair, especially considering the quality of the strains.

Below is a breakdown of Blimburn Seeds’ prices compared to other seed banks.

Girl Scout Cookies Price Comparison

Obviously, Seedsman has the cheapest seeds.

Because they are a weed superstore, with thousands of strain options, they are able to charge less for their seeds.

However, considering Blimburn’s small selection, their prices not being that far off from Seedsman’s is very impressive.

  • Blimburn Seeds 9 Feminized Girl Scout Cookies are $81.20 That’s $9.02 a seed.
  • Seedsman – 10 Feminized Girl Scout Cookies are $64.19 That’s $6.42 a seed.
  • MSNL – 10 Feminized Girl Scout Cookies are $116.60 That’s $11.60 a seed

Blimburn Seeds Sales, Discounts, & Promotions

Disappointingly, Blimburn Seeds has very little going on in the discount, deal, and promotions area.

They don’t seem to have any regular or rotating discounts and it doesn’t seem like their seeds ever go on sale.

The only promotion I found was one they are doing in partnership with Grow Diaries.

The promotion explains that if you create diaries on Grow Diaries to document your Blimburn seed’s progress from seedling to harvest, they will reward you with 50 free Blimburn seeds from your strain of choice, which is a pretty sweet promotion considering how much 50 seeds would cost you.

Payment Methods

You can pay for seeds with your card or bank transfers.

To pay with a card, after you “purchase” the seeds you will be sent a link.

You can then use the link to enter your card information and pay.

This is the quickest way to pay because your payment will be processed within 24 hours of that business day.

While paying with a card is definitely not the most discreet way to pay, Blimburn keeps it lowkey by appearing on your statement as “Mixart – Merchandising.”

For bank transfers, you will receive an email with Blimburn’s bank transfer details.

Transfer the total amount requested without bank fees.

Transfers can take 1-3 days to process so this is definitely the slower method.

While it’s convenient that they include the card option, they not including payment options like

PayPal or Bitcoin is definitely frustrating.

Replacement Seeds

Blimburn does have a pretty strong replacement seed policy- if you are a frequent customer.

If you have bought from Blimburn before they will replace the seeds you were unhappy with in your next order, free of charge.

If you don’t want to wait until the next order, you can ask them for a flexible replacement.

If you are a new customer who is unhappy with their seeds and wants a replacement or refund you have to notify Blimburn within 14 days of delivery.

They will ask for pictures or for you to send them so they can further investigate the situation.

If you want a fast replacement you have to pay for shipping and replacement seed fees:

  • Fee per replaced seed: 2,50€ per seed
  • Economy shipping: 7€ (takes 2 – 4 weeks)
  • Premium Shipping: Depends on Your Country

While it’s nice that Blimburn offers deals and steps to take to replace and refund seeds, their policy is unimpressive compared to other seed banks who replace disappointing seeds free of charge, like I Love Growing Marijuana.

In fact, I Love Growing Marijuana is so committed to their 100% Germination Guarantee that they give you 20% free weed seeds with each order.

Blimburn Seeds Customer Service

blimburn seeds reviews

Blimburn is as basic a seed bank as it gets, so they make few promises when it comes to their customer service.

They have a Contact Form for reaching out to customer service but provided no phone number which is less than ideal considering that talking on the phone about growing problems can be much more productive than communicating back and forth over email.

They do promise to answer all queries through the communication form by the end of the next business day.

They also have an active social media presence with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Otherwise, the lack of promises they make about their customer service, and the lack of reviews on it, reveal little about how good it is.

If you want to ensure that the seed bank you buy from has great customer service, buy from I Love Growing Marijuana, they provide friendly, fast replies to questions and go above and beyond to make sure customers are happy.


Blimburn seeds ships to Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

However, they do not ship to America. Yet.

They are working on setting up shipping their seed to America through the platform Homegrown Cannabis Co.

They are based in the US and are widely regarded as one of the best seed banks in the world, with a great selection, 100% germination guarantee, and premium seeds.

Discreet Delivery

They use discreet packages and have guaranteed delivery.

If you don’t get your parcel they will refund and replace your order.

If you decide you no longer want your order after it never arrives at your home, then they will refund the total amount.

Shipping Cost

They do not list the cost of shipping on their website which is frustrating, nor do they list any deals on shipping if you spend a certain amount.

When I looked, it seems shipping comes out around the 15 – 25 euro range which is fairly pricey.

Shipping Times

The shipping times they listed on their website were:

  • Europe: 1 – 3 business days after shipping
  • Canada: 2 – 5 business days after shipping

They provide a tracking number with each shipment which is nice. However, they did not list how shipping has been affected by COVID, which it probably has, so I doubt these numbers are still accurate.

Blimburn Seeds Review

With top-notch, completely unique strains, affordable prices, and an excellent return policy, Blimburn seeds has a lot going for it.

I would give them a favorable review but with their lack of information online, lack of payment options, and their inability to ship to America, I would recommend checking out other, better seed banks.

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  1. I live in America and order from Blimburn alot and have never had a problem. i usually get my order in 4 working days or less.

  2. This is my eleventh year of growing indoors with a super closet grow box. I messed up everything for the first 2 or 3 seasons. Sorry to say, but true. This is my first order from Blimburn seeds. I must say that when i received them the first thing I noticed was how immature they looked. I never complain about stuff but dang. They had a BOGO thing going so i ordered some. Out of 5 that I started. Only 1 has popped. I know everyone is going to say that it is my screw-up, so let it be but I have never tried to pop such young seeds. When one orders from a place at half price … Understand you get what you pay for.


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