True North Seeds Review 2023 (My Experience)

Short on time? Here’s my True North Seeds Review for 2023

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend True North Seeds as a reliable seed bank. Although they have a large selection of strains and good promotions, many growers experience seed quality issues. They also have a very poor customer service record. There are much better seed banks to buy your seeds from.

If you’d rather buy from a seed bank that has fast shipping, good customer service, and excellent customer reviews, then I would recommend using ILGM or Weed Seeds Express.

Continue reading this True North Seeds review to discover the pros and cons of ordering from them, and to see how they stack up against the best seed banks to order from.

True North Pros

  • Large selection of strains
  • Loyalty points program
  • Lots of promotions
  • Most payment methods accepted
  • Discreet shipping

True North Cons

  • Many complaints about them on Reddit
  • Poor rating on Trustpilot
  • Nonexistent customer service
  • No germination guarantee
  • No bitcoin discount

True North Seeds Alternatives

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About True North Seeds

about true north seeds

True North Seeds is based out of Toronto, Canada.

As far as company history goes, they don’t offer much information about how or when the company came together.

Perhaps due to the fact that they are a smaller-scale seed bank and are still trying to find their footing in the cannabis industry, they chose to forego their “about me” for more important information such as product selection and quality.

Since they are a relative newcomer on the seed bank scene, they haven’t built a solid name for themselves yet.

However, I can assure you that they are 100% legit.

According to their “About” page, their main focus is on the customer and ensuring they have all their needs met.

They also frequently reiterate their commitment to offering both a wide variety of seeds and top-quality products—more on that later.

Seed Quality – 4/5

Seed Quality True North Seed Bank Review

Seed quality is arguably the most important thing when choosing a seed bank to source from.

Because True North simply resells other brands of seeds and doesn’t breed their own, quality is more dependent on which brand you choose.

This is the primary reason why reviews of True North are hit or miss.

It typically has little to do with the company itself and more to do with which brands and strains are purchased.

Of course, it’s typically better to buy directly from a breeder as adding a middleman can up the price and decrease the freshness of the product.

However, if your breeder of choice doesn’t ship to your country or accept your preferred method of payment, then it’s necessary to go through a middleman such as True North.

In good news, True North stocks seeds from many well-known breeders.

This means seed quality is typically very high, assuming you research the breeders themselves.

It’s important to note: True North does offer any sort of germination guarantee.

According to True North’s legal disclaimer, they do “not accept any product-liability” nor do they “give any guarantees”.

Many seed banks, such as ILGM, have a no questions asked policy when it comes to seed germination.

For this reason, I’ve docked True North a star in this category.

Strain Selection – 4.5/5

true north seeds strains

True North stocks a wide variety of seeds from numerous breeders, including many big name brands such as Barney’s Farm, Nirvana, Royal Queen and Sensi.

All together, True North offers seeds from around 45 breeders.

To find the perfect strain for you, simply use the search feature on the left-hand side of the site.

Here, you can sort seeds and strains by various criteria.

You can search by seed type, including regular, autoregular, feminized, auto-feminized, and autoflowering.

There are also seeds designed for specific growing conditions, such as indoors, outdoors and greenhouses.

Some seeds offer higher yields, are quicker to flower and grow to various heights. You can also search by sativa, indica or hybrid and THC and/or CBD content as well. All in all, True North has more than 1,500 different seeds available.

As far as selection goes, True North has one of the largest I’ve seen, although they may not all be of the same quality.

For this reason, I’ve awarded them 4.5 stars.

Customer Service – 1/5

true north seeds reviews

According to many reviews on popular online forums, True North’s customer service is fairly adequate.

Many problems seem to stem from people not reading the legal disclaimer in which they assume no liability for their products.

This means if you email regarding germination (or lack-there-of) or seed quality, you will likely be sent a generic response in which they politely say there is nothing they can do.

Other reviews seem to be hit or miss with True North in regards to customer service.

Some customers report very quick response times and quick remedies to any situation, while others report the exact opposite—some even citing a complete lack of reply.

Since the majority of reviews regarding customer service with True North are fairly positive, I’ve only docked them one and a half stars.

True North Customer Reviews – 2/5

Customer Reviews True North Seed Bank Review

Reviews vary greatly with True North.

Most online forums have them sitting at around two to three stars.

However, many one or two-star reviews have to do with product quality and germination, which as we covered in the previous section: do not guarantee anything.

Some customers swear by True North and state they’ve never had any problems with the company, while others say they never received their product.

This could have to do with customs seizing orders or a number of other situations, though as well also mentioned before: the customer service department seems to be somewhat lacking.

Payment Methods – 4/5

True North offers several options for payment methods including debit/credit card (Visa and Mastercard only), international money orders, cash, bank transfer, and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum).

You can place your order online, over the phone, or through the mail via a printed order form and international money order.

All orders will be charged in CAD and prices displayed in USD, EUR, and GBP are all approximate and fluctuate daily depending on the current exchange rate.

One important thing to mention is all debit and credit card payments are subject to a 7.5% card processing fee.

There is no fee with other payment methods.

While True North offers a variety of payment methods, the card processing fee is a little on the high side in comparison to other seed banks I’ve researched.

For this reason, I’ve docked them a star.

Shipping – 4.5/5

Shipping True North Seed Bank Review

True North ships worldwide.

Depending on where you order from, your order will either be shipped from True North’s shipping center in Canada or their European distribution center in the United Kingdom.

True North charges a flat shipping fee per order, though orders over $525CAD (approximately $420USD) receive free delivery.

This fee is regardless of the number of cannabis seeds you purchase.

True North offers “guaranteed delivery insurance” for customers ordering from the USA or Canada (which means they will resend your order should it go missing), as well as what they call “extra safe” shipping options, both at an extra charge.

Delivery times vary depending on your location.

For example, orders shipped within Canada and the USA typically arrive in 5-14 business days.

Orders shipped within Europe typically arrive within 3-14 business days.

For shipping times to all other countries, refer to the delivery page for more information.

One thing I appreciate about True North is all orders are trackable and as soon as your order ships you will receive a tracking number.

True North’s shipping prices are a little high compared to other banks, and their minimum for free shipping is quite high.

However, delivery times are relatively quick so I’ve only docked half a star from this category.

Discretion – 4/5

In most cases, seeds are sent in their original breeder packaging, unless otherwise requested.

Depending on where the order is being shipped to, True North may remove seeds from their original packaging to help ensure safe delivery.

All products are packed in bubble wrap or similar protective material and shipped in padded envelopes.

The only information printed on the envelope will be your address details.

There will be no information indicating the contents of the package, nor the company name.

One of the “extra safe” shipping methods mentioned above includes the addition of another product such as a t-shirt, wallet, or similar item.

This also helps ensure your order arrives without issue.

Overall, True North’s discretion is similar to other seed banks I’ve researched, though the prices are a tad higher.

True North Discounts/Promotions – 4/5

Discounts Promotions True North Seed Bank Review

True North offers free seeds with each order placed.

They also have rotating deals featured on their promotions page.

Some promotions are based on the amount of money spent and some are breeder specific.

I recommend checking the page before you place your order to ensure you get the best deal possible!

True North Reliability – 2/5

As mentioned previously, reviews vary greatly when it comes to True North’s reliability.

While most problems seem to come from lack of communication or reading the company’s fine print, most customers do report receiving their orders in a timely and discreet manner.

However, with all the conflicting reviews of True North, I’ve decided to award them only three and a half stars in reliability.


Where is True North located?

True North is based out of Toronto, Canada.

Where does True North ship from?

Depending on where you order from, your order will either be shipped from Canada or the United Kingdom.

What is the shipping time to the USA?

Orders shipped to the USA typically arrive in 5-14 business days from the date on which payment is received.

Where does True North get its seeds?

True North is a reseller, meaning they do not breed their own seeds and simply resell other brands.

Does True North offer any discount codes?

Beyond the free seeds with every order, if you sign up for True North’s monthly newsletter, you receive a discount code for 20 percent off your next order and a chance to win $100 worth of free seeds each month!

Final Thoughts – True North Seeds Review January 2023

Overall, True North is not my first choice when it comes to seed banks, though they are definitely a real company.

While they do offer seeds from reputable breeders and have a wide variety of strains to choose from, their customer service seems to be lacking.

On a positive note, their quoted shipping times are on the quicker side from what I’ve seen and experienced with other seed banks.

Have you ordered with True North? Let me know your experience in the comments!

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23 thoughts on “True North Seeds Review 2023 (My Experience)”

  1. I find True North to be a substandard seed bank. From issues with payment processing to their lack of communication, I would only use them if they were the only one who carried a specific strain I wanted.

  2. They are the worst in customer service. I have sent 2 messages over the last few days and still no responce??? Made 2 phone calls to them and was on hold for almost an hour the first call and got disconected, then next call 45 minutes and was told next in line and again disconnected again. That’s when I emailed them. Still waiting on a response. Not good business.

    • I had better luck phoning them then emailing, but it was a real grind. Not what you’re looking for from an online business. Thanks for your comment!

  3. My wife and I have ordered from True North for over a year without any issues of delivery and germination issues. Will continue to use them.

  4. buyer beware!
    i ordered 30 seeds and had only 4 germinated.
    when i contacted them i got a ridiculous reply stating the products were “souvenirs” and they could not discuss germination due to legalese. see below.
    they should change their name to “souvenir seed bank”
    i will never buy from these scum bags again.
    ripped off for $240!!!!

  5. I have used TNSB on several occasions, all with great success. Shipping has been fast and flawless, full germination and a nice product at the end. I ordered seeds from MSNL. a seedbank that you rate much higher. I had to send cash, pay through the nose to get my money to them, waited forever to get any response that my money was received and then after 4 weeks of shipping got seeds that had a 20% germination rate. True North had none of these issues and is a great company in my opinion.

    • Hey Logan, thanks for your comment. They’re definitely a legit Seedbank and have many happy customers, I’ve just had a lot of trouble in the past trying to contact them and get them to reply to issues. I’ve also heard quite a few horror stories. However, as I say, I may be the exception!

    • Thanks for your comment Logan. As i mention in the review, there are definitely happy TNSB customers out there (like yourself) But I and many other growers have had issues ordering from them and getting them to reply to concerns, so I just can’t recommend them 🙁

      • I have completed many transactions with TNSB over the past 2 years and have never had any problem with germination or quality . I have had a few issues with deliveries 1 went missing so I sent a ticket and in 2 days they wrote me and said they would ship me a replacement order ! I was so pleased !
        However I ordered on 420 ( April 20, 2020) , transferred cash immediately and here I am a month later with my order still showing on their site as pending e- transfer . Having written them 2 times ,and both tickets were answered with a copy/ pasted “covid 19 delay info” type of response . I just wanna know where my money is ?! It shows as transferred from my bank yet they haven’t received it ? No one answering my mail or phone calls so perhaps they are no longer in business??Super frustrated ! This will be my last order if they don’t answer me by May 30 . I wouldn’t send them any business right now …..just a little heads up !

  6. I joined their affiliate program just over a year ago now, have sold 10k $ worth of seeds for them, they owe me 2000$ from sales and have not payed a cent. I’ve sent endless emails to them and called numerous times with no reply. Also bought their Canuck Puck with all “fems” and got 2 males out of them so far. I do not recommend these guys at all. Bunch of scammers

  7. True North Seeds is a garbage company with a dismal 2.2 Trustpilot rating and even worse 1.7 Facebook rating. They leave a trail of lies, fraud and disappointment wherever they go. Ridiculous review.

    • Hi Jim. Thanks for your comment, but you obviously didn’t read my review. I clearly state that i don’t recommend TNSB at all, and give my reasons why. I also recommend far better seed banks to use.

  8. I had issues with my seeds and couldn’t get any response. I gave them a 2nd try, and during a 70% off sale I spent a LONG time inputting an order and the site had issues at the end. i tried to recover it no luck. I did it all again, same result. next day the sale was over, I contacted them about still getting the discount because I tried to do it the correct day. They told me to phone. i phoned several times and didn’t get an answer. Not using them again. i ended up ordering from Crop king and so far 5 of 5 germinated and plants are looking good.

  9. just ordered 10 seeds last week, havent heard anything from them regarding shipping, have emailed and tried to call only to be put on hold, still havent talked to anyone.
    I feel like im likely never going to get my seeds, and if they do show up, they likely wont germinate. i wish i would have done my research on these guys before hand.
    I will likely give crop king a try.
    Thanks James

  10. 3 out of 5 on customer service? Really?

    “They’re hard to contact and when I finally got through to them they told me that they would do things that they didn’t.”

    So what would a 2 star be then? Actively kicking you in the nut sack when you ask for help?

    I feel like this article is trying to give them a far better score than they deserve.

    • Hi Isaac, I’ve updated this review a few times since i first wrote it, and could definitely do with updating their scores – their customer service is horrible and seems to be getting worse over time 🙁

      I definitely don’t want to give them a better score than they deserve, at the top of the article i have a message saying that i don’t recommend them and to not buy from them

      Thanks for pointing this out to me, i will update the scores shortly.

  11. Bought from these guys for years with no problems until last two orders. Last order earlier this year I was screwed out of my freebies and I never received a response to my opened ticket. My most recent order was 3 weeks ago, I got an email today that Visa was no longer accepted, but, discover and diners club are ok, really? Don’t know why customer service has slipped so badly, but, can no longer recommend buying from these guys. Can’t blame everything on Covid-19.

  12. Ordered 4 seeds. 2 wouldn’t germinate, 1 germinated but was so weak it died and the 4th germinated but is also weak and looks like it is going to die. Tried contacting them twice but totally ignored. Total rip off. No phone, no reply to email and total crap for seeds. Would not recommend anyone purchase. Avoid as there are many others that are better. Rating would be Zero.

  13. Male seeds!!!
    They offer promotions buy 2 get 2 free…. sounds great doesn’t it!
    Well the 2 free ones just about destroyed my entire crop.
    Yes the 2 free ones were male!
    Why on earth in this age of genetic technology would they provide ‘regular’ seeds that are male when there site claims “Female Only seeds”… then the excuse was the freebies may not be feminized.
    UG – what a waste of time and energy in the care in growing plants.
    Go somewhere else and actually be guaranteed female plants.


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