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With extremely low prices and free shipping, is one of the most affordable seed banks out there. However, with a lack of payment options and so many negative reviews and experiences recorded against them, I can’t recommend them.

If you’d rather buy from a seed bank that has a history of excellent customer reviews, then I would recommend using ILGM or Weed Seeds Express

Continue reading this review to discover the pros and cons of ordering from them, and to see how they stack up against the best seed banks in the world.

Cannabis Seeds Pros

  • In Business for Over 20 years
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Insanely Cheap Prices
  • Source Seeds from an Award-Winning Dutch Breeders
  • 6 FREE Seeds with Each Order
  • 47 Top-Notch Strains Listed on Their Website
  • Private Payment Process

Cannabis Seeds Cons

  • Lack of Reviews
  • Negative Reviews About Not Getting Seeds
  • Low Germination Rate
  • Many Customers Have Received Crushed Seeds From Them
  • Destabilized Hyrbids and Ripped-Off Strains
  • Does Not Accept Bitcoin, Paypal, or Credit Cards

Cannabis Seeds Alternatives

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Is Safe?

While has been functioning for over 20 years, and numerous customers have attested to getting quality seeds from them, I can’t confidently state that you’ll be happy with the products they provide you, if they provide you with products at all.

Despite being in business for so long, they only have a 3.9 / 5 stars rating from 7 reviews on Trustpilot, 18 Facebook followers, and some poor reviews on other cannabis sites, like Grasscity Forum and Rollitup.

Reviews on them range from glowing testimonials that praise the quality of their products and their low prices to warnings that they don’t actually follow through on their orders.

If you are worried about’s lack of verification, but love that they offer worldwide shipping and top-notch cannabis strains, try MSNL.

They have over 3,200 reviews on Trustpilot, with an impressively high overall score of 4.2 stars out of 5.

History & Reputation

about cannabis seeds was started in 1999, over 20 years ago, making them one of the older seed banks you can buy from.

They source their seed from an award-winning Dutch breeder who uses organic methods, meaning no amino acids or forced lighting, to produce the seeds.

Their main claim to fame is how affordable their seeds are since they sell their seeds at wholesale prices, and they provide you double the seeds for the cost of 6.

They are very hands-on with strain selection, which is why so many of their strains are top-notch, award-winning varieties, and they pack their seeds by hand.

However, their reputation is very hit-or-miss.

The internet is pretty divided, with some swearing by the quality of and calling it their go-to dispensary while others have labeled it as a scam that takes your money and sends no seeds or damaged seeds.

Seed Quality

All of the strains that sells are award-winning, top-notch varieties, however many individuals have voiced concerns about the seed having ripped-off genetics, or being hybrids that aren’t stabilized yet.

Also worrying is the fact that they don’t make any claims about their seed’s quality on their website and also do not list any germination guarantees.

From reviews, it seems like their germination rate is somewhere around 50% which is not great. However, they do double the number of seeds they include in each order, which ups their rate to closer to 100%.

Keeping their low germination rate in mind makes their low prices and the inclusion of “6 free seeds” seem a lot less impressive.

They have the highest germination guarantee on the market, at 100%, and even include free seeds with each order to ensure the most seeds possible germinate.

Seed Selection

cannabis seeds strains has 47 quality strain varieties to choose from.

If you are looking for auto-flowering seeds though you will have to look elsewhere, they only sell feminized varieties. One place with incredible auto-flowering strains is Fast Buds Seeds.

Autoflowering seeds are their specialty, and they also have renowned customer service, affordable prices, and a 98% germination guarantee.

If you just want more options than 47 in general, whether they are regular, feminized, or auto-flowering seeds, check out a weed super-store like H have thousands of strain varieties Herbies Seeds or Seedsman which has thousands of strain varieties.

Seed Prices

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the best things about is how low their prices are. The cheapness of their seeds makes them worth taking the risk of receiving no seeds, crushed seeds, or lackluster seeds for many buyers. .

White Widow Price Comparison

  • 12 Feminized White Widow Seeds for $69
  • Seedsman: 10 Feminized White Widow Seeds for $67
  • I Love Growing Marijuana: 10 Feminized White Widow Seeds for $119

For this price comparison, I factored in the 6 “free seeds” that you get from, pricing their seeds at $5.75 a seed, which makes their 12 seeds a little less expensive than Seedsman’s 10 seeds, which are priced at $6.70 a seed.

However, Seedsman is a lot more reliable than, with a 4.1 / 5 stars rating on Trustpilot out of 15,269 reviews, excellent shipping, and a germination guarantee, so that coil makes the extra $0.95 worth it to you.

On the other hand, although I Love Growing Marijuana seems the most expensive, they are running a promotion right now that if you buy 10 white widow seeds you get 10 free, which would make them almost as cheap as at $5.95 a seed.

One of the best things about I Love Growing Marijuana is that they are always running excellent promotions. Sales, Discounts, & Promotions

There are no promotions that I could find on, but that’s probably because their seeds are already so cheaply priced.

The sales that they feature are their normal ones, like buy 6 seeds get 6 free, and they also have impressive bulk buying deals.

For example, you can get 60 feminized White Widow, Himalayan Gold, and Silver Haze seeds for $180. That’s only $3 a seed, which is unbelievably cheap.

Payment Methods offers a variety of secretive and untraceable payment methods.

They promise not to keep any electronic records of your purchase.

You can pay with:

  • Money Orders
  • Postal Orders
  • Moneygram Money Orders
  • Cash

While it’s great they offer so many secretive payment options, the fact that they don’t offer convenient methods like Bitcoin, Paypal, or even credit cards is frustrating. Customer Service

cannabis seeds reviews

You can access their customer service team through their Contact Us page or by calling them at the number they provide at the top right corner of their homepage.

Of their 7 reviews on Trustpilot 6 were 5 stars and commended’s customer service team, while the 1 that was one star skewered them.

Also, on other review sites, there have been lots of complaints from people who reached out to the team and didn’t hear anything back.

Because of the mixed reviews, it’s hard to say whether they have good customer service or not.

The seed bank with the best customer service in the industry is I Love Growing Marijuana. They provide fast, friendly responses to queries and prioritize keeping customers happy.


Although promises that they carefully hand-pack seeds in “crush-proof” packaging, a huge chunk of negative reviews on the company are from people who received crushed seeds.

Most of what they list on their website about their shipping is great though, like their discreet delivery style with no sender info on the outside of packages, their free delivery on all orders, and their ability to deliver to every country worldwide.

Shipping Cost offers free shipping worldwide on all orders, which on top of how cheap their seeds are already is an unbelievable deal.

They also offer a tracked shipping option which costs $25. That may seem like a lot, but by purchasing tracked shipping, in a way, you’re buying insurance for your seeds.

Shipping Times

They promise to ship orders as soon as they received your payment.

They promise that shipping worldwide takes 3-8 working days, however, that seems a bit far-fetched to me based on logic and reviews on Review

If your priority is paying the least amount for your seeds possible then I would recommend buying from, since with their incredibly low prices and free shipping they have most other seedbanks beat in that area.

However, since there is so little known about the quality of the seeds,’s customer service, and whether they will actually get the seeds to you safely, I don’t think this is a good seed bank to buy from.

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