ILGM Seeds Review 2020 – A Legit Seed Bank? (I Love Growing Marijuana)

I’ve been buying seeds from ILGM for a few years now…

And just like most of the cannabis community, I rate them very highly.

However, they’re definitely not suited to everyone.

ILGM Review: In contrast to most seed banks, ILGM offers FREE ultra-fast shipping to the USA (4-6 days on average) Their customer service is excellent, with fast response times and a rare 100% germination guarantee.  However, their seeds can be pricey and they also don’t ship to Canada or the UK.

Read on to find out how I Love Grow Marijuana compares to the other best seed banks!

ILGM Review 2020

Pros of ILGM Seedbank

  • Guaranteed 100% germination
  • Best customer service of all the seed banks I’ve ordered from
  • Fast & FREE shipping to US & Europe
  • 10 FREE seeds when you order 10 seeds
  • FAST shipping to the US & EUROPE (4-10 days average)
  • ILGM seeds are high-quality and guaranteed to germinate
  • Delivery is guaranteed or they will ship seeds again for free
  • Shipped in discreet packaging
  • VIP program offers access to special strains, discounts, and other perks
  • Specially selected seeds and grow packs for beginners
  • 10% discount on entire order if you use Bitcoin
  • Awesome video reviews of strains
  • Loads of free resources available directly from the website
  • Also ships to New Zealand and Australia
  • Useful Forum to talk with fellow growers
  • ILGM Reviews are overwhelmingly positive on TrustPilot
  • I Love Growing Marijuana reviews are very positive on Reddit

Cons of ILGM Seedbank

  • Don’t ship to Canada or UK
  • Seed prices are expensive compared to other seed banks
  • $25 fee to ship to Australia or New Zealand if your order is under $150.
  • $25 fee if you want your shipment tracked

Who is ILGM for?

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ILGM is a premium seed bank, for growers who don’t mind paying a little more for a better service. Yes, you will pay a little more for your seeds, but you get fast shipping times, fast responses to your emails, plus delivery and germination guarantees. Most popular seed banks don’t have any of these!

Who is ILGM not for?

If you live in Canada or are on a super tight budget, then I would recommend using Seedsman or Crop King

ILGM Best Selling Seeds:

I Love Growing Marijuana has a very high-quality standard across their products, but below we’ve listed some of their most popular strains available:

Check out their full list of best-sellers

Seed Bank Leaderboard

This I love growing marijuana review is part of my best seed bank review series.

I’ve had some awful experiences ordering seeds online, so I’m fighting back.

My goal with this series is to help growers avoid using scammy seed banks when ordering their seeds.

I want to make sure that you are as informed as possible before buying your seeds

Here’s my table so far.

Seedbank Rating
1. Seedsman (EU) 4.7/5
2. IGLM (EU) 4.7/5
3. Growers Choice Seeds (EU) 4.3/5
4.  MSNL Seeds (EU) 4.3/5
5. Sensi Seeds (EU) 3.9/5
6. Crop King Seeds (CAN) 3.9/5
7. Gorilla Seed Bank (EU) 3.8/5
8. AMS (EU) 3.8/5
9. True North (CAN) 3.8/5
10. Attitude Seed Bank (EU) 3.7/5

Is ILGM Legit/Fake?

Many readers ask me if ILGM is fake, soi thought I’d clear this up right away.

Is ILGM Legit? Yes, ILGM ( is 100% legit. Founded in 2012, they are now are considered one of the most popular seed banks. This is backed up by a stellar rating on consumer review websites such as Trustpilot.


ilovegrowingmarijuana review
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I Love Growing Marijuana began as a blog by grower Robert Bergman.

Bergman started growing over 25 years ago at home with just a few plants.

His operation then expanded in a major way to seed labs and plantations.

No longer interested in large-scale production, he decided to start sharing his insights with fellow growers via his blog.

The blog blew up so he pulled in breeders and ILGM became a seed bank.

Robert is very passionate about growing marijuana and enjoys sharing that passion with others.

Seed Quality – 5/5

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One of the things that sets apart is that the site author, Robert Bergman, hand selects the seeds to ensure their quality.

This is a big deal because Robert brings about 25 years of growing experience in his selection process.

The quality of ILGM seeds is guaranteed.

If your seeds don’t germinate, i.e. they don’t sprout and start growing, you get your money back.

It’s that simple.

They just wouldn’t offer that promise unless they were supplying the highest quality seeds.

Strain Selection – 3/5

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UPDATE: Over the past year or so they’ve probably added 40-50 additional strains so they’re definitely improving on their total selection.

This is maybe the one area where falls a little short…

I Love Growing Marijuana doesn’t have the largest selection of strains compared to giant seedbanks like Seedsman.

However, the site currently sells around 70-80 different strains, which is more than enough for most growers.

And they include all the categories of strains you would expect to see – Feminized, Autoflowering, Fast Flowering, and Regular.

They also have some awesome strain review videos like this one…

Customer Service – 5/5

I don’t have to rely on the customer service from ILGM very often because frankly, they almost always get it right the first time.

However, when I have had to contact them, they are always super friendly, fast, and helpful.

Any questions you have are answered promptly which is a big plus when dealing with seed banks ( many of them don’t reply at all! )

This is especially important when you are a beginner and have questions about your seeds.

Their 24/7 support system makes you feel confident that you can reach out and ask a question anytime.

You can also turn to their popular forum if you want to discuss a particular with fellow growers.

Customer Reviews – 5/5

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One thing I LOVE about the ILGM website is that each strain has loads of reviews from growers

This is pure gold, as it allows you to see what other growers thought of growing or consuming the strain – before you buy it.

Additionally, on Reseller Ratings, ILGM receives very high marks. 9.8/10 with nearly 350 reviews is impressive.

I have to agree with the sentiments of these reviewers.

They remark again and again about the speed of delivery, the quality of the seeds, and the customer service

What more could you ask for from a seed bank?

Payment Methods – 4.5/5

ILGM makes it very easy to pay for your seeds and offer step-by-step instructions for each payment type.

It couldn’t be more simple or clear.

You can pay via bank transfer, bank deposit, credit card, cash, check, or Bitcoin.

Using Bitcoin is a great option because it’s 100% anonymous and they offer a 10% discount on all Bitcoin orders.

However, I usually just use a standard credit card.

If you want to use to most untraceable option, you can actually mail them cash and they will fill your order.

Shipping – 4/5

ILGM ships to the US, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

However, they do NOT ship to Canada or the UK. This sucks, so if you are based in one of those countries, I would recommend Seedsman or Crop King.

ILGM has a US warehouse, so they can ship to US addresses very quickly, with an average delivery time of between 4 and 6 days.

I love growing marijuana also offer shipping FREE Shipping for all US and EU orders.

Shipping to Australia and New Zealand is also free if you spend over $150 on seeds.

If you spend less than that, shipping is $25.

You can also expect a $25 fee if you want a trackable shipment.

I’ve never had this happen, but if your order doesn’t arrive for any reason they will ship you another one free of charge.

Discretion – 5/5

Ilovegrowingmarijuana‘s commitment to discretion is one of the reasons I love shopping with them.

If you want to pay without a trace, you can easily do so.

With cash or Bitcoin purchases your anonymity is secured.

If you opt to pay with a credit card, you can rest assured that your statement will not say anything about marijuana.

Side note, since ILGM is in Holland you should call your credit card company ahead of time and let them know you will be making an international charge.

They won’t ask you what you’re buying or anything like that.

It will just make sure they approve the charge when it hits and not think it’s fraudulent.

The icing on the cake is their “stealth” packaging. It’s not labeled “contains marijuana seeds” or anything ridiculous like that.

No one will know what is inside so you can feel comfortable with a delivery being left on your front porch until you get home.

ILGM Discounts / Promotions – 5/5

I regularly take a look at the special deals section of the website to see if I can snag up some great seeds at a reduced price.

You can get discounts by buying certain combinations of products.

They also offer a buy 10, get 10 free promotion on some strains – nice!

And one good way to save green on your green is to use Bitcoin when you pay.

That gets you 10% off any order, any time. On top of all that, you can sign up for their VIP program and get access to deals not available to others.

ILGM Reliability – 5/5

Whenever I order from ILGM my seeds arrive pretty quickly.

ILGM process orders as soon as they are received and usually send them out the same day.

Most orders arrive in less than a week.

Like I mentioned before, they guarantee delivery.

If your seeds don’t arrive in a week or so, just give them a shout and resolve it in no time.


Below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about

Where does ILGM ship from?

ILGM has a warehouse in Europe as well as one in the US, so shipping times are fast whether you live in Colorado or Paris.

Where does ILGM get their seeds?

Robert Bergman and ILGM breed their own strains as well as work with hand-picked breeders to stock some of the highest quality strains on the market.

Who is Robert Bergman?

I Love Growing Marijuana Review 2020

– Final thoughts

So, you may have guessed by now that I’m a big fan of I Love Growing Marijuana.

It’s actually hard to find someone that has something bad to say about them online. They’re just the perfect combination of high seed quality, customer service, and reliability.

Sre’ they’re seeds might be a little more expensive, but I think it’s worth it for the premium service.

What do you guys think of Let me know in the comments!

ILGM Review
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Hey, I’m James! The founder and head writer here at I started this site to share my passion and knowledge of all things cannabis. I used to work as a budtender in central Amsterdam, and have over 7 years of growing experience.

35 thoughts on “ILGM Seeds Review 2020 – A Legit Seed Bank? (I Love Growing Marijuana)”

  1. I completely agree with your narrative. I have been doing business with ILGM for 2 years and it is my first stop when shopping for seeds. The staff is friendly and helpful the seeds are always strong. I love the email growing tips, I appreciate everything about ILGM

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 Yeah their customer service is really what sets them apart. Too many seed banks leave you high and dry after you make your purchase. ILGM are really quick to respond.

  2. I. Ordered seeds from them when it was tricky to get to usa. Always great. Strains still have ww. Yrs later seed in states crap hermis. Full time grower 10 strains later thanks. Robert. Team

  3. These guys are the best. There customer support are phenomenal. There fair trustworthy and very polite. Thank you for your time and great help with the best strains. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi, I have been dealing with ILGM for 2 years now from seeds to the nutrients and have not had 1 seed failure. Nutrients are premixed and we’ll marked for feeding during different growth cycles. Customer service is top notch and refreshing. I love their sense of humor and the forum has been very beneficial to my education on all categories and styles of growing. I have tried other seed banks, but I am not a 100% for ILGM. Happy growing !

    • Thanks for sharing your experience of ILGM Michael! They’re definitely one of the better seed banks around 🙂

  5. Is there anyone you would recommend to use for Australian delivery. I’ve used ILGM a few years ago and received nothing.

    • Hey Beamer. Did you contact ILGM’s customer support? I had a quick glance at some forums and saw that Australian customs is very tough with these kinds of packages. However, ILGM should have offered you a refund or sent some more out free of charge. As I’m based in the states i’m not 100% sure what the best seed bank for Australia. However, It’s something I’ll look into and maybe write an article about. I’ll keep you posted!

    • Hi , they told me they ship from within Australia with no international stamps now. Don’t know how true this is … interested to know any other aussies experience with them..

  6. I haven’t ordered yet, I’m brand new. What I have found on their page is all the information you need, to grow your plants. All for free, they only want money for their seeds, and not for their information. After reading your review James, when I have the green and the equipment I need, they will be my first stop.

  7. I order seeds from ILGM , twice a year for the last four years. There here fast and almost everytime I’ve had 100% germination. You can order with confidence..

    • Thanks for your comment Aaron – My germination rates are also close to 100%. I’ve had one dud and i had it replaced in my next order.

  8. I’ve ordered from them 3 times so far. Once payment is received the seeds come fast. Customer service is really great! They always have kept me satisfied! And all my seeds have been successful. No complaints here, only kudos!

  9. I have ordered seeds several times from ILGM , they have arrived each time except once and they where re-cent immediately after I notified them . I also had a problem with germination, once again this problem was rectified immediately without complaint to which I say thankyou , that’s thankyou for being more interested in your customers than your profits.
    I have been down this road with other suppliers that simply give lip service and then ignore you .the service that I have received is second to none. with this type off service I will remain customer for life
    Happy Days

    • I don’t know about there seeds. But I have ordered nutrients from them. Back when they sold the liquid nutrients and I can say I didn’t have a great experience. One is it cost me $100 an for that you expect results there wasn’t much to brag about. When I asked for help I didn’t really get it. So recently I wrote them an asked a few questions like why they stopped selling the liquid nutrients an the answer was. Well it was for shipping reasons but if you look at the new ingredients in there new stuff it’s different then the old. Even changed the amount of N-P-k So I must of not been the only one that had issues there. So beware buying there nutrients. I now use organics with better results an it’s free!

  10. I have ordered from them 5 or 6 times. I have had only one issue with low germination. They replaced my full order. Most of the time, I have had 90% germination rate.
    There fertilizer is expensive but well worth the price since such a small amount is required per gallon of water.

    • This sums them up Steve – they are a little more expensive than other seed banks – but you really do get what you pay for! Thanks for your comment

  11. Made my first order w ilgm on aug8,2019. Starting to wonder what is goin on here. Only receiving email pro mo’s. No other correspondence from ilgm letting me kno the order is confirmed or that it’s on its way. When I used their system where u look up ur order it tells me that the system is not working. Hmm..
    Emailed them to see what’s up. So I guess we’ll see what we see..

  12. I also recently placed an order with these guys based on their good reviews and have not received any sort of confirmation, even though they’ve clearly received my payment…

  13. Yeah I’ve ordered from them a few times and had great results! I also just recently ordered the fertilizer everything arrives on time everything seems to be working very well. I definitely would recommend using iLGM !

  14. I 0nly used them once. Been growing for 5 years and I don’t know if I agree with the statement under the banner. I have purchased seeds from several sources with good results. The seeds from ilgm would not germ or the ones that came up (2 out of ten) had deformation and very slow growth issue. I think I only spent $100 so it was R&D for me. Either very old or once frozen seeds. I have nothing bad to say about the customer service I did not use them. If you have one simple job, deliver your product servicable to the customer and you can’t do it — I will just move on. I gave them a short and to the point email feedback and terminated that relationship.

    • Hi Billy,

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      There are definitely other seed banks that also send high-quality seeds, but I do find that ILGM offer a better all round service – what seed bank do you currently use?

  15. I will tell you that I was worried for a while so I waited to order for months, just thinking about it daily. Well I finally said “f it”, and I ordered the auto pack. 2 weeks later and I received the seeds on the day that the USPS told me it would. So far so good and happy with process. I will post more as I grow.

  16. Germination is terrible. I have ordered 3 times and had germination problems. All I get is the runaround. I would say their products and services are of the lowest quality and not honoring their guarantee is shameful. I had 4 of twenty germinate and they were weak. That was this year, last year was some better with a different strain…..10 of 20. They just won’t honor their guarantee and act like its your fault because they want to know how you planted and what you used. This year I put some of my seeds in the same tray and got 19 of 20 of my seeds,4 of 20 their seeds… tell me. Still the runaround.


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